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Gay Marriage Ban In Kentucky Will NOT Be Defended By Attorney General! Watch His Tear-Jerking Announcement HERE!

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This is what courage looks like!

Earlier this month, a federal judge overturned a ban on same-sex unions and granted statewide recognition to gay couples of Kentucky who were married in other states.

So, while same-sex marriages are still not legal in the Bluegrass State, any marriages performed in states where it IS legal would be recognized, giving couples permission to change their names to that of their spouse, file joint tax returns, and any other benefits that are awarded to a married couple in Kentucky.

Sounds awesome, right?!

Well, the ruling (no surprise) was met with much condemnation from the social conservatives of Kentucky, including from Democratic Governor Steve Beshear.

Yeah, a Democrat is against this!

He announced that the state would appeal this decision in hopes to reinforce the ban that Kentucky voters overwhelmingly supported back in 2004.

But the state’s Attorney General, Jack Conway, has decided to stand up AGAINST discrimination and is refusing to be a part of the appeal!

At his press conference, Conway was overcome with emotion, choking up as he said:

"I would be defending discrimination. In the end, this issue is really larger than any single person and it's about placing people above politics.”

Mr. Attorney General, you made the right decision!

Moments after making his brave announcement however, Beshear issued a statement saying the state would appeal the ruling with or without Conway’s counsel! Kentucky will now hire outside lawyers to lead them in a case to bring back the discriminatory policy!

Congratulations on unquestionably being on the wrong side of history, Governor! You’ve no doubt brought shame to your state!

Watch A.G. Conway make his historical remarks in the video (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

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3 comments to “Gay Marriage Ban In Kentucky Will NOT Be Defended By Attorney General! Watch His Tear-Jerking Announcement HERE!”

  1. 1

    "to change their names to that of their spouse"

    First : why would anyone do this ? (It's illegal in Quebec)
    Second : since it is usually the woman who changes her name, what do you do in a same-sex marriage ? Who decides to lose his or her name ?

  2. MNM says – reply to this


    I'm proud of Jack. I went to high school with his youngest sister and can honestly say I was shocked he didn't take this stand long before now. Good for him. He did Kentucky proud.

  3. Xaviar Ston says – reply to this


    What really fucks my brain is the nationwide law about there being a separation of church and state,but its never brought up to these mean ass bible thumpers. So were do they get off always throwing up what god wants like they just got done Skypeing with god, but its never really discussed throughout the gov during these deliberation's ever when it should be therefore there shouldn't even be any argument cuz its already a law,and they should go back to there religion/cult and do there own thing and throw shade in there designated area cuz that's the right they have. I can't believe how hateful some of these can be too,they throw around all of these scriptures etc.. While in doing so are going against these other parts of there bible about though shall not be an asshole and they even go beyond the asshole category into an even more ridiculous stratosphere, my family r mostly Jehovah's witnesses' and let me tell u its some cult like bullshit n as u can see its this novel just written its got my head all fucked up from there bullshit,on a positive aspect of it in a comedian/comedy writer it gives me killer material I just totally made this all about me too which is ridiculous but you'll have that.