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Oh wow, this sounds CRAZY! We reported that Lindsay Lohan snagged a guest role on 2 Broke Girls and judging by the picture of her & Kat Dennings in weddiRead more…

13 comments to “Lindsay Lohan A Train-Wreck On The 2 Broke Girls Set? Apparently So! How Juicy! Read About The On-Set Nightmare HERE!!”

  1. 1

    um wrong. the "audience member" is a blogger and not one know for getting it right, like perez. a writer for the show tweeted that lindsay did great. there were other tweets from that night that also said she did great. but positive stories don't sell like negative ones. be careful of that karma perez.

  2. 2

    I wonder when the prop master is going to proclaim LINDSAY STOLE A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF FROM THE SET. grifters. OPRAH IS SUCH A SUCKER. how did she get so rich with being so stupid?

  3. Jenny says – reply to this


    What is the surprise here? We've heard this story many times before. Well, if these idiot producers are going to keep hiring this train-wreck, what do they expect? Watch the inevitable bitch-fest by the producers and directors…blame the people that hired her, they knew full well what they were hiring.

  4. jason cisneroz says – reply to this


    In defense of Lindsay:
    I went to a taping of 2 Broke Girls last year. IT WAS 8 HOURS!!! I was a train wreck after and being in that studio wore me out.
    They film a scene. Then, everyone (30 people) would get together. They change the jokes and refilm the scene. Each scene was done 3-4 times with different punch lines. 2 scenes were pre-recorded. The final 2 minutes of the episode was filmed after the audience left. I lost respect for comedy writers and director Fred Savage that day.
    A "Reba" taping was 90 minutes. "Absolutely Fabulous" was 2-3 housrs. There's something wrong on the set of 2 Broke Girls.

  5. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Two of my friends work on the crew of 2BG - they said the exact same thing as the blogger - it was obvious Lohan did not come prepared, they said it was like she was learning her lines while on the sound stage, that her acting was bad and the billion takes for each line was torture for the audience as well as the director and the crew. They said she was relatively on time (20 minutes late) for her call-time and was a diva backstage. They said they had to scrap some of the lines because she just couldn't get them right, but had enough material that they could eventually piece together (they think). Lindsay Lohan is a moron, partying all week in LA - not bothering to learn her lines - typical entitled behavior from the assholic narcissist. I'm betting this is her last sitcom appearance for a long time, if ever. Karma for her is arriving in the fact that the only job she can get nowadays is on a low-rated sitcom. And after her yelling and screaming at her poor assistant on next Sunday's "Lindsay" - I bet her karma will be even worse.

  6. Jeannie says – reply to this


    Come on and properly source this! This was no normally audience member this was written by the bacon loving Enty of Crazy Days and Nights!

  7. Evelyn Varela says – reply to this


    I was there on set i was part of The audience and yes its was a mess im not trying to defend her at all but her phone Didnt ring at all You cold see kath and beth faces we all were TIred laufing 8 times of The same Line is not that easy …

  8. 8

    She acts like a Narcissistic and seems like a bitch.

  9. Uch says – reply to this


    She does not deserve any more chances. Make her get a job at a burger joint or give BJs in parking lots. Tired of this unappreciative loser.

  10. 10

    Think about it, lets say you were failing out of school but you really really wanted to get into medschool. What would you do? Lock yourself away and study your ass off! You would do whatever it takes to get those A's. She on the other hand goes out with her script in hand. She alledgedly heads to the Chartaeu Martet with her script. Thats not dedication. Thats a girl who wants to be out partying, but is trying to give the illusion that she is dedicated to getting her career back. You would think an addict would be staying out of the bars. Yet she is alledgedly still heading to the bars…. BUT SHE HAS HER SCRIPT WITH HER SO THAT MAKES IT OKAY! no. it doesn't. she's fucking up her life. When does she want her career back, when shes 35? I'm over it. I dont want to see it anymore. So annoying.

  11. 11

    And she has this thing, whenever she is talking on screen, she acts so disenguine. Like shes trying to force normal facial expressions and feelings. She just always seems like a conartist trying to con the public. Shes like a likable person and she acts like shes 15. The girl, or WOMAN is going to be 28 this year. It's pathetic, her mother probaly babys her all of the time.

  12. QuizMe says – reply to this


    You can't stage manage an addict. No matter how hard her team tries to sell her, she is a self defeating loser and the good roles go to other actresses.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yeah, but I'll bet she can cash the appearance check in 30 seconds flat.