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Every GLEE-Tail: 3 Things Happened Last Night That Will Remind You Why You Still Love This Show

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glee trio recap 3

Ooooooooh Barracuda!

Sorry! Still got it stuck in our heads!

We know a lot of viewers have abandoned ship over the last two years, and to them we say, "FOR SHAME!" But to those of us who have remained loyal, congratulations — you're about to experience the joy and wonderment of a dawning of a new Glee!

Everyone by this point is aware that the show will permanently fixate on the gang in NYC by the end of this season and in the final season next year. Last night's episode really gave us a taste of what we can expect — and we weren't disappointed.

In fact, if you're actually feeling kind of hesitate that the show will be "jumping the shark" once they make the transition to NYC, then first of all, you're in the minority, but second, the three top storylines from "Trio" should really put you at ease. Why don't you check them out and see if you don't agree!


glee trio recap 4

1. Pamela Lansbury Has Turned Into One Three Hill (You Heard Us!)

CLEARLY the most superior name for a band of all time!

Following last week's slaptastic episode, we learn that Rachel has weaseled herself into Starchild's living situation, which for some unexplainable reason, really irks the hell out of Santana. Okay, maybe she's just out for Berry Blood following their big blowout or maybe she still felt like she had something to prove. Point is, Santana attempts to cause trouble in Rachel's new paradise by stealing away her BFF Elliot. But their bitter rivalry leaves them both out in the cold as Kurt, Elliot and Demi (oops, Dani!) kick them out of Pamela Lansbury to become a trio (enter One Tree Hill). The rejection is a blow for them both, who realize by episode's end that neither of them have any other female friends. The tension is softened, but not forgotten, so the saga of Satana versus Rachel will continue next week…

glee trio recap 2

2. Will's Finally Getting That Baby He Thought He Was Gonna Have In Season 1

Think back real hard to the beginning of Glee times and you'll recall that Will was married once before. Terri Schuester was her name and her game? Faking a pregnancy and doing a real piss-poor job at it. Still tricked Will though, which probably put him off the need to conceive for quite some time following her exit. But he and Emma have been married close to year now and it turns out they're finally ready to have a little gleeker of their own. Things start off rocky, which prompts some AMAZING one liners from Sue, but finally - success! A baby is on the way for Will. Which is good, because soon, he won't have many kids to look after anymore with most of them graduating. So these could be the final days for Schuester … don't wanna miss that!

glee trio recap 1

3. Sam Made Out With Tina, Which Stopped Her From Crying For 10 Seconds — And It Was Blissful

All season, Tina has been, oh what's the word we're searching for, INSUFFERABLE.

Tina used to be a kickass character, quietly embracing the background, but surfacing at perfect moments with killer performances. This past "year" (which equals 2 seasons somehow) however, she has just rubbed everyone the wrong way — especially poor Blaine with Vicks vapor rub. But it seems the universe has FINALLY provided the answer to the question, "how the hell do we shut Tina up?" Have someone stick their tongue down her throat! Enter Sam, who decides he's into her this week, but their momentary fling isn't very well received. Blaine looks at them as a trio, and worries their little makeout session is the start of him being iced out. But the truth reveals itself and the three go back to being buddies.

Which means there is still a chance Sam is going to go after Rachel when he makes a permanent move to NYC. Don't wanna miss that now, do you?!

So keep watching Glee! Next week we go to Nationals, then we have the 2 part 100th episode celebration! There's a lot of amazing stuff happening these days — STAY TUNED!

[Image via FOX.]

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2 comments to “Every GLEE-Tail: 3 Things Happened Last Night That Will Remind You Why You Still Love This Show”

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  2. Er.. says – reply to this


    Will and Emma have not been married a year. They just got married after regionals. In Glee time, that's only been a couple of months.

    Am I the only one who is actually FOR Samchel? I dunno if they're right for each other but I'd certainly like to see them give it a try!