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Remember Last Year When John Travolta Mispronounced Les Misérables? Watch His Previous Oscars Flub HERE!

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Hey sometimes talking is difficult!

John Travolta Don Gibraltar mispronounced Idina Menzel's name as Adele Dazeem last night, but this sort of gaffe has actually happened to him before!

Let's travel back to the distant past of February of 2013!

Things were a lot simpler then. Twerking hadn't become a fad yet, Sochi still had dogs that were alive, and if you had told someone that Flappy Bird was taken off the App Store, people would have just stared blankly and said, "what's Flappy Bird?"

Back at the Oscars last year, John almost comically mispronounced Les Misérables as Les Miserabless, which resurrected the angered ghost of Victor Hugo, who then violently terrorized all the nominees with baguettes and crepes!

Okay, so maybe Voltaire didn't rise from his grave, but this grave error was certainly an indicator of bloopers to come!

Ch-ch-check out John's slip of the tongue (above)!!!

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5 comments to “Remember Last Year When John Travolta Mispronounced Les Misérables? Watch His Previous Oscars Flub HERE!”

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  4. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: MJaded – Completely agree with you.

  5. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Les Misérables was not written by Voltaire: it was Victor Hugo!!!!!!! careful Perez when criticizing someone's pronunciation, it´s worse not knowing the author.