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Leonardo DiCaprio To Receive A Russian Academy Award! (Guess They Haven't Seen Total Eclipse!)

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Na Zdorovie, Leonardo DiCaprio!

A Russian theater named the Chamber Theater in Chelyabinsk has decided that since Leo didn't win an Oscar this past Sunday, they would send him a Russian Oscar of their own.

That's right, they're shipping a man named Oscar who they painted gold all the way to America! JK! They're sending him a cast-iron statuette!

No word yet on whether you can open this Russian Oscar to find an even tinier Russian Oscar inside though.

Not only that, but they made Leo an honorary member of their troupe, offered to let him see any show he wants for free, and even invited to let him perform in any of their productions.

According to the theater's spokesman Yury Sychev, they'd start Leo off easy:

"As Leonardo does not speak Russian, we can start with offering him a wordless part of a servant in the play Plennye Dukhi (Captive Spirits).”

Yury then said that the theater would later consider him for speaking parts:

“Learning a part in a foreign language without knowing what it says shouldn't be a problem for a true actor.”

Well, Leo, if your AH-Mazing career doesn't work out, you can always go to Chelyabinsk! Warm, sunny Chelyabinsk, where the wolf of wall street is an actual wolf that hangs around that place where the town's street meets that wall.

We kid, we kid! But seriously with all of Russia's Anti-Gay Propaganda nonsense, we're not sure if Leo is ready to make his way over the Iron Curtain. The Iron Curtain of discrimination, that is.

According to Yury, the Russian Oscar is to help Leo with the grieving process of not getting an Oscar again:

“This strong-willed 'Russian Oscar' is to remind DiCaprio, that he has to move on in spite of all hardships.”

Yes, Leo! Be strong like bull!

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