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Who wouldn't want to star opposite of Robert Pattinson?! Many girls would've killed for the part of Bella Swan in Twilight, but not this girl! In fact… Read more…

9 comments to “This Actress Could've Had Kristen Stewart's Life Had She Not Passed On Twilight! Does She Regret That Decision Now?!”

  1. 1

    You really don't get it, do you? No every actor\actress wants to be surrounded by press, photographers, and grabbing fans everywhere they go. Stewart certainly didn't! I personally think the "Twilight" films ruined her as a serious actress. There are lots of artists out there who simply want to work and create and not be "household names" and have the life they lead turned upside down (Sarah Polley comes to mind as does Ellen Page) In Emily's own words, which you ignored, "If that had been me, I might not even be acting anymore because just thinking about the way they were constantly hounded by people after that film makes me feel anxious. I don’t think I could have handled that." And sill you wrote "Girl, you totally could've been Kristen Stewart!" You're either thick or still the snarky asshole you always were.

  2. 2

    why would she want to be like Kristen Stewart? Kristen's life is not one that anyone with any sort of class would want to emulate and her career is going nowhere real fast…

  3. val says – reply to this


    First off even if she was cast as Bella rpatz would have not been Edward! He only auditioned because he saw Kristen in Into the wild and wanted to meet her. And had it not been for Kristen he would have not gotten the part! So your story makes no sense do your research…..

  4. Pia says – reply to this


    The twilight series would never have been so successful if not for kristen she made it!! Now or the poor chick cops is grief for being a downer & all the other crap people say about her or she wants is to be left ALONE

  5. val says – reply to this


    Re: PixieDust111 – if having 6 movies coming out is a career going no where fast then ur an idiot for saying that!!!

  6. val says – reply to this


    And to make clear Kristen brings in money in form of ticket sells! U love rob but does not sell tickets to his movies unless it's a twilight movie… I wish him the best and he has a few good movies coming out next year. Hope he is happy cause that's all that matters.

  7. queenbee says – reply to this


    kristen is the best btw

  8. 8

    Re: PixieDust111 – Lol i don't understand why it's cool to hate on Kristen Stewart. She's not my favorite actress but it's really lame that people jump on the bandwagon to hate on her

  9. Jazmin says – reply to this


    She has it better then kristen Stewart, Emily CAN act and she never messed around with a married man. So better in my book