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Rooney Mara As Tiger Lily Is NOT Making People Happy! Is There A Different Actress Who Should Play Her? See Who Else Has Been Tiger Lily HERE!

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rooney mara tiger lily controversy

And the controversy has emerged!

Yesterday we reported that Rooney Mara has been signed to play Tiger Lily in Joe Wright's upcoming film Pan alongside Hugh Jackman & Garrett Hedlund!

The movie has definitely piqued our interest and, unfortunately, the interest of others.

Why unfortunately?

Well, people are SUPER unhappy that Rooney has been casted as Tiger Lily because she is the Native American character in Peter Pan!

While Rooney is an incredibly talented actress, she is clearly not Native American!


People have suggested that Joe should have casted an ethnic actress in the role, which is a VERY valid point.

But it also got us curious as to who else has played the iconic role, and it seems there have been quite a few!

Ch-ch-check out the other ladies who've played Tiger Lily …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Just for reference, here is Disney's version of Tiger Lily!

tiger lily cartoon

Carsen Grey played the character in the Peter Pan film from 2003!

tiger lily peter pan 2003

SyFy had the character's name changed to Aaya in their Neverland mini-series and she was played by Native American actress Q'orianka Kilcher.

tiger lily aaya syfy

In the 2000 made-for-TV movie, Peter Pan, based on the Broadway play with Cathy Rigby, Tiger Lily was played by Dana Solimando.

tiger lily live action movie 200

And in the national tour of the show with Cathy, Jasmine Ejan played the role!

tiger lily touring show cathy rigby

In the Johnny Depp & Kate Winslet film, Finding Neverland, Tiger Lily made a brief appearance and she was played by Rhoda Montemayor.

tiger lily finding neverland

So what do U think?

Should they have chosen a different actress for the role?

[Image via WENN/Universal/Disney/SyFy/YouTube/Dana Solimando/Miramax.]

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19 comments to “Rooney Mara As Tiger Lily Is NOT Making People Happy! Is There A Different Actress Who Should Play Her? See Who Else Has Been Tiger Lily HERE!”

  1. Laura says – reply to this


    It kinda bugs me that people are taking offense. I mean.. there is a black person playing Annie and if anyone says something they're racist.. but everyone gets their knickers in a twist when it comes to another part involving another race.. or sexuality role in the case of Dallas buyers (I'm in the LGBT community and think Jared Leto did a fine job); and I'm white and have no problem with a black Annie… get over it people.. stop harping on our differences and enjoy the friggin show.

  2. 2

    I think its unfortunate. There are not many opportunities for native american women in hollywood, so its sad they didn't give this role to a native american woman. You can't tell me they couldn't find one talented enough, that would be absurd. I love Rooney Mara, but think this is an unfortunate situation. Such is life in Hollywood I guess.

  3. Lively says – reply to this


    why is hollywood so allergic to other races? seriously it frustrates me to see so many people not of color playing roles of a color person… And Laura, Annie doesn't even count because she's the type of character that can be pretty much any race unlike someone who is clearly native american. YOu can't even compare because you see people like yourself everywhere and people of color even though there are more of us you see less of us in the media. Its ridiculous.

  4. 4

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  5. 5

    For starters, show me where it says the Piccaninny Tribe were Native Americans? That term didn't exist when the play was written, it only states "Indians". Seeing as how neither America or India exist in Neverland, and this is all based ON A CHILDRENS FANTASY - I have to say: who f*#&ing cares who is playing what? Can all the self proclaimed racial enforcers out there please stop making issues out of nothing. Willing to bet that 95% of those complaining are in no way descended from a Native American tribe: so STFU already

  6. Steph says – reply to this


    Also, in the 1960 version of the film with Mary Martin, Sondra Lee played Tiger Lily and she was blonde.

  7. SuckItTrebek says – reply to this


    GET THE FUCK OVER IT. I am so tired of this PC bullshit. I'm part native american and I take no offence. Talent it talent and that is all. I would maybe be offended if someone like Blake Lively or KStew was casted. Native American heritage is beautiful so I understand why people are attracted to the head dresses and incons and clothing. I just don't understand why everyone is always so up in arms when its used in fashion. Big deal the designer was inspired by it. That's like the french getting pissed everytime some wore a beret and a striped t shirt.

  8. Native says – reply to this


    I AM a Native American and this role should have been casted to a Native American actress. All those "tired" of hearing about reverse racism or whatever, just go back to watching your "deep" and "thoughtful" movies such as Transformers. There are many societal micro and macro factors that are way beyond your ignorant understanding of the world that are not even worth explaining to you.

  9. 9

    Re: Native – Good for you, I try and see indie films when possible (not as much as I used to due to disabilities) and have seen several films about Native Americans. But they should cast who is a good actress, not by race or any other measure.
    PS - I wiil not be watching, the only good Peter Pan movie was the one Disney did.

  10. Kaka says – reply to this


    Cast frieda pinto!

  11. Laura says – reply to this


    Uh Lively.. I don't see that many gay hollywood stars actually.. and guess what.. who the fuck cares… get over yourself

  12. Mercy says – reply to this


    First Laura, are they painting the girls face white?? No then there isnt a problem. Is the black girl playing a white girl or a black girl? Oh she is playing a BLACK GIRL. The script changed. The problem is it is AGAINST THE LAW to take a white person and paint their face black…. why is it NOT AGAINST THE LAW to take a white person and paint their face as a Native American?

  13. Disney17 says – reply to this


    Laura is a racist asshole!

  14. Dawn says – reply to this


    I am full blooded Native American and I think this adaption sounds like a farce. If they are going to dilute and recreate the story and characters, why not just give them all new names….

  15. Dr. Reno says – reply to this


    By "'people' unhappy" I suppose you mean you and 20 or 30 of your friends as liberal as yourself… Question: Are any of you from any tribe anywhere on the N. American continent?
    As a psychologist for over quarter century and 1/2 Comanche I fail to see how your over exaggerated PC (sounds more like liberal guilt than genuine interest in the issue) helps anyone anywhere. If it's your job to decide who's to play the part fine, otherwise, I think you should allow the person who actually was chosen to earn a living just like anyone else.
    I recently advised a person who asked if Japanese Anime was racially prejudiced (because according to his unenlightened opinion they didn't use enough blacks or whatever), my answer to him was essentially "if you are dumb enough to ask the question you are probably too stupid to understand the answer." Same issue here.
    The US is officially the third dumbest country on the planet according to the WHO, and I don't think we need to keep demonstrating our collective stupidity to the rest of the world.

  16. Dr. Reno says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – teeter totter - You are absolutely right. This excessive PS looks to me a little too much like 1984 to me, just as sick and just as unhelpful (to anyone).

  17. Dr. Reno says – reply to this


    Re: SuckItTrebek – SuckItTrebek you are right. We've all seen people in every field of endeavor who were miserable failures and a real detriment to whatever organizations or activity they're involved in simply because they filed a PC pigeon hole somewhere. Sick is sick and dumb is dumb–enough already.

  18. Jean Reno says – reply to this


    Re: Lively – Uhhh. Trying to decypher your comments–it sounds like you're saying that there are too many whites who are playing blacks in the movies etc.. Strange, because I can't recall ever seeing that in a movie since Al Jolson in the 1920's, and it really sounds like you just made that "fact" up out of thin air and–sounds a little bizarre as well.

  19. Aria says – reply to this


    Lily Collins