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Reign Gets Even MORE Scandalous! First Raunchy Sex And Now … Abortions?!

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Whoa! Whoa! WHOA.

Things are about to get CONTROVERSIAL!


We all knew there would be consequences to Frances sleeping with one of Mary's closest friends — we just didn't know the show was going to take it THIS far!

Is it just us or does the bent wire and the pained look on lady-in-waiting Lola's face look like she'll be getting something "taken care of" on the next episode of Reign???!

Yes, the truth is out — Lola appears to be knocked up with the King of Frances baby, which isn't great news for anyone since Mary and Frances are now officially man and wife!

If abortions are still so controversial today, we can't even begin imagine the consequences for getting one in medieval France!

Between this and the recent super seXXXy wedding, Reign is setting up to rule as one of the juiciest CW series yet!

Ch-ch-check out the nail-biting preview (above)!!!!

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5 comments to “Reign Gets Even MORE Scandalous! First Raunchy Sex And Now … Abortions?!”

  1. 1

    Abortions are controversial today because of right wing religious groups.

  2. 2

    For many, many centuries even the Catholic Church was not against abortion before the 'quickening' or 'ensoulment', which was generally not believed to be until fetal movement was felt- so 17 weeks or so gestation. Not a controversy, just historically accurate.

  3. Lucy8B says – reply to this


    REIGN IS THE BEST SHOW ON THE CW!!! The play for keeps. And I no doubt thursdaya episode will swing for the fence. Long May She Reign!

  4. addyM says – reply to this


    O man, I was hoping Francis and Mary would be happy for awhile. Why do you yank on our heart strings Reign why?!?!

  5. JaxS says – reply to this


    I only hope that all this controversy and the major stink the PTC is making over all this only gets Reign out there more and gets it more viewers. This show is easily the best thing on the cw and needs to stick around.