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EXCLUSIVE! Is Lindsay Lohan's OWN Doc Drastically Over-Dramatized To Intentionally Make Her Look Bad?! Get Legit Lindsay Deets HERE!

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exclusive lindsay lohan own docu series

Everyone! Everyone, gather round so we can hand you the obligatory grain of salt before reading on…

By now we're PRAYING you've seen episode one of Lindsay Lohan's AH-Mazing new docu-series, Lindsay!

The Oprah Winfrey-distributed awesomeness is one entertaining hour of television, to be sure, but is it 100% accurate? Of course, we're not fools; we know that most elements of reality TV in some capacity are scripted — but what's going on on Lindsay?

Well, here's some EXCLUSIVE scoop…

Remember the part where Lindz went to that photo shoot/short film and was supposed to be all, Li-Lo, Li-Lo, it's off to work she goes, but instead there was a bunch of dramz and nothing really got done?

Well, according to some, that was all kind of manipulated to look a certain way.

A source extremely close to the production EXCLUSIVELY! revealed to us:

"Contrary to how it was portrayed on OWN, the only real issue involved in the production of the Miss Filthy short film was Lindsay's scheduling. Lindsay shot for a full day at 1Oak nightclub, then returned for a second day at a private apartment location. The second day ran late and we couldn't work out the logistics to keep filming with her. Everyone involved in the short film - from director Indrani to the other actresses and models to the crew - enjoyed working with Lindsay. The film is still in post production; Lindsay's scenes look beautiful, and we can't wait for people to see the short when it premieres this Spring."


Forgive us for the skepticism, but this is just kind of a hard pill to swallow. Then again, we were only privy to one part of the conversation on the show; Lindsay shooed cameras away for the part where she ultimately backed out of filming for a second day.

Do U think that scene was legit?? Or was the footage manipulated to try and boost the ratings of the docu-series?

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16 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Is Lindsay Lohan's OWN Doc Drastically Over-Dramatized To Intentionally Make Her Look Bad?! Get Legit Lindsay Deets HERE!”

  1. 1

    Bull (cough) shit (cough).

  2. 2

    This show was boring as hell, and if anything it downplayed her bullshit.

  3. Lanie says – reply to this


    I haven't watched the show, and I'm not going to waste my time with it, but one thing I wanted to say that this is the billionth time we've heard that what we see and read about Lindsay is 'not true' or 'overdramatized'…and usually it isn't. The truth is she's a narcassistic, self-absorbed, rude brat, who's had to many chances and squandered all of them and keeps whining about how "unfair" life is to her and how everyone is to blame for her problems but her. My sympathy and usefulness for her ran out a long time ago.

  4. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    I would rather have a root canal without Novacaine than watch this show.

  5. 5

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  6. 6

    You can post 100 references to this show and I'm still not going to watch. I have lost all respect for Oprah. She cannot be THAT DESPERATE to save her network. And, it looks like its not working given the ratings.

  7. 7

    theres literally a new lohan article every two minutes but nothing is better than mugshotmugz.com

  8. Kattrina Kiss says – reply to this


    The man did say so are we going to scrap all of yesturdays work.. do you want me to scrap all of yetirdays work and she said yes.. i think its true shes telling the truth…

    I do think it is going to make her look bad in the first half ( first 4-6 eps) and its ment to do that soooo when it gets the second half 5-8 eps its going to look like shes turned it around so theres like a story

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Film editing = quotes taken out of context. You can slant anything a certain way. Don't tell me Lindsay didn't ask for final say before release.

  10. Val says – reply to this


    That sounds about right cuz during his convo there's a quick part where he says something like "so should we just throw out everything from yesterday" which seemed as though he was insinuating they had already shot some scenes. I still feel like the scene is genuine. Can't wait for next week!

  11. Val says – reply to this


    PS. I really like the show. I'm not a huge Lindsey fan, but it was interesting to see her daily life. And to the comments above… Maybe she is spoiled..blah blah.. She grew up in that lifestyle that's all she knows. Doesn't make her story any less interesting. Doesn't make her journey of recovery any less important.

  12. 12

    she's an over indulged, talentless little turd and should be flushed. enough about her and this pathetic abortion of a show about her.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's just a job for cash.

  14. 14

    I watched this episode. I think I may have been one of the few in America, that still really though their was kindness and honesty in Lindsay Lohan. I believed contrary to the rumors that she was a bitch in real life. I thought that maybe it was because she struggles with addiction ect ect. Then, I saw this episode on OWN and I was really shocked at how Narcissistic her personality is. There is a meaness about her. There is a nastiness about her. Its not likeable at all. It seems as though she really really believes she is better than everybody around her and NO MATTER how hard she falls or how often she fails, she still believes this fantasy, that she is better than everyone around her and that they can bow down to her. Shes just seems like a catty bitch, who thinks that she is entitled to put other people down. I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for her. Didnt she get arrested years ago for chasing a girl down in her car…. and didnt she alledgedly try to sneak out of rehab to go party. I believe that in her mind, she thinks that her fans are a joke. That its possible she thinks America is a joke and the legal system is a joke. She plays her cards. It seems as though she plays the people around her for as many chances as she can get, because she thinks she could get away with it. Shes just a giant asshole

  15. 15

    *chasing down a girl, in someone elses car?**

  16. sober for real says – reply to this


    Lindsay is full of shit. Wtf sleeps that late doing nothing. Not sober. Wish so but she not fooling the ones that actually fought for our lives and stayed that way. Makes me sick.