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Justin Bieber's Penis Is Hard…To Blur! Find Out Why Bizzle's Pizzle Nozzle Is Tough To Censor HERE!

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Looks like this Canadian's proverbial hockey stick is having a little trouble being blacked out! The Biebs having trouble blacking out? Unheard of!

When we found out that video of Justin Bieber's wang was going to be released with a blur over it we thought "you lucky blur, you!"

However, according to a source, law enforcement is having trouble blurring out the Bieberoni meat stick because he moved around too much!

Well, everyone has to shake it at least a couple of times before finishing!

Apparently, the Miami Police's tech team is working on the censoring non-stop, but they've been also having technical issues too!

Is Justin's peen causing a glitch? Perhaps the computer refuses to hide such a majestic dong?! Maybe this is finally the beginning of the rise of the machines?!?

Maybe we'll get a chance to see his peen in the extended cut of Never Say Never? So many questions, so little answers. Well, hopefully not that little.

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16 comments to “Justin Bieber's Penis Is Hard…To Blur! Find Out Why Bizzle's Pizzle Nozzle Is Tough To Censor HERE!”

  1. 1

    They are just doing that to be sensational we all know you could hide his junk in a thimble.

  2. jess says – reply to this


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  3. hjkl says – reply to this


    that's just wrong.. i feel theyre really trying to belittle him now. why expose a video like that? ;/

  4. Poorjustin says – reply to this


    I have a great idea "law enforcement." How about you don't leak it!

  5. Justin Northeast says – reply to this


    Maybe this is a sign from god telling them to give it up already they only have a week and if they can't get it done then it a no go on the Release of the Video and the only release why they are releasing it to swag the People the other way. What what sway me the Justin bieber way was the lying on the police report plus the face picture Just release show No blood shot eye's another lied by that officer and It all point to Justin being Not guility ever thing they have release point to me that he should have been stop in the first place at all. I wish that Judge would look at the traffic stop to determend if it was a legal stop. That what he should really do. To me I have to say Not Guility due to the stop being unlawful and illegal.

  6. Bmore bad boy says – reply to this


    Why would u post this story? You are a freaking clown. Why is his dong majestic? Dream on gay boy, he don't want you looking at, or touching his dong.

  7. TylerXtra says – reply to this


    I'm curious to see how BIG it is aren't you…. I'm just dreaming about it now… my guess is he's an 8 incher

  8. Alicia says – reply to this


    and the point of this post was… what?

  9. 9

    lol yea they can hide they just dont want to cause of who justin is and since he got away with the charges they want something to make him look bad…atleast something

  10. Pleasealienstakebieber says – reply to this


    It's so small they keep losing it on the tape….keep blurring his pinky

  11. catiennej says – reply to this


    U are ling

  12. sandman says – reply to this


    Re: Bmore bad boy – he was drag racing down a residential street going well over the speed limit, giving ample cause for him to get stopped, while intoxicated. how is he not guilty? i know having poor grammar must make googling things hard, but seriously.

  13. chrismarie says – reply to this


    Your really crazy

  14. Sarah says – reply to this


    Hey that's my boyfriend

  15. Sarah Lynn says – reply to this


    Hey I wanna have sex with u baby

  16. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah Lynn – for real