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BOO!!!! FOX News Yanks Longtime Contributor Off Air After He Comes Out In Support Of Equal Rights!

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It seems that FOX News has one way of handling anyone who opposes their conservatism…cutting them off! How very close-minded!

When longtime FOX News contributor Bernie Goldberg came on The Kelly File, we bet Shannon Bream, who was filling in for host Megyn Kelly, did not expect him to come to the defense of Jan Brewer's veto of Arizona's Anti-Gay Discrimination bill.

During his all too brief time on the show, Bernie made some pretty excellent points against such blatant discrimination:

"…I understand the concern of social conservatives, religious people. I understand that. But if you open a shop on Main Street, open to the general public, then you have to really serve the general public. And you can’t say, ‘Well, I’m not going to serve these people, but I will serve those people.’"

Well put, Bernie. Well put.

In addition, he even likened the idea of denying service to someone who was gay based on religious beliefs to the type of discrimination that happened during the Civil Rights movement.

Personally, we believe any state-sponsored discrimination leads to state-sponsored segregation.

It's too bad they cut Bernie off. Heaven forbid an actual dialogue might be started on such a controversial issue!

Ch-ch-check out his pretty stalwart argument before its untimely cut off (above)!!!

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