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The Amount Of Money Chick-Fil-A Donates To Anti-Gay Groups Is Going To SHOCK You!

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And what’s shocking is not how much they’re giving to organizations that fight to take away freedoms from the LGBT community - it’s how LITTLE they’re now giving!

Chick-fil-A drastically reduced the money they gave to anti-gay groups in 2012, cutting their charitable donations down to almost nothing!

Wait, whaaa?

This is the same Chick-fil-A whose president has repeatedly spoken out against gay marriage??

Believe it or not, the fast food chicken company went from giving more than $3.6 million dollars to groups like Marriage & Family Foundation and the National Christian Foundation in 2011 to just $25,000 in 2012!

That’s a 99% reduction!

OK, 100% would be better, especially since the restaurant chain promised to cut ties to ALL anti-gay groups two years ago. And it’s not like they’re donating any of their profits to GLAAD or the Trevor Project or, you know, an organization that aims to actually help gays and lesbians.

But this is undeniably a step in the right direction!

The $25K, in case you were wondering, went to the anti-LGBT Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Apparently Christian athletes stay in shape by eating fried chicken biscuits.


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16 comments to “The Amount Of Money Chick-Fil-A Donates To Anti-Gay Groups Is Going To SHOCK You!”

  1. Julie says – reply to this


    So what!!! Just as many people donate to support the gay rights movement. If you do not like what Chick fil A does then don't go there. In this country you will never get all people to agree so surround yourselves with people who have the most common with you. The last time I checked it was an individuals right to think how they want to.

  2. Karen says – reply to this


    Okay, Fellowship of Christian Athletes is NOT an anti-LGBT group. It is an club in schools that provides a place for Christian teens and young adults to have fellowship with others who share a Christian believe. Just because it's a Christian group doesn't mean it's classified as an "anti LGBT" group. That logic would place all groups aimed at supporting the LGBT community as "anti christian".

  3. Annalisa says – reply to this


    This is stupid. If you do not like Christians than don't eat at CFA. This is a private company that can donate to what ever they want. I am so sick of other peoples beliefs being shoved down everyone's throats. LGBT people fought for tolerance and equality. I was all for that until it turned into intolerance for Christians and others.

  4. 4

    So….if it's Christian it's "Anti-Gay"? I think you're being "Anti-Christian".

  5. 5

    you're a slimy fat b*sturd, perez. yeah, i know u lost the weight but you'll always be a fatty on the inside.

  6. Adam and EVE not STEVE says – reply to this


    Great! So happy to see there's rational people in the world who despise sociopathic deviants and their unnatural perverted behaviour. They need to be stopped before everyone dies of HIV/AIDS and the human race ends.

  7. ANTI MUFF-DIVING says – reply to this


    Rug-munching rapists need to be shot in the head.

  8. SG says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ, everything is a freaking gay problem to you isn't it? They're supporting charities who support family, schools, Christians.. etc. Not "Anti-gay".

    Remove head from sphincter.

    Also, Their chicken is delicious. So there is that.

  9. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    Everyone in this country has a right to be pro-gay or anti-gay. People like Perez disgust me to no end when they advocate an end to this basic right. You dont have to like what some people stand for, but you do have to accept their right to feel that way. Its that simple.

  10. LetsBeHonest says – reply to this



  11. 11

    Why those stupid head quarters people just stop doing crap for anyone anymore
    … Sell your grease dawn chicken and that's all !

  12. Wow says – reply to this


    Sucks for them they're the ones who are losing customers who cares if they're Christian or anti gay just don't let it be known to the public it's bad for business

  13. Truth says – reply to this


    About 50% of Christians are hypocrites
    They did something awful in their lifetime and supposibly they regret and turn to god
    Well if god accepts gang bangers people who have killed others then I'm sure god also accepts a person who is in love with the same sex

  14. Guy says – reply to this


    Omg ,perez hilton ,you have serious issues.

  15. 15

    as a christian, what I don't understand about the anti-gay christians is they all say they're against gays and are discriminating douche bags (ok I'm paraphrasing a bit) because it's a sin… Well if that's your logic so be it but aren't we all sinners, should you or your child be treated the way you think gays should be treated because you're sinners too? Besides, my church taught us to focus on our selves and our own relationship with god. "let he without sin, cast the first stone", "love thy neighbor as you love thy self", "do unto others as you would have done unto you" Oh and that GOD LOVES ALL OF HIS CHILDREN. Didn't mean to write a short novel here but geesh.

  16. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: Truth – Did you just say "supposebly"?!? Jesus this planet is doomed