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12 Years a Slave Director Steve McQueen & Screenwriter John Ridley Have Been In A Serious Feud Full Of Shade! Get The Deets HERE!

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steve john 12years feud final

12 Years a Slave was obviously a dramatic film—but had no idea there was so much drama that went into the making of the picture as well!

Director Steve McQueen & screenwriter John Ridley have been apparently experiencing an epic feud since the start of awards season over the film's screenplay credits—which completely boiled over during last night's Oscars telecast!

As John took the stage to accept his award for Best Adapted Screenplay, he failed to mention Steve in his slew of thank yous'—because he reportedly turned down the director's request to be added to the writing credits!

It resulted in this emotionless GIF, which was truly a sight:


Apparently, Steve tapped John to write another slave related project, until Miz McQueen found the original book—shaping the story around those characters!

But back to last night…

When McQueen later took the microphone at the end of the evening for his Best Picture win, he made no mention of the writer—setting the shade fire a blaze!

This battle goes back to the inception of the flick, so we're talking deep seeded anger and hatred!

This successful duo should just burry the hatchet, because they both came out winners last night.

Play nice with the gold statues, you two!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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10 comments to “12 Years a Slave Director Steve McQueen & Screenwriter John Ridley Have Been In A Serious Feud Full Of Shade! Get The Deets HERE!”

  1. Jo says – reply to this


    McQueen is hugely unlikeable. His jumping up and down on stage was so embarrassing that it made Cuba Gooding Jnr victory speech seem classy. To try and muscle in on a screenwriting credit says all you need to know about his desperate 'look-at-me' persona. He should never have had a nomination for direction - the guy can't direct traffic - and is completely reliant on his cinematographer.
    Watch him crash & burn and when he goes all big budget on his next project!

  2. G 2 da' Izo says – reply to this


    Wow, guess they didn't learn much from the film… #trulysad

  3. BLACK BRITON says – reply to this


    It took a black Briton to understand American slaving history. Black Amerixans - for all purposes r STILL one man down. We Africans also understand: slavery = war … U cannot win treating defeat as heritage. It's just defeat. #next >>

  4. 4

    That movie sucked so bad!

  5. DALEK says – reply to this


    why do people think that they should get to slap their names down and take writing credit for something they never wrote? whether its a stupid movie or a dumb song. why doesnt steve McDramaQueen share his director credit with John? what a stupid arse. Just for that, mqueen, I will be PIRATING your movie.

  6. Emma says – reply to this


    OMG I knew it I noticed that when John won Steve didnt get up to clap or congratulate on his way to the stage. I really thought to myself hmm what's going on here. Then that forced "i am constipated" looking clap from McQueen was so obvious. Thought it was only women who were catty to each other lol

  7. varsacelang says – reply to this


    Glad to know I am not the only one to notice the odd behavior from these two against each other!

  8. Mack says – reply to this


    "burry the hatchet" ….sigh

  9. Terry G says – reply to this


    Why are some so sure McQueen didn't write on this film? What if he did? Why then should his writing go unacknowledged because you don't like him and you think his cup runnneth over?
    Take a really good look at the script and then decide what part of your creative contribution you're turning over to your colleague today without recognition. Happily I might add while your receiving colleague resents you for telling the truth.
    This kind of attitude really makes writers who have clearly worked with writing from a talented auteur look lacking and insecure. The thing is 12yrs is about Africans being shipped in to work for Americans for free and it would appear nothing much has changed. Therefore dear resentful bullying detractors of McQueen please hire me and donate me your efforts. For you have so much more than I do and I deserve it and my needs override yours.

  10. Mack says – reply to this


    Re: Terry G – First, regardless of who should get the credit, they should have acted like adults. It was obvious watching the Oscars that they hated each other and they were not afraid to show it. They should be happy that their collaboration made an amazing movie and just acted amiable for one night.

    Second: "The thing is 12yrs is about Africans being shipped in to work for Americans for free and it would appear nothing much has changed." <- Please explain. If you are referring to modern day slavery, that's fine, but African's aren't being "shipped in". They may work for measly pay but they're doing it in their own home country, and they're not alone (see: India, China, South America). And it's not just American companies they're doing it for. Yes, America has the power and several American companies work very hard to raise the standard of living for those in developing countries working for them, but they need help from the local governments too.

    Please don't go on some race-filled diatribe when this story had nothing to do with that.