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Less Cushion For The Pushin' Makes For Better TV!? Chris Harrison Says No To A Chubby Bachelor!

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chris harrison no fat bachelor

Way harsh, Ty Chris Harrison!

The Bachelor and Bachelorette host clearly has no idea what average Americans look like today - because he believes there will never be a normal-looking leading man on the hit ABC dating series!

In a new interview, Chris was brutally honest with his idea of television perfection, revealing there will never be an overweight main character on his show:

"No. You know why? Because that's not attractive, and television is a very visual medium, and I know that sounds horrible to say, but I know that at 42, in the eyes of television, I'm old and unattractive. Sure, I can put a suit and tie on, but I have hair on my chest and I don't have a 12-pack. I live a healthy life, but I don't do eight hours in the gym, nor do I want to. And I don't eat 50,000 egg whites."

And taking it one step further, Chris went on to talk about having a gay Bachelor - which is something he doesn't believe will be successful:

"The question is: Is it a good business decision? I just spoke at U.S.C. the other night, and I explained it like this: Look, if you've been making pizzas for 12 years and you've made millions of dollars and everybody loves your pizzas and someone comes and says, 'Hey, you should make hamburgers.' Why? I have a great business model and I don't know if hamburgers are going to sell."

Although he "100 percent" believes in marriage equality, Chris just doesn't think it would make the ratings - which is not the same argument as Juan Pablo's - but it's really not helping ABC's cause after his recent anti-gay rant!

How would U feel if there was a gay or six-pack-less Bachelor?!

We believe a change to this fantasy needs to happen, but we're not sure if everyone would be on board!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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3 comments to “Less Cushion For The Pushin' Makes For Better TV!? Chris Harrison Says No To A Chubby Bachelor!”

  1. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    His "business model" might be working right now, but unless he changes it up, people are going to get really bored, really fast. This show has already been going several years, how much longer will people want to watch before feeling like it is the same crap each time?

  2. OldKrustyBread says – reply to this


    Chris Harrison is an idiot.

    Two-thirds of adults are now overweight or obese yet the Bachelor series continues to cast ripped handsome men and size 0-2 waifs with fake boobs. I'm not saying have a bachelor who's fat, but slightly overweight- oh, they did that with Bob way back when.

    Or how about a smart, cute woman who is a size 10-12? I'd really like to know the height, measurements, and dress sizes of the women on the shows to put it all in perspective. It is shows like these that push young women into eating disorders, trying for something their body simply can not do, like the new fad of the "thigh gap."

    Fox did one season of a "chubby bachelor" and women years ago. The guy was probably, for tv ratings, too big, but I think the premise, if done correctly, can succeed.

    Not every man is 6 foot tall with a 32-34 waist and a 42-44 chest. Men are getting bigger and bigger. I'm 6-2, big frame, and 240# with a 38 waist & 48 chest and look damn good in a suit for being an old guy at 51yrs old. I work hard to keep in shape and I've been this same size for 25+ years.

    Personally, I like a woman with sexy natural curves (Tyra, Kate Upton, "Plus Size" Models Ivory May & Denis Bidot), not a bone thin skeleton that often grace the pages of fashion magazines, movies, and TV.

  3. hhg says – reply to this


    no one wants to watch a full season of a "normal looking man" the women want a 6'0 tall and up, handsome, successful man. Even in real life women with standards won't want a man whos average.
    Also no man wants a fat and average women. Its a good call for the TV show to keep their standards higher.