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Zac Efron Brought His Sober Coach To The Oscars Which Made Drinking Or Drugging Impossible!

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zac efron sober coach 4 doodle

Wow! Zac Efron, we love your choice for a date to the 86th Academy Awards! (Though, in all honesty, it still hurts that you didn't give us a call…)

No, he didn’t bring some stunning supermodel or his momma (although how adorable would that have been!?) Nope, Zac brought along his sober coach to the Oscars!

Proof that Z is taking his sobriety serious!

The 26-year-old has had two stints in rehab already and he doesn’t want to make it a third! So the actor, who has now gone eight months without any booze or drugs, had his sobriety coach by his side the entire night to watch his every move!

A source reveals:

"Zac had a sober coach with him the entire time he was at Dolby to monitor what he was doing and to make sure he didn’t partake in any substances like drugs or alcohol. The coach was there to escort him to the bathroom or backstage, anywhere he needed to be where temptation might arise.”

Now THAT’S commitment!

After the ceremony, Zefron skipped the post-Oscar parties too and headed straight home!

Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how this makes us feel!

Way to go, Zac!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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19 comments to “Zac Efron Brought His Sober Coach To The Oscars Which Made Drinking Or Drugging Impossible!”

  1. Hannah says – reply to this


    Good boy.

  2. TC says – reply to this


    That wasn't his sober coach that was his boy friend you moron.

  3. Lmfao says – reply to this


    Lies, lies and more lies. He was there with his publicist and manager. That's it. No sober coach escorting him to the bathroom. Does he really need babysitting like that? Come on Perez. You used to be so reputable.

  4. lauren108 says – reply to this


    Re: TC
    tc no one is believing you, go back in your hiding spot.

  5. TC says – reply to this


    Re: lauren108 – The truth will come out it always does. Why do you think he had condoms with shit on them?

  6. lauren108 says – reply to this


    Re: TC
    again no one cares what you think, you have issues
    yes i saw that video but then again those people who went through his trash was sick

  7. TC says – reply to this


    Re: lauren108 – Zac dumped his buddies and one is talking all about his boy friend. Every one in Hollywood knows it is true.
    Boy friend made him dump Lily again.

  8. lauren108 says – reply to this


    Re: TC
    you must be right because you said so,
    you win

  9. cecilia says – reply to this


    Baby I love you so much.

  10. Thomas says – reply to this


    Perez you are nuts Zac did not take a Sober coach to the "Oscars". Zac is doing great.
    TC go f… yourself Zac doesn't have a boyfriend he is straight .

  11. TC says – reply to this


    Re: Thomas – Every body knows you party at Zacs house. You protect them both go back to your name OK see I know your real name.

  12. TC says – reply to this


    Re: lauren108 – Your friend OK cant protect them it is coming out. OK is Thomas and he knows both them. He goes to dinners and movies with them.
    I saw them together.

  13. Lauren108 says – reply to this


    Your comments sound like you stalk Thomas and his life, yet you continue to comment on here and acting all bitter? When you u stop being bitter?

  14. TC says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren108 – I don't stalk him I know him. He lies to protect Zac and his boy friend. I saw him at Zacs old house.

  15. Me says – reply to this


    Actually, Zac went to the Oscars with his manager.

  16. Lmfao says – reply to this


    Full of it Perez. Told you.


  17. Lmfao says – reply to this


    E News says it's a lie!

  18. Thomas says – reply to this


    See Perez told you , you were nuts.
    Check out your facts first before you say something that could be hurtful to Zac.
    TC no one believes you so go away.

  19. xaviah holliday says – reply to this


    Stupid I really just DISlike you