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Late Night TV's Only Person Of Color Was Just Voted Late Night TV's Least Likable Person! WTF!?

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late night host q scores analyzed stephen colbert wins arsenio hall loses

Ugh!!! As if TV execs needed another excuse to pander to the too often xenophobic masses!

A bunch of analysts at Q Scores just did a bunch of polling on each and every late night talk show, calculating each host's recognizability and "positive Q score," and the results were startling to say the least!

The overall winner was Stephen Colbert. The dude is hilarious, kind, and The Colbert Report recently dominated the Emmys, so it's not at all shocking that he tops the rankings!! Congratz to him!

But further down the list is where everything goes kaplooey!

Now that George Lopez is out of the game, Arsenio Hall is pretty much the only late night TV host of color. Well, the totally endearing dude came in dead last!!!

With a positive Q score of only 9 - compared to, say, Chelsea Handler's 12 or Colbert's 20 - Arsenio was deemed the least likable person on the entire list!

Ugh!! That's really a shame!

We hope network execs don't use this data as an excuse to continue excluding minorities from late night gigs!!!

For the record, HBO's new host John Oliver was deemed second most likable and Jon Stewart came in third! Wow, those Comedy Central alum are really doing it right!

See the complete list of winners and losers (below)!

Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report, Comedy Central)
Recognizability: 55
Positive Q Score: 20

John Oliver (Last Week Tonight, HBO)
Recognizability: 14
Positive Q Score: 18

Jon Stewart (The Daily Show, Comedy Central)
Recognizability: 55
Positive Q Score: 16

Seth Meyers (Late Night, NBC)
Recognizability: 42
Positive Q Score: 16

Jay Leno (Tonight Show, NBC)
Recognizability: 81
Positive Q Score: 15

Andy Cohen (Watch What Happens Live, Bravo)
Recognizability: 18
Positive Q Score: 14

Jimmy Fallon (Tonight Show, NBC)
Recognizability: 75
Positive Q Score: 13

Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show, CBS)
Recognizability: 46
Positive Q Score: 12

Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately, E!)
Recognizability: 42
Positive Q Score: 12

Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC)
Recognizability: 73
Positive Q Score: 10

Conan O’Brien (Conan, TBS)
Recognizability: 73
Positive Q Score: 10

David Letterman (The Late Show, CBS)
Recognizability: 80
Positive Q Score: 9

Carson Daly (Last Call, NBC)
Recognizability: 57
Positive Q Score: 9

Arsenio Hall (The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated)
Recognizability: 73
Positive Q Score: 8

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19 comments to “Late Night TV's Only Person Of Color Was Just Voted Late Night TV's Least Likable Person! WTF!?”

  1. Sound check says – reply to this


    The most xenophobic countries are the home countries of minorities. Black South africans are so xenophobic of illegal zimbabweans, the united nations warned of a possible future genocide (there is already a black on white genocide there). They are on genocide watch. Asians in asia are so xenophibic.. you can still find "no foriengers allowed" signs in japan. When you are non asian in japan… you go to clubs that are "gaijin friendly" not just… any ol' club. Google "gaijin friendly". And arabs are so xenophobic of anyone who is not muslim. Cant even wear a cross in saudi arabophobia. Even mexicans in mexico are xenophobic and do not grant illegal guatemalans amnesty. Xenophobia exists worldwide not just white countries. Anyways, america is a diverse country with millions of non whites…. who also answer poll question. He apparently ranks low with minorities too.

  2. Water lily says – reply to this


    Maybe it's just that people don't love him or his show as much as the others and has nothing to do with race? When did everything become more and more about that, people are people regardless of anything else.

  3. Mkhay says – reply to this


    Not everything is about race you dumb c***. Nobody i know even knows who he is.

  4. 4

    If arsenio is anything like he was on celebrity apprentice, the dude shouldn't even have a show to be rated.

  5. keyth says – reply to this


    This is a great example of why Perez is such a simpleton.
    Perez is argueing STATISTICS ! Then race baits with a poorly thought out posting.
    Would you as a company put in money for a show that has low ratings ?
    Would Perez lower his advertising fees on here if it were a minority owned company ?????
    Does anyone see any minority owned company adversting on here ?

  6. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    So, why don't minority owned businesses advertise on your website Perez ? Your readership is mainly white college girls-thats why and "network execs" have to make monetary decisions based on FACTS.
    Look at Oprah, Tyra, Wendy, all successful BLACK daytime talk shows. Teh you have Peirs, Mom Kardashian, Skinny ugly girl-all FAILED shows-but you don't mention that.
    You NEVER see the overall picture do you Perez.
    Somebody had to finish last, so what if he's black. Just stop calling it the "least liikeable.

  7. tempe says – reply to this


    Perez, you paint a distorted picture with crayons, stick to posting "imaginary boyfriends of the day" and hustling after straight guys.It's more on your I.Q. level and leave the social politics to experts.

  8. 8

    Erm..So because he's black, he's immune to criticism? If he ranked the lowest that has zero to do with race..This is just too stupid for my high IQ brain to comprehend. So because he's black he should be favored and if he isn't that's racism? Erm..ok. Definitely aren't helping anything with this nonsense. It's just too stupid to the point I don't know what to say to argue this. This rarely happens..

  9. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Hard to believe Arsenio is less likeable than Chelsea. She's so nasty.

  10. mlyjn says – reply to this


    This is so stupid I don't even know where to begin. It is not an issue of race. I don't really know who this guy is, but a quick Google search tells me his show has only been on since this past fall. Every single other person on that list has been around for years, if not decades. Do you think that possibly has ANYTHING to do with this ranking? I truly hate racism and discrimination, but it's also annoying when people cry racism when it's not the case. Think critically. Use your brain.

  11. 11

    why does everything have to be about color
    maybe people don't like arsenio because his show sucks

  12. 12

    Perez, you got too much of that white guilt. Not everything is about race, have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, he was actually the least likable, and that it has nothing to do with the color of his skin? Yeah, black people can be the worst at something, too.

  13. 13

    Why do they always play the race card it is really getting old. Maybe just maybe no one likes him because he is so phony. The bit where he puts his head down and try's to look so shy give me a break. I am surprised he got another year.

  14. Boyz in da victim'hoo says – reply to this


    Since when was Lopez "coloured"? Pretty sure his ancestory is Spanish, which last time I checked has always been a white European contry…sorry I don'y count being 1/16th Aztec or whatever as qualifying for coloured status….just more bullshit leftist identity politics that fosters this bizarre modern phenomenon of people longing to be part of some fashionably oppressed minority. (Of course if he'd shot some little black thug those same leftists would be at pains to officially recast him as a "White hispanic" LMAO!!!)

    Oh and whilst the first syllable of Arsenio's name is appropriate if yiu speak with an English accent….I too can;t believe anyone could be rated lower than Chelsea Black Cock Handler…..biggest c u next tuesday & oxygen thief to ever (dis)grace the small screen…which is quite the achievement when you think about it….

  15. q says – reply to this


    Not everything is about race but somehow you seem to make it everything about someones race. You are the cause of racism, segregating african americans from white americans. As far as im concerned we are all the same. It just so happens that the least likable person was 'of colour' as you put it. Thats not racism. Racism would be not voting for him or only voting for him because of what colour skin he has. So cut all the racism shit ok. We are all the same. So stop giving pitty where its not needed. Idiot.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    It just comes down to numbers. Arsenio is a fave of mine and was on his last run, too.
    If you wiki ethinicity in the U.S., only 12.4% of U.S. citizens statistically identify as blacks or African Americans, so his Q score is actually high, considering.

  17. Tara says – reply to this


    You should really know what a word means before you use it. Xenophobia is a fear of strangers or foreigners. Arsenio is neither, unless you are referring to the fact that, since he's been off television so long prior to this new show, he's somewhat of a stranger again to television. Seriously, stop trying to make this a racial issue. The bottom line is, he's not funny. What worked for him in the late 80s/early 90s just doesn't work today. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

  18. ToleratingOthers says – reply to this


    Re: mlyjn – You are obviously young. Aresenio Hall used to be quite hot back in the day. "The day" being the late 80s/early 90s. He had a television from '89 - '94 called The Arsenio Hall Show which was quite popular. What Perez fails to realize is that something that worked and was relevant 20 years ago, isn't today.

  19. The whiz says – reply to this


    He's simply an awkward host. I tried to like the show and was a fan in the 90's. He got weird.