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The Anne Hathaway Curse? Jennifer Lawrence Is Thanking Her Lucky Stars She Didn't Catch It By Winning Another Oscar!

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Jennifer Lawrence probably let out a huge sigh after she didn't win an Oscar on Sunday…a sigh of relief that is!

Although Katniss HAD to win two Hunger Games back-to-back in order to survive, J.Law was relieved that she didn't walk trip away with another statuette, according to a source:

“Jennifer said she was so relieved she didn’t win because she didn’t want to go through what Anne Hathaway experienced. She’s very aware that the backlash is already coming anyway…And it wasn’t in a mean way, she was sort of joking because her and Anne are actually friends. But she just knew that if she won the Oscar again it’d be like a target on her back…Jen was just so happy she didn’t have to do any of the press. She just wanted to drink and celebrate!…There’s such thing as over-exposure and her name is Anne Hathaway.”

Whoa, is that why Jennifer is taking a whole calendar year off? To avoid overexposure?

She could never be overexposed! Heck, she plays a blue mutant that's practically naked the whole time she's on screen. We repeat, Jennifer could NEVER be overexposed!

We think that the more Anne and Jennifer we get, the better! We'd give them both an infinite amount of Oscars if we could!

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “The Anne Hathaway Curse? Jennifer Lawrence Is Thanking Her Lucky Stars She Didn't Catch It By Winning Another Oscar!”

  1. Athena4 says – reply to this


    You know…I'm starting to believe that Jared Leto is just as much of an ASSH*LE as everyone on the internet is claiming. The Transgender, LGBT community can't stand him. Type in Jared Leto hate on GOOGLE…what a jerk.

  2. Athena$ says – reply to this


    Oooops!…sorry!….wrong thread!.

  3. LauraJane says – reply to this


    If she wants to avoid overexposure it's too late for her, she's over exposed…. however, I don't really understand the Anne Hathaway overexposure thing, I never felt like she was…. it's also kind of mean for her to say that, if it is, in fact, true that she did say that.

  4. Tos says – reply to this


    Re: LauraJane – You're so right that was a horrible thing to say about Anne Hathaway

  5. Ginny says – reply to this


    Wow, who the f-ck does she think she is to say that about Anne Hathaway?

  6. Tania says – reply to this


    How incredibly rude! This girl will drown very soon.

  7. Barbie says – reply to this


    Hey at least Anne deserved her Oscar!

  8. reev says – reply to this


    Jennifer Lawrence is very classy talking about 'armpit v-gina' etc and so are her fans.

  9. Gud97 says – reply to this


    Lets see, she has two undeserved nominations out of three and one undeserved win. I couldn't care less about what she's saying or doing.

  10. Kate says – reply to this


    Someone shut this pretentious B!TCH up!

  11. Kat says – reply to this


    Chill out, guys. I highly doubt she actually said any of this. It's "According to a source," and the this is PerezHIlton, not the New York Times. I think Jen probably is relieved, but I don't think she'd diss Anne Hathaway. She's also 23 years old, and I don't think she deserves to be torn down by people like the ones making comments here, Same way Anne didn't deserve the hate. Let's just be respectful, shall we? They're human beings, and by all accounts they are very good people.

  12. jane says – reply to this


    There is no way in HELL Lawrence didn't want an Oscar. That's all these actors care about! I am a source!

  13. Amy says – reply to this


    She didn't want to win? Hahaha just see her face when they were about to announce her category, she wanted it BAD. But she lost it to Lupita so what else can she say now? Oh right, pretend she didn't want to win. LOL…puhleez. And thank you Jared Leto for calling her out. She's definitely falling for the cameras.

  14. Michele says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, she didnt want to win…'Sour Grapes'…and that was very disrespectful to say that about Anne Hathaway.

  15. GDavis says – reply to this


    Wow, that was rude!

  16. Mia says – reply to this


    This girl should keep her face shut until she learns what to say and how to say.

  17. LH says – reply to this


    People commenting here, obviously think Anne is an angel.. As if she deserved to win that Oscar for Les Mis..

  18. Lily says – reply to this


    Re: LH – Anne is definitely not an Angel and it's different if she deserved or not. But saying something like this about your co-star is not decent. Only Jennifer Lawrence fans would think otherwise.

  19. Today's Comment says – reply to this


    I'm not sure I like this girl anymore.

  20. Hollybuff says – reply to this


    Anne definitely deserved her Oscar. Way more than Jennifer did.

  21. Emily says – reply to this


    What did she mean? At least Anne didn't win a popularity contest!

  22. S87HG says – reply to this


    Oscar doesn't matter. Her big mouth and little acts are enough to give her a backlash.

  23. Cyrus says – reply to this


    The most overrated actress of our time.

  24. Sam J says – reply to this


    Jennifer Lawrence can only dream about having the talent Anne Hathaway has.

  25. Eugn says – reply to this


    FAKE! She's not taller than Anne Hathaway, she's put on high heels to look so.

  26. Fionna says – reply to this


    Leave the girl alone! She has bipolar disorder.

  27. HiItzMe says – reply to this


    Re: Fionna – Lol