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Meet The Man Who Insulted Kim Kardashian Last Night By Mocking Kanye West In Blackface. Oh, And If You Ask Him, He'll Tell You He's NOT Racist!

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Oh Yeezus. Just no. All the nos in the world.

We reported earlier how Kim Kardashian stormed out of the Viennese State Opera House after a man in blackface pretending to be her fiancée Kanye West approached her.

Now it comes out that it was Austrian news reporter Chris Stephan that ruined her evening with the insensitive gesture.

Apparently Chris came to the ball with the express purpose of finding Kim, and even posted a selfie of himself with a picture of her with "My Woman" sprawled across it in German before heading to the Opera House.

Ew. Just gross.

In a recent interview, Chris claimed he had done nothing wrong:

“I was nice and gentle! [Kim's date] Richard Lugner called me and said ‘Kim wants to see her man, Chris do something.’ I even got dressed just for that and got into the Opera free because of it. Thanks Richie!…I’m really sorry that the story has gotten so messed up and misunderstood. I myself am Arab, born in Austria! I didn’t want this act to be in any way racist, and I’m sorry again for anyone who felt attacked!”

So, wait…Kim's date that evening Richard Lugner, who recently and publicly called her "annoying," is the reason this all happened? He has NO right to complain!

We think that any use of blackface is racist no matter the context, given the horrible historical connotations of its use in the past. Perhaps Chris was ignorant of its racist origins in minstrel shows, but it still is no excuse.

According to a recent report, however, it appears that it was ANOTHER guest who asked Kim to dance to N*ggas in Vienna, not Chris. But seriously, what the heck is going on in Vienna?

Meanwhile, Chris' employers Puls4 have shamelessly defended his use of blackface:

"Like every year, Chris Stephan prepared a costume for the Opera Ball. Last year he went as Silvio Berlusconi. To get an interview with Kim Kardashian, this year he dressed as Kanye West. Painting his face dark for that was part of the costume and not an act of racism. Also, he didn’t in any way have any intention of insulting Miss Kardashian. Puls4 and also Chris Stephan want to apologize for this misunderstanding.”

We're sorry but race is not a costume that can be painted on, and blackface is definitely an act of racism. End of story.

[Image via MediaPunch.]

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69 comments to “Meet The Man Who Insulted Kim Kardashian Last Night By Mocking Kanye West In Blackface. Oh, And If You Ask Him, He'll Tell You He's NOT Racist!”

  1. you know says – reply to this


    well, for your information, blackface is not a thing in europe. there's no "horrible historical connotations" because it never existed here.
    actually, 98% of what americans generally think is racist is nothing around here.

  2. 2

    kim this is your life, why you offended? lol 500,000 paid whore. pimp mama jenner should whore out kylie she looks like more fun. lmao

  3. 3

    Failed racist "joke" aside, why in the world would the Kardashians think that being paid to go to a party with a strange man is an okay thing to do?

  4. Anna says – reply to this


    You know is right.. really, in Europe we don't get this blackface-racist-insulting thing. That was just a joke, actually we find more offensive the fact people like Kim can be considered a role model or the simple fact she is considered a celebrity.

  5. God says – reply to this


    so thats it ? i can dress as mickey mouse, superman or whatever and not paint my face black ? this is off limit ? why ? is black an insult and u can not make up as black ? whats with this shit again ?
    plus, she played the whore for money, like she needs it ! well done Mr Stephan, that was INDEED a funny one !

  6. 6

    I think Kim just wanted an excuse to leave early. Maybe she realized that everyone there sees her as a joke. But she should give the $500,000 back.

  7. 7

    Why would someone pay a tired whore 500,000?

  8. Holly says – reply to this


    How the hell is painting your face black an act of racism?! This is absolutely absurd and stupid. Idiots like yourself think everything is fucking racist now days. It's ridiculous. It seems Perez is a follower that has to agree with what the majority of people think, to fit in. He has no back bone. He has no real opinions on anything, especially if it could be controversial to his "celeb" status. This "race" card is way over played today. It's really annoying.

  9. 9

    I don't think it was racist to dress up as a celebrity, i went to a party as sandy from grease and made my face paler than it is naturally, granted i didn't use the N word, but no one was like " Oh you've got blonde hair, and your skin's not ur usual colour, YOU RACIST!" Chill out he was dressed as a character/celeb for fun,
    When Sasha baron cohen dresses as one of his other aka"s be it gay straight whatever no one screams racist at him, mountain out of a mole hill, he's apologised- said he meant no harm, chill !

  10. 10

    He was making fun of Kanye West, not black people in general. If this man went dressed as Eminem, would people think he was insulting all white people? No, they would think he is in costume. No questions asked.

  11. You must be kidding says – reply to this


    A painted black face is not an act of racism. I love that people are so quick to point out everything as somehow being racist. God Bless America.

  12. Please says – reply to this


    Better not paint your face for costumes! Unless you're painting it white, blue, green, orange, pink, etc.. PLEASE.

  13. LOVINGTHERACECARD says – reply to this


    Man, people LOVE to pull the race card. Racist, racist, racist.. everyone is racist. Let's be honest, it's typically the people who talk about racism who are actually the most racist.

  14. 14

    Stop complaining Kim! I'm sure you got your money up front….if you don't like it don't let your mother pimp you out. Did you really need that money? If you did then you should just smile and get on with it. If not, then tell you mommy not to do this to you……..

  15. Word says – reply to this


    If she's so offended by racism why not ask Kanye NOT to use the word ni**er! It's a horrible word yet it's okay for him to use so loosely?? No it's not. She's an annoying snotty plastic surgery having liar. Period


  16. Ashley says – reply to this


    So, what about the movie "White Girls" with the Wayans brothers? I assume you think that was horribly racist a well, correct? And I'm positive that you were outraged when that movie came out too. Otherwise you'd be horribly hypocritical.

  17. Mil says – reply to this


    Blackface isn't a racist thing in Europe. That's what wrong with our country, we try to push our ideals on the rest of the world.

  18. 18

    So if you paint your face a certain color it automatically makes you a racist? well fuck.

  19. Crystal says – reply to this


    Ugh, this post is so obnoxious. Austria is a different culture and doesn't have the same associations with race that America has. Clearly he didn't intend to offend her. But more importantly, I find the term blackface to sound horribly derogatory and don't really think it should just be freely used. Everything is relative and some things just get blown way out of proportion.

  20. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: you know – Speak for yourself but don't speak for the whole of Europe! What is wrong with people these days ?! Using a blackface is offensive even here so please!

  21. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – Talk about your country, don't generalize! last year a french actress did the same thing and was back lashed! that is not an attitude to adopt! looks like internet has turned most of you into people without morals! ew!

  22. Markus says – reply to this


    Why should this be act of racism. Are you nuts?
    If I am costume as a black man should I paint the face green?
    Why should it be unappropriate to costume like Kardashians boy friend. Is she holy, or what?

  23. Jenn says – reply to this


    In Europe, there is no blackface. They do not have the racist history that we have in the US so to them, it means nothing negative at all. If you are not in the US, then you need to learn about the countries you are visiting rather than throw them under the bus for an innocent joke.

  24. 24

    The kardashians are racists! Remember when Lamar was supposed to play in TURKEY???? They made a big thing about him going there to play. They were pure racists there! Just because in the past soo many years ago, people from Turkey killed the armenians.. and Lamar didnt go to turkey for that. The donkey talking about ears.

  25. you know says – reply to this


    Re: chillax62 – i don't know what country in europe you are from but there's several people here saying the same thing i'm saying and i can bet none of them is from my country.
    and there's a very good example to 'painting your face is not racist in europe' going on right now. my country, spain, germany, italy (just to name a few) are celebrating Carnaval and do you know how many people dress as black, chinese/asian, indians and so on and paint their face? there was NEVER backslash about it being racist.
    for the life of me, i can't understand why for americans something like making your eyes look asian with your fingers or making your features look like the COSTUME you are wearing is racist…

  26. 26

    Bottom line…she's engaged to the father of her daughter and is being paid to escort an old man to a party. Something very wrong about that hooker! Very surprised Kayne allowed his baby momma to do this…weird!!! Anything for the almighty dollar.

  27. 27

    that old guy paid 500,000 to piss on her face or have the fake kenye piss on her. thats her job.

  28. 28

    "We're sorry but race is not a costume that can be painted on, and blackface is definitely an act of racism."

    Um - actually yes it is, and no, it is not necessarily so. Imitating a person of a certain race is not racist, it depends on the intention behind it, which in this case seems to be simply about a costume. Why do so many arrogant Americans throw down the race card over everything. LEt me make this simple for you:

    1. a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

    1. having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.

    Anything else, insensitive as it may be, does NOT mean the act in question was racist in any way. Period. Can we put this to rest now all you PC nazis out there…

  29. squidoo says – reply to this


    Re: you know – BULLSHIT. And, Austria is a fucking nowhere shit hole. they can go back to fucking goats in the mountains and pedo raping little girls in basement bunkers. This whole thing was so trashy - the rich fart, kk's mommy whoring her out as if she needed the cash and now this. By the way, I am European, and have lived in several European countries.

  30. squidoo says – reply to this


    Re: Jenn – Really, no colonial genocide in Europe? Y'all are barely literate, learn some of your own history first and then maybe pick up a book or two about the rest of the world before you comment. Idiots.

  31. you know says – reply to this


    Re: squidoo – well congrats to you then, i guess.
    i'm also european and besides also having lived in several european countries i've also lived in the states. do i get extra points?
    of course the whole thing was trashy, it's the kardashians after all. the point is 'blackface' and a lot of things that americans think it's racist or a no-no are NOTHING in europe. and they were here after all.

  32. Oke S says – reply to this


    Re: squidoo – She did NEED the money. Her show is trash and he is not making anything in his concerts. If she didn't, she would have stayed her plastic self home. She is not a wife, only a pretend one for gay Kanye. He talks with a feminine voice. Watch his interviews. He is so gay. Gayer than Perez Hilton.

  33. e says – reply to this


    Re: Holly – you might not know about the history of black face but if you care or have time look it up its sad that just b/c happened years ago all of a sudden historys past is not important ,,,painting of black. Face in america has a very racist and insensitive past ,,,and that has nothing to do with the race card no matter what race you are we shall never forget or atleast move,backwards

  34. Stay in the US then says – reply to this


    If you don't like Austrian jokes, how about u stay in ur country? Although I don't agree with the statement of "you know".. Where did 98% come from?! There are a LOT of racists in Europe.

  35. lucky says – reply to this


    and is it ok for Kim to wear nazi cross on her chest ?

  36. you know says – reply to this


    Re: Stay in the US then – i didn't say there are no racists in europe. and what i said was that what americans think is racist for europeans, most of the times, it's not. like the blackface, make your eyes look asian (hello miley a few years ago), wearing feathers in your head or the little dot between your eyes (don't remember the name).
    these are all things that happened and that i've seen be called racist by americans and that europeans don't consider it as racism. it's simply dressing up. that's it.
    i know that there's a history behind blackface in america but this didn't happen in america nor does everybody in the wordl is forced to know that it was a thing.

  37. Blah Blah Blah says – reply to this


    If black people are getting offended that someone painted their face black then they need to get over themselves and shut the hell up with the racism card. Sure they love using the racism card allot but yet when something like WHITE CHICKS was made, two black guys going undercover as white girls, no one says anything coz its funny…. boohoo go have a fat cry in the corner. If the tables were reserved, it wouldn't be as much of a big deal as it is when a white guy does it…

  38. flow says – reply to this


    Who has huge problems with racism? I guess the more people cry about the more they should ask what there own issue is.
    Just funny to get a racism discussion starting in the most racist country of the world. USA
    When did you guys work your racist history?

  39. Tt says – reply to this


    Re: you know – Do Europeans not read or know how to pick up a book? That's like me saying the "Holocaust wasn't a thing in America". That would be the most ignorant and disgusting thing to ever say! Just because it didn't happen on your continent (which slavery did, by the way) never excuses ignorance and insensitivity to the history of another culture…..

  40. Elena says – reply to this


    Well how else can a white man pretend to be Kanye West without painting his face black?

  41. you know says – reply to this


    Re: Tt – yes we do know how to pick up books. and guess what, our history books are way bigger than yours. they cover a LOT more years and a LOT more countries.
    and your holocaust bit, it's a totally different thing. there was a WORLD WAR going on and a lot of refugees went to america.
    so no, we do not know every little thing that happened in another continent and we did indeed have slavery here but when it ended it ended. there was nothing compared to what happened in usa or south africa.
    i never said there was no racism in europe, there is to this day (in my opinion is more xenophobia than racism, but that's my view). i never said there was no slavery, we didn't start it but we spread it. all i said was blackface never happened in europe and we do not see dressing up as another race (any other race) as racist.

  42. Tay says – reply to this


    Re: chillax62 – So, as another poster inquired above, did you find the film "White Chicks" "racist" and/or "offensive"? Or is it ONLY offensive for people to paint their face black?

  43. Sam says – reply to this


    So which milestone of Nori's did you miss being at this joke of a ball?? Right. Hope your paycheck keeps you happy :)

  44. ÑeñeAntigüedadNickW says – reply to this


    HAHAHA. I'm pretty sure the real Kanye WISHED he'd look like this handsome man.
    I'd die to see Kim's frozen face when her "annoying" evening ruined. Hope she wasn't paid that half a million for being annoying.

  45. Amissindheuchler says – reply to this


    Using a word inflationary and telling others not to do so as their skin colour is different is pure racism. People should understand that racism can always have 2 ways. What about the word "cracker"? Minorities in your country are just holier-than-thou!!!

  46. capri says – reply to this


    Dave chapelle did white face, its not that serious unless your doing too much its 2014 , why so serious?!

  47. Guest says – reply to this


    Thank you for posting this article, it is unbelievable how these grown men in Vienna can act so immature…

  48. tamara mascara says – reply to this


    i am from vienna austria, and i just want to say this one thing: austrians dont think this was funny, we dislike this guy a lot.

    greetings from vienna. over and out.

    yours tamara

  49. hehe says – reply to this


    He kinda looks like that British guy, Rylan Clark..

  50. @v@ says – reply to this


    So she's offended that this year the guy dressed up as Kanye? What is offensive about that?
    Maybe she's the racist? Europeans aren't racist. They live with a pot pourri of different people.

  51. barfbag says – reply to this


    But if it was bunch of black guys in white face making a movie called "white chicks"… it wouldnt be considered racist at all. We live in a world of double standards that wouldnt exist if everybody had IQ's over 140.
    I dont know if what the guy did is racist (dressing up as a black guy doesnt automatically translate to "i hate N words") but he made kanye look better looking than he really is. That wrong. Blacks consider EVERYTHING to be racist except their own racism. Blacks in congo africa committed a genocide that killed endless tutsi and according to pygmy representatives, the pygmies became victims of cannibalism who were used as food by the warring sides. A claim that was confirmed by the UN. A white guy (or arab or whatever) dressed as a black guy PALES in comparison to real genuine black perpetrated racism. Nothing is more disgusting than congo men in red face.

  52. barfbag says – reply to this


    racism is when you show up at a party dressed as a half eaten pygmy.

  53. icyndicey says – reply to this


    Re: Anna
    Because they're hookers

  54. Greg says – reply to this


    How could a white man dress as Kanye without changing his skin tone? That has nothing to do with racism. He does not make fun of slaves, but instead of one specific person: Kanye West.

  55. Austrian says – reply to this


    As an Austrian who has been following American Culture for years now. I have to say that this act was not racist. I get why people in America would think that, but you have to consider that our culture and our history is very different. It is upsetting to see that one of the few things you see out of my country is something like this. I can assure you that there is no ill will towards african americans. Is it ignorant? Sure! We have never been confronted with racism against black people on the same scale as Americans. I am sure that this will make my country think. At the end of the day it is all about coming together as one. Realising that there is no skin color, no religion and no sexual orientation that makes us better than anyone else. Much love from Austria!!!

  56. Slavic EU says – reply to this


    Yes and now? There are of course racists in Europe none asks. But your administration does everything against it with it you think it is everything OK in America. You really did not want to know what the people properly think about you. One could write here still something. However, rather looks your Breaking news about Justin Bieber than true America to see. People where no doctor can afford, homeless, debts, wars and corruption, human rights, fascism up to the imperialism, health etc.

    Wakes and puts you to this dictatorial Aparat we from Europe know what dictatorship is. Teaches from our mistakes and reputs you to him goes demostrieren :-) Ah, to her Could not even demonstrate only in certain areas lol. Well, has to do just a new constitution here which you Have also signed and untershout-just do not have where to her NOT.

    Greetings from white Europe

  57. get your facts straigh says – reply to this


    Re: squidoo – The Blackface was a part of minstrel shows, a common act in the US after the civil war, where the performers would paint their faces black in order to make fun of the black people. The caricatures in these shows were extremely offensive and degrading. Because these shows were popular only in the US, painting your face black in Europe doesn't carry that same offensive meaning it does in the states. I would highly recommend you get facts about your own history straight before jumping to conclusions about Europeans denying the whole genocide:

  58. karma says – reply to this


    EVIL People in the world. And fuck all of you parading and gossiping like as if its funny. This is much harm caused to someone, Kim. She is a human being. This seemed to be conspired and it seems. She has emotions, as we all do. Horrible people you are…

    (My comments are to the world through Perez Hilton.)

  59. Brian says – reply to this


    Racism is not that common in other countries as it is in the U.S. You got to know that.

  60. Brenda says – reply to this


    Re: you know – Agreed! We don't have that in other countries.

  61. MissNandi says – reply to this



  62. peter says – reply to this


    she was undoing his pants thinking he was black and got upset that he was white. after screwing every black man in the u.s. she now has to travel the world for fresh meat

  63. truth says – reply to this


    Wow, reading all these comments makes me so sad. Apparently, none of you guys are familiar with the history of "black face" and the EXTREMELY negative history of the minstrel shows? In order to do better, you need to know better. Read more and maybe you won't be so shocked as to why that is racism.

    Also for someone who's actually been to Austria and Europe in general there are serious problems with discrimination, mainly ethnic discrimination. So it's not just an "American" problem. Austrians are very prejudiced towards Turkish immigrants.

  64. O4SHO says – reply to this


    That Red Love works the loop. Just so you know. Rouchy is home. O4SHO

  65. glassorchids says – reply to this


    Depends on the intent I think, and if that intent is to offend. Btw, there used to be a show called 'The Black & White Minstrel Show' on tv in the UK up until the seventies. Singing and dancing in blackface (kind of like Al Jolson).
    Also, it's ok when it's the other way round, like in 'White Chicks for example?' Does that not count? Hmmm…

  66. Cindy says – reply to this


    Re: God – You sound like and idiot, black people don't dress up in white face?

  67. Cindy says – reply to this


    Re: Holly – Because people like yourself who thinks this isn't a racist act are purely racist.

  68. Facts says – reply to this


    Re: You must be kidding – Please read the history of "Black Face," to know what you're talking about. And taste those words before spitting them out!

  69. Shanz says – reply to this


    Blackface is a form of theatrical makeup used by performers to represent a black person. It can be considered offensive, because it can imply stereotyped caricature of black people as in minstrel shows, and later vaudeville. It was used in the 19th century when blacks could not become actors….so he knew exactlyyyy what he was doing as he looked just like the Blackface actors…