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14 comments to “Justin Bieber Rings In The Big 2-0 In A Very Traditional Way! And We Have Pics!”

  1. DALEK says – reply to this


    so he's pretty serious about his bizzle thing then?

  2. The Decline says – reply to this


    I sat in my girls car for 2 hours shopping here and there and everywhere. She was playing Gustav Holst in her car (among other classical things). She said "I really don't like Holst." and she rattled off a bunch of classical guys she thought where better (according to her). I dont like Holst either but i'm amazed at how much more talented and innovative us western men were at music before we started trying to emulate the sounds of the ghetto. It was all downhill for us from the blues onwards. I dont know If I like classical but I do like how musically creative we use to be as western men. Our music use to be so sophisticated, you needed a 120+ IQ just to compose it (all the great composers are estimated to have been Einstein-ish geniuses by IQ theorists). Genius was our tradition.

  3. 3

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  4. jesse says – reply to this


    Wait, Justin's only 20?

  5. Nina says – reply to this


    Happy Birthday Justin!!! <3

  6. Jacki1 says – reply to this


    Happy Birthday Justin…..LEAVE HIM alone perez…you are such a bully…

  7. galan says – reply to this


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  8. Joe says – reply to this


    He's such a sweet boy! I'd f u c k him until his a r s e could take no more, then start again, at the other end

  9. andersonmendace says – reply to this


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  10. Bevi says – reply to this


    Time really flies. He's 20. I could have sworn he was still prepubescent. Wait, isn't he?

  11. Zoey_Graham says – reply to this


    Re: jesse – yeah! How old did you think he was??

  12. Jasper says – reply to this


    I like him, but worry about him. If he doesn't try to grow up and behave, they'll put in rehab and medicate him. That's how they control people nowadays.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Happy Birthday kid. Enjoy your days and try to find meaning in the small things.

  14. jesse says – reply to this


    Re: Zoey_Graham – I hear so much about him in the news I guess I forgot he was so young. I thought he was a few years older. This definitely justifies more of his behavior. I'm not condoning drinking or driving, but he might deserve a little slack for his other actions.
    He's just a kid who has access to whatever he wants.. and nobody to tell him no.