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He Said WHAT?! The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis' Obscene & Insulting Words To Clare Crawley Revealed!

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juan pablo clare crawley disgusting gross vulgar words

Annnnd the classiness of Juan Pablo Galavis continues!

If you saw The Bachelor's season finale, read our recap, or watched the clip of the finale, you may remember Clare Crawley saying Juan whispered something sexually explicit to her during their one-on-one date!

When the 32-year-old did her voiceover in the clip, she said:

"I'm shocked. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. That he doesn't know me and some sexual thing I don't want to repeat. It was insulting and it was offensive."

Well, we've been dying to know what he told her in the helicopter and now a source has come out to reveal what disgusting thing he said!

The insider revealed:

"He said, 'I love f—ing you but I don't know you.' She's totally over him. She is done with him and relieved that they are not together."

We all probably should've seen this coming, considering the fact that he has said some ridiculous things in the past couple of months.

Juan definitely had a season's worth of time to get to know her and obviously Clare wouldn't have made it this far if he didn't know her!

We cannot deal with this. How insulting!

[Image via ABC.]

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15 comments to “He Said WHAT?! The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis' Obscene & Insulting Words To Clare Crawley Revealed!”

  1. jules says – reply to this


    even thought i think he's a jerk, i dont see any ofense in that, she fucked someone she doesnt know right? what did she expected of this kind of show? fucking and marrying people you dont realy know!

  2. jt885 says – reply to this


    wow.. He's totally an ass. I'm sorry i don't think i considered him a very attractive individual. He insensitive and really offensive.

  3. beach says – reply to this


    So stupid. What do these women expect when they submit to such crap? I mean really, hearing them gush that they think they're in love when he's doing the same with all the other women? These women are so stupid. Plastic bimbos looking for a pay day. Sickening. They get what they deserve. Oh, and that guy's the biggest pig ever. Why anyone would want him is beyond my comprehension. Have some class and self esteem GIRLS!

  4. JoJo says – reply to this


    Now who's the perverted one ?

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Then don't '*u*k someone you don't know. Ridiculous to be offended if you do and then some guy using male logic says that.

  6. cheryl vaughan says – reply to this


    so glad that you picked Nikki over Clare. Nikki is a good match for you. I'm so happy for you both. Wishing you much happiness. You are the best bachelor ever on that program. I love you, too. Cheryl

  7. Mary says – reply to this


    Juan Pablo is a jerk, plain and simple. I hope they do a better job of screening the next bachelor. Also, props to Clare for finally standing up for herself, and I hope she finds love someday.

  8. hilarious! says – reply to this


    Can I just say that the viewers are the reason this kind of show even exists - so if you're all offended QUIT WATCHING THE SHOW. I love the fact that he's an ass - he's probably one of the most honest Bachelor's there's been. How many couples have actually stayed together? Like one?

  9. 9

    End this piece of shit show ! IT is demoralizing to women and man alike.. Why anyone would follow it is beyond me, guess some people just love trash.

  10. 10

    Re: cheryl vaughan – you are pathetic !

  11. 11

    Re: Mary – I pray there are no more ignorant bachelor shows … do we really need this garbage

  12. 12

    Re: beach – Oh my god someone with a brain … congratulations on the most valuable comment written about this crap show

  13. shimsky says – reply to this


    He is plain and simple a jerk with totally nothing between his ears. His treatment of Clare is inexcusable and indefensible. He'll get his comeuppance and it will be a sweet victory for all those he offended and treated so badly. Remember "the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small".

  14. Chet says – reply to this


    Are you f'ing kidding me? Bitch slut Clare grabs Juan Pablo by the cock and fucks him in the ocean, and its his fault that he enjoyed it? You women are stoopid.

  15. Bizzie says – reply to this


    Seriously people…..? Clare just has sour grapes! She was the one stupid enough to give it up. He never promised her anything. He never said he loved her. She knew going into the show that he could not make any promises and that there were 20 other girls he was hooking up with too. Yet she's upset that she didn't get proposed to? She should be upset at herself for being easy.