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Oblivious Woman Joins A Search Party Looking For Her Bus Mate But It Turns Out SHE Was The Missing Woman The Whole Time! Wait…WHAT?!?!

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woman joins search party for herself

Oh, wow. If you're having a bad day, then definitely keep reading.

This HIGHlarious story will make you feel MUCH better.

A woman on a tour bus in Iceland unknowingly joined a search party looking for a missing woman from her tour bus.

Except the missing woman was herself.

Say what, now?!

Reportedly, the bus was traveling in the Eldgja canyon in Iceland, when the bus full of tourists stopped at a rest area and the woman departed the bus to use the restroom and change her clothes.

While she was gone, people started murmuring about a lost passenger and started looking for the woman who wandered away.

When the woman who'd gone to the bathroom joined her bus mates, she didn't recognize the description they gave her OF HERSELF and begun looking for the "missing woman" with the rest of the bus.

The search lasted until 3 a.m. when people realized that everyone on the bus was accounted for and the "missing woman" had only changed clothes.

Which is why no noticed she had rejoined the group.

This is just so crazy, we couldn't make it up if we tried.

Though, it does kind of sound like a movie that would be made by M. Night Shyamalan!

Someone call him up so he can get started on it! LOLz!!

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3 comments to “Oblivious Woman Joins A Search Party Looking For Her Bus Mate But It Turns Out SHE Was The Missing Woman The Whole Time! Wait…WHAT?!?!”

  1. we love you Bitch ! says – reply to this


    i love how she interviews white ppl ,and makes them look stupid but never confronts the issues on her own communiy !

  2. Bjorg says – reply to this


    As an Icelander I can tell you, this happened MONTHS ago. Good going on the up to date journalism.

  3. jrcan13 says – reply to this


    This happened TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO