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Going To Jail And Their Lawyer Speaks! Teresa Giudice And Her Husband's Lawyer Tells All!

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teresa giudice sentencing info from lawyer

Things are not looking good for Teresa and Joe Giudice.

Sure, they might have a fabulous house, fame, and four charming daughters, but they also have fraud convictions!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey table flipper and her wine-making hubby pled guilty to charges of fraud in order to accept a plea deal.

And even though this means they WON'T be facing 50 years in prison, their future is looking bleak. Like as bleak as the possible return of Real Housewives of D.C.!

Joe's lawyer, Miles Feinstein, opened up in detail about how the sentencing will likely go down. He said:

"Because of substantial hardship with the kids, we are hoping staggering of sentences does occur. I've had it in a few cases where both parents are sentenced to jail time but we stagger the time so both parents are not away from their kids at once."

Well, that's positive!

We mean, the girls will surely need someone to put bows in their hair and to give them pizza, you old troll!

But on an even better note for Tre, Miles is actually thinking she won't even see the inside of a jail cell. Or be forced to wear unflattering orange! He added:

"We're hoping Teresa does not go to jail. The great likelihood is that Joe will get some jail time. There's no doubt about it. It's just a matter of how long."

And as bad as jail sounds for Joe, something worse might be served up:

"Joe could be deported. I think it would be a tremendous injustice, given that he's been here since he was 1 year old. His parents and brothers have been naturalized, and Teresa and the children are citizens. Joe not getting U.S. citizenship, just slipped through the cracks. He could have gotten it easily. He thought he was a citizen, as did everyone else. The fact that he wasn't was brought up in the state case, he didn’t know up until then."


We knew deportation was possible, but now even Joe's lawyer is talking about it!

Does this mean we'll lose Tre and the girls to Italy?? Or will they stay here to pump out more Fabellini and family cookbooks??

What about Gia's dance career?! Do they have hip hop dance groups in Italy?!

Stay tuned to find out!

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8 comments to “Going To Jail And Their Lawyer Speaks! Teresa Giudice And Her Husband's Lawyer Tells All!”

  1. 1

    OH Please. Joe not getting his citizenship did not fall thru the cracks. Something that important doesn't fall thru the cracks. Of course she will not go to jail because of her celebrity status. If you commit a crime your family situation shouldn't matter
    Why do these people get special treatment
    And Lawyers are under confidentiality agreements so what they say is all BS and scripted

  2. 2

    These people are scammers trying to scam. As usual, scammers, once caught, try to deflect blame/responsibility to other people/entities. Once that scam fails, the fallback is the children. After the cameras were off, I'd be willing to bet that the children were not the primary concern until the guilty plea.

  3. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    Lets hope they both get substantial jail time and the nasty ignorant mama troll loses every endorsement to boot! This duo has never shown any remorse and have screamed their innocence to the world during the entire process. They arrogantly continue to spend money on extravagant trips and unnecessary over the top purchases. The little trolls are some of the most spiteful nasty kids on the planet and behave like mini versions of their disgusting mother!

  4. NJHousewife says – reply to this


    The lawyers are PAID to put the best spin possible on the case, probably testing the waters of public opinion. Well those of us in NJ who are sick and tired of crooks like the Giudices crying crocodile tears after they get caught have had it.
    Stay tuned kids, but rumor has it that there is going to be an online petition to throw the book at these two and get Joe's deportation the attention of the White House. If you live in NJ, write a letter to the prosecutor, the judge. Bravo's commercial sponsors, COSTCO, who is carrying T's alcohol products and her publisher.

  5. clare coakley says – reply to this


    this is a total joke. once a fraud always a fraud. come to the uk and see how much u get away with then .she needs to take a good long look in the mirror. miss thing . I only have 3 words for the pair of use POT. KETTLE. BLACK.

  6. All says – reply to this


    Poor poor Gia, what's going to happen to her career, she was so counting on her acting/modeling/dancing to make her a star. She has so much potential that it's a shame, she needs her mom & dad to guide her and protect her. Who better than Joe, I remember the talk he had with her, say what you want about them but he's a great father and Teresa is a super mom.

  7. Kate miller says – reply to this


    Re: All – I agree they love their that's for sure. It's sad for the children.

  8. noodles says – reply to this


    Love to get my hands on that Italian Assbefore she goes to jail. The Dikes in jail are going to ruin that Snatch.