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Really, Michele Bachmann?!? Congresswoman Says “Gay Community Bullied American People!"

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Honestly. How is she STILL in Congress??

Minnesota Republican Representative Michele Bachmann said this week that she’s tired of being bullied by the gays!

Um…is today opposite day or something? Because that statement makes zero sense.

According to her, Arizona’s “right-to-discriminate” bill got shut down by the deceitful LGBT community, who tried to pass off the would-be law as anti-gay, when the real reasoning behind the bill was about same-sex marriage!

Again…sweetie, you’re making absolutely no sense here. You think a bill that allows businesses to deny service to gay people ISN’T a gay rights issue?

See if you can follow Michele’s logic. She explained in an interview while attending CPAC:

"There’s nothing about gays in there, but the gay community decided to make this their measure. And the thing that I think is getting a little tiresome is the gay community have so bullied the American people and they have so intimidated politicians that politicians fear them and so they think they get to dictate the agenda everywhere. Well, not with the Constitution you don’t. If you want take away my religious liberties, you can advocate for that but you do it through the constitutional process, you don’t intimidate and no politician should give away my religious liberties or yours.”

So you’re suggesting the gay community should just sit back and watch you trample over the progress this country has made?

Fat chance, Miz Bachmann!

Michele went on to call Barack Obama a “lawless president who is violating the Constitution with every executive order.”

Isn’t she lovely?

Luckily for America, this Tea Party queen won’t be coming back to the House next year.

We’re BEGGING you, people of Minnesota’s 6th district - don’t elect another like her!

But really…is there ANYONE out there quite like Michele Bachmann?

Listen to her abhorrent (as usual) statement below.

[Image via WENN.]

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30 comments to “Really, Michele Bachmann?!? Congresswoman Says “Gay Community Bullied American People!"”

  1. 1

    This delusional hate-monger needs a muzzle.

  2. joe says – reply to this


    She isnt wrong

  3. keyth says – reply to this


    And you Perez come off as a HUGE kunt. While it's ok to disagree this is exactly the type of wrting that makes people hate you. Your message is seething and spiteful thus it fails it's point. So much for "can't we just get along" ?

  4. Pharo Pharo says – reply to this



  5. Lacroix says – reply to this


    Perez you're an idiot, you shouldn't be using big words you don't know what they mean. After all this is America…..or is it?

  6. adblockplus says – reply to this


    Re: keyth
    Once again Perez injects his emotional thoughts instead of real facts. He truly is a lazy thinker. Minnesota won't listen to him nor will this nation. Perez is only a blip on the radar.

  7. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    The GOP has allowed itself to be taken over by these Tea Party but jobs. That's why there will not be a Republican president in the near future, which us fine with me.

  8. alh says – reply to this


    I don't see where she went wrong with what she is saying. We are being bullied by the gays. If you don't agree with their lifestyle, you then get harassed or sued for your beliefs because they don't match the gays beliefs. Just be gay and shut up already. Oh and take down those stupid freakin rainbow flags

  9. 9

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  10. bTeri says – reply to this


    If Perez ever took his "anti gay" blinder off for one second and actually did some real research into the issue he would have learned that right before the Governor of AZ made her decision 12 law professors from all over the country from 12 prestigious institiontions -wrote to her supporting the bill, fiercing stating that what the bill actually says and does is being grossly distorted by BOTH SIDES of the issue. There were liberals and conservatives, religious and non religious and every single one said that if the bill was read by rational calm honest individuals it should be passed and would be a a good thing for all citizens.

  11. maria says – reply to this


    i agree with Michele

  12. August says – reply to this


    She is correct.

  13. 13

    I'm not usually defending Perez, but you commenters (majority of anyway) are a bunch of religious nut-jobs. She is completely wrong, and you're idiotic if you cannot see how the AZ bill VIOLATED constitutional rights, rather than protect them in any way. How exactly have you been "bullied" by the LGBT community? Who got sued? What a bunch of propaganda eating morons. The constitution give you the right to practice your religion, and your lifestyle as you see fit, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT INFRINGE UPON THE BELIEFS/LIFESTYLES OF OTHERS. That means your business (which is NOT a person) cannot discriminate against people based on their beliefs , period. Why is this so fucking hard to grasp by the religious sheeple? If you want to avoid people with conflicting views - move to another fucking country where discrimination is legal… or shut up once and for all. This is the land of the free last I checked… and the "free" part applies to all citizens. It does not mean that your are "free" to discriminate, ot to take away other's freedoms. Are any of you educated betong Sunday school for crying out loud?

  14. Jay says – reply to this


    Well, being from Minnesota, I'm not proud of this idiot. The scarey part is that we need to keep listening to hate mongers like Michele Backman, less they get away with the lies they blatantly force on the general public. Unfortunately, there are those that listen to every word spoken by the likes of Michele, and even act on it (remember Sarah's "cross hair statement ?). Thank you, there are blogs, news sources, etc. (and no, I'm not talking Fox News) that counter these hateful proclamations, less we be following the pied piper into the depths of hell (Hitler anyone ?). Let us NEVER underestimate the vile nature of these human beings.

  15. earnest Bunbury says – reply to this


    Michelle Bachmann- once again the voice of reason in a world filled with hate and ignorance. How does Michelle's 'gayest man on the planet' husband sleep with her every night- oops. I think I just figured out why she's crazy. I mean, not the way all women are crazy, but, you know- 'Michelle Bachmann' crazy.

  16. Sick of the nonsense says – reply to this


    She is absolutely correct. If you don't agree with someones opinion these days, you are "racist" or "homophobic". Sorry, I'm neither but I'm sick of having this shit shoved down my throat all the time. You're gay? So what. I could care less what you do in the bedroom. Keep it there.

  17. says – reply to this


    I wanted to know something about your past, Perez? This was your own decision when you left the LGBT movement or it was them who decided to drop your butt because you were too emotional and biased to do the job?
    Behaviors that would eventually harm the cause, to their (political) gay movement..

  18. Go Michele says – reply to this


    She's right. Besides, gays/lesbians are always trying to rape straight people, when they should be focused on becoming straight themselves. Being gay is unnatural and wrong.

  19. pete says – reply to this


    alh- just a quick reply to your silly comment. You say gay people are bullying Americans? Well what has Christianity been doing for hundreds of years? persecuting people,torturing them and executing them just because they don't fit in with their beliefs. Religion is the true face of evil.

  20. pete says – reply to this


    Re: alh – what a silly thing to say. What were the Christians doing for hundreds of years when they were torturing and maiming people who did not fit into their own beliefs?! They are the biggest bullies around. Religion is the true face of evil in this world.

  21. lennard says – reply to this


    I was kinda confused when I first discovered I was gay…but I can't imagine the everlasting confusing that must go on inside Bachmann's head. Almost feel sorry for her…luckily, the solution is nigh. found this online, made me laugh, but it made a lot of sense to me. It really is the most definitele strike against people like Bachmann:

  22. RH says – reply to this


    Fortunately, Miz Bachmann is being forced to retire due to ethical violations that took place during her ill fated presidential run.

  23. Mere00788 says – reply to this


    You would protest, sue, and wave your freakin rainbow flag too if your rights were taken away based on your sexual orientation. Re: alh

  24. RufusVonDufus says – reply to this


    Michelle is still in Congress the same way as Michelle is still the supposed first lady, because she is. Why is your stupid liberal website still a website? How many LGBT'ers are there to keep this site up?

  25. 25

    Wow, what a repulsive human being this woman is. I'm disgusting by some people's thoughts.

  26. FUCK YOU says – reply to this



  27. Gunny says – reply to this


    Re: adblockplus – I'm from Minnesota and she is an embarrassment. She comes from a very small district that has always been ultra conservative. She gets enough money to buy out the airways. I don't understand her definition of bullying. What exactly are gays doing that is so frightening to these legislators or the American people? Trying to gain equality and equity is not bullying. But, Michele also wanted to ban energy reducing light bulbs and that had something to do with the Constitution as well and I'm not sure if she tied that to her religious freedom.

  28. Nd chy says – reply to this


    I'm definitely going to vote for her. I'm proud to be from MN where we stand up for what is right.

  29. William J Urmson says – reply to this


    Bachmann, Koch Brothers, Tea Party, and the rest of right wing nuts like to point their boney finger's at Obama and Gay Community. Watch as I point back and go all Fox News on their ass, Liberal Style~

  30. Tommy says – reply to this


    And you know something sweetheart. That very attitude is EXACTLY why YOU and your sidekick Sarah Palin will NEVER EVER get into office. Your "rhetoric" much less feelings on this issue are SO far off the mark it's actually quite humorous. So now we ALL have to sit here and listen to your temper tantrums. While ALL of the judges across our country shoot down your "proposals" and do what's morally correct. Which is providing EVERYONE with that same liberties, freedom, and justice this country was founded on. And that's a bad thing…? Boy are your priorities screwed up perhaps you should rethink being involved with politics…(g)