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What Your Favorite Real Housewives Of New York City Cast Member Says About You!

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real housewives ny what your fave says about you

Geeeeet ready, Bravoholics!!!

The Real Housewives of New York City are back on air TONIGHT!!!

We know you've probably been going through some major withdrawals since it's been over a year since the Big Apple ball busters have been on your boob tube. But fear not, they're coming back with a bang!

And we're all set to get you ready for the big premiere of season 6!

We bet you've already got your fave housewife picked out, but we bet you don't know what your choice means about YOU!

Well, wonder no more! Ch-ch-check out what your #1 wild lady says about you…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

ramona singer

Ramona "Pinot Grigio" Singer: You're a wild one! You not only get the party started, you stay to make sure the party ends with a bang! Whether that means pouring the Pinot Grigio or turtle-timing, you WILL do it! But when you're not dancing in your Louboutins, you're busy as a bee. From business to family, you're involved in it all. But we must say, you tend to be a bit of a worrier at times although most can't tell because you've always got a smile on your face. Let those walls down and feel free to show a little of your emotional side from time to time, not just when you've had a few glasses of your fab vino.

sonja morgan

Sonja Morgan: You put the a** in class…literally! OK, so you might not always have your knickers on, but you do always have your party pants on! Unfortunately, sometimes your party pants get in the way of more important issues in your life. You really should take financial and business matters as seriously as you do your costume parties. It's time to embrace your independent woman ways and support yourself. Perhaps you could start a toaster oven line??

aviva drescher

Aviva Drescher: You've got a leg up on the competition! LOLz…sorry, we had to! After all, a lady like you can handle the jokes! And that means you've got a good sense of humor about the hard times. Another thing you have? A lot of phobias. But it's totally cool, they all stem from somewhere legit. And while it might be time to try to confront your issues, maybe that should be all you confront because you do have a tendency to get all wound up and do a little name-calling (white trash, perhaps??) when angered.

carole radziwill

Carole Radziwill: You're cool. Like cooler than anyone else could ever be. You're the kind of person who would do things like date rockstars without commitment and get George freakin' Clooney in the sack! You're also smart, hardworking, and successful in your own right. In fact, you really kind of don't fit in with your cray cray group of friends. But then again, every group needs a voice of reason…and a princess, which you totally are even if you don't call yourself one!

heather thomson

Heather Thomson: Holla!! You are Miz Charisma! You can walk into any party anywhere and be able to talk to anybody. It's likely you can attribute that to your vast work experience you've built over the years. But your real dream? Starting your own business and putting that knowledge to good use! When it comes to the dramz, you're not really a fan (you prefer chatting and smiling from ear to ear with your girls), but you're ready to jump in if someone starts with you. After all, girl, you've got street cred like nobody's business!

kristen taekman

Kristen Taekman: While you're a pretty, tall blonde…unfortunately a lot of your identity is based off that. At least for now. In fact, you're even well-aware that you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. We wish there were more to say about you…but…we guess we'll just leave it at you're like really pretty. So you agree? You think you're really pretty?

luann de lesseps

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps: Awwww. You were once a legend. You were once the lady everyone went to for lessons in manners and etiquette. And now??? You're basically on the sidelines. Some might blame your declining popularity on your greed for more money, but others might blame it on your confusing antics of jumping around from business to business. Are you an author? Musician? Sommelier? It's been a downward spiral for you…but we won't count you out of the game yet! After all, you're royalty! Right??

Who Is Your Favorite RHONYC Lady??

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Who Is Your Favorite RHONYC Lady??

  • LuAnn (8%)
  • Kristen (2%)
  • Heather (17%)
  • Carole (43%)
  • Aviva (2%)
  • Sonja (15%)
  • Ramona (14%)

Total Votes: 1,549

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One comment to “What Your Favorite Real Housewives Of New York City Cast Member Says About You!”

  1. N. Gallett says – reply to this


    You are what this franchise has needed are real person. Someone that every woman can relate to. Your not Botox out and you are naturally pretty. Stay the way you are PLEASE! Please do not become plastic and unreal, like the rest of them do. I hate the OC girls because of Vickie she needs to go.