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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Celebrate Their Engagement With A Swanky Downtown Party!

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johnny depp and amber heard host engagement party los angeles

Yes! We love public displays of LOVE!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are pretty good at staying hidden from the limelight, but all eyes were on them at the Carondelet House in downtown El Lay on Friday night.

The couple celebrated their engagement with around 100 friends and family, who all received classic black invites which read “A & J.”

Amber and Johnny arrived together, with a sweet entourage of Amber’s sis Whitney and Johnny’s son Jack. Amber’s poppa David also attended, as did Johnny’s momma Betty Sue.

As for who else was invited, lots of Hollywood’s stars were there like Steven Tyler, Jerry Bruckheimer, Rick Rubin, Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore, and Marilyn Manson.

If this is just the party, we can’t wait to hear what these two have in store for their big day!

[Image via WENN.]

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175 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Celebrate Their Engagement With A Swanky Downtown Party!”

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  1. true says – reply to this


    So sad to see such a lovely lady marry an old man…Johnny- you will never ever give her what she got with women…ever…Just keeping it real dude…

  2. Meh says – reply to this


    bless them. I've seen the pics all their family with them (his mom, her parents and sister, his children, etc) all their friends. They have to be so happy

  3. 3

    Re: true
    Unless she is allowed to have women on the side?!? It would not shock me. I like him, but he always seemed kinda odd. I am trying to keep it polite lol.

  4. flacks says – reply to this


    Re: true – In american culture, there are only really 2 kinds of marriages. Same age marriages where the male is slightly older than the female and big gap marriages where the Men are much older than the wife. I was born from the latter. Both marriage have achieved a lower divorce rate than the opposite of them. Males who are 5 years older than their spouses achieved a lower divorce rate than the opposite. Males who are 10-25 years older achieved a lower divorce rate than the opposite. And there was nothing sad about my mom marrying my dad. Her marriage outlived ALL of her sister's marriages despite their claims to have married THEIR men for "love" not "money".
    Her sisters are still white trash ("we arent gold diggers like our sister"). They told her to be "strong and independent and make her OWN money. Dont chase successful older men". and what was the end result? her sisters are lonely white trash in the ghetto while my mom employs endless strong independent women as the head of my dads business. (one of her sisters is kinda ok. middle class. not exactly trash)

  5. ??? says – reply to this


    Re: flacks – Did any of them actually marry for love?

  6. flacks says – reply to this


    Re: ??? – When I think of my parents, I tend to classify their marriage as a very successful symbiotic relationship. He wanted to father alot of children (because his first two wives had taken his children away. So he had to start over). He wanted a young wife because he wanted the earths only true unconditional love: the love of children. Women his age werent going to give him 5 or more children. And she was tired of being white trash. Tired of living around white trash. Tired of living in high crime areas. She wanted her kids to have what her mother failed to give her. A father with a brain and that used it. I have no doubt my mom married for love AND symbiosis. Symbiosis is a powerful glue that doesn't get much acknowledgment.

  7. Tamar says – reply to this


    where were Chtristie,Danny,Tim Burton,keith Richard etc……..

  8. claudita says – reply to this


    so in love, congratulations. The jealous and lesbians are dying, lol

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  10. 10

    Re: Tamar

    Let's see, of a reported 100 guests, there were 10 guests mentioned in this article, and there's photos online of maybe ten more arriving and/or leaving. That leaves about 80 guests left unmentioned. Using your brain, I hope you can deduce that Christie, Danny, and Tim Burton were 3 of those 80. Just because they weren't photographed doesn't mean they weren't there. And Keith Richards is on tour at the moment.

  11. IRONIC says – reply to this


    why does lily rose, is looking forward to two weeks? hmmm

  12. Tamar says – reply to this


    Re: hunter_pro – you are very angry. The other 80 guest are unknown people.I saw all pictures, fool

  13. 13

    No matter how long they've been together and/or how "happy" they are, the pairing is so odd, just off! It doesn't seem right at all.

  14. 14

    Best wishes to them!
    My late husband was 13 years older than I was and we had almost 33 happy years together until his untimely passing 5 years ago. Age does not really matter if you are in love and work out the important issues (children, finances, etc.) ahead of time.

  15. Sally says – reply to this


    Re: Tamar – Tim Burton live in London. So it's Keith Richards. Christie surely was there, she is not famous but she's really close to Johnny and we've seen she has a good relationship with Amber too (she had a dinner with her when she was caught with the ring for the first time and according to People they looked as best friend inside the restaurant). I've seen pictures of Johnny's older sister, Debbie, with his mother (Debbie has brown hair now, but it's her). Maybe Danny was also there. Johnny's family aren't famous. The same happen with Amber's family, only her Dad and sister are mentioned, but her mother was coming out from the same black SUV than them. There are plenty of other Johnny's friends in pictures, none of them get a mention because they aren't famous either (as Joel Harlow, etc) you can't pretend the media knows every friend or member of his family.

  16. Rob says – reply to this


    I notice Vanessa was NOT in attendance. This pairing gives me the absolute creeps. Johnny is acting like a totally different person. They seem so off. It feels like a huge publicity stunt at this point. I bet Johnny is gonna live to really regret this, it is all so wrong!

  17. What? says – reply to this


    Re: Rob – Obviously Vanessa wouldn't be there…why she would be or be invited even, to the engagement party of her former partner? now that would be creepy!
    By the way, it seems as most of his friends were in attendance. I've seen the photo booth from the party with Bruce Witkin and his family, etc. No idea why some people think his friends- real friends who also live in LA, because who would come from Europe just to an engament party? it would be different if it were the wedding maybe- didn't were at the party only because they aren't in the pictures or in the press

  18. val says – reply to this


    Re: Cailtin002 – AHAHAHA How funny you are!!! Really pushing there aren't you? You could have said the same thing in one line .. GET A GUN .. GET A GUY !! GET A GIRL !! GET OBAMACARE FREE IN PRISON !!

  19. Rob says – reply to this


    Re: What? – I only mentioned the vanessa not being in attendance because all the magazines and blogs have been reporting that Vanessa really likes Amber and is coming to the wedding! Which I do not believe for a second.

  20. val says – reply to this


    Re: Rob – Sure, always dump your great love who's loyal and loving raising your children when she had a career she put on hold, then piss off your fans by marrying a bi-sexual troll and making shitty moves and movies now. I'll never see another film of his and love Vanessa. Johnny lived in Hollywood, he's done amazing things, but he's not the guy I used to like so much. He always needed a bath, but not this one to marry for a few years before she dumps him for Cheryl. Come on… he'd better fall in love with Fred. I wish Vanessa the best and his children .. not him or ugh.. the multi sexual one, not her

  21. val says – reply to this


    Re: true – Sure you are. Especially since she may dump him for a gal. Vanessa is the beautiful one with the magical voice and the loyal loving mom of his children. This is a production that will prove he's not the Depp we loved once .. over and out ..

  22. val says – reply to this


    Re: Rob – He sure will be a sorry guy and for how he treated Vanessa and how much I liked him before, it's all gone with this bi-sexual magot by his side. She'll take him down and he'll feel the pain, but only after she gets what she wants out of it. He won't even know when she's cheating when she goes out with her friends. Don't like him anymore .. I feel like he cheated on me too > LOL

  23. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: val – He didn't dump Vanessa you stupid bitch and you obviously know nothing about them because they were having troubles for years and she didn't put her career on hold, she started working when he made it big in hollywood and then she started leaving him alone for months and months. Speak for yourself only and not his fans, his real fans. He always needed a bath? were you living with him or what? all the people who met him said that he smells great.

  24. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: val – Hahahahahahahaha, Vanessa is ugly and talentless and she is away from the kids most of the time, he's got the custody of them. Amber will never leave him for a gal but you can only wish. They have been happy and in love together for more than 2 years and they will continue to be happy and in love whether you haters like it or not.

  25. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: val – For how he treated Vanessa? He was nothing but nice and respectful towards her through the breakup and after the breakup and he also said nothing but nice things about her after the breakup. Stop dramatizing it, she is only with him because she loves him and she'll never cheat on him or takes him down as you desperately want to believe. I'm pretty sure that he won't be devastated that a hypocrite doesn't like him anymore. He's still got millions of real fans.

  26. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: val – You feel like he cheated on you? Wow! why are you too emotionally involved in it? you do know that you actually know nothing about him, don't you?

  27. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: true – A pressed lesbian fan? Hahahahaha! There's nothing sad about marrying a man she loves and he is 50 and not 80 to be an old man. Women will never give her what she's got with Johnny and not the opposite.

  28. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: MJaded – No she is not. She is a bisexual and not a lesbian, do you people not get that?

  29. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Gisela8 – There is nothing NOT "right" or "off" about them and nobody cares about what you think. All what matters is that they are happy and in love and not whether you like them together or not.

  30. MB says – reply to this


    Re: true – Well he doesn't look or act 50. And that's a compliment. I'm 40 and I would rather be 40, than younger. I also attract girls in their mid 20s. It's just a number (unless I as a 40 year old man think they're too immature and stupid). Not sure I'd date a bi-sexual woman though (I probably wouldn't). I just wouldn't trust it, but then I want a woman who really wants a man. Everything about a man, the facial hair, and the rough hands, and the real, functioning dick and balls. I recently saw (and protested) a manish (boyish actually. Short hair she looks nothing like a man being so skinny with no facial hair) looking security guard who IS lesbian creepily come onto a girl I know who is living with a guy, using her duties as a cover for her creepy behaviour (which was rigged to her advantage, and I spoke up against right on the spot), who if it was between me and her, I'd win. I know that. And I'm a hairy 40 year old man.

  31. Scott Rinehart says – reply to this


    Worked with him in slow burn his first movie wth show time very cocky actor then glad he was killed off soon in a refrige. I was a detective who found him in the the desert Bev cam crying

  32. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Scott Rinehart – I guess he has changed and matured because all the people whho worked with him in recent years said nothing but nice things about him.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: flacks – Sometimes it works out. It's not actual symbiosis, though, because your mom and your dad are the same species. It IS long term, but their difference is simply age, and sometimes that doesn't matter as much as the common goal.

  34. Anthony says – reply to this


    It seems that it's serious between Amber and Johnny, no matter what haters say and how much they don't wanna believe that he really likes and loves her (I used to have myself doubts about their feelings) but now we've the proof that he's in love and happy with her and also about to marry her soon. I've just read an article that reports this: "Johnny thanked his kids for embracing her into the family, and his friends and family for supporting him no matter the circumstances. But Amber, 27, welled-up with tears when Johnny told the packed-out party that after years of avoiding marriage, he had finally found his one true love. Johnny made reference to some of the people thought that he would never get married or that he didn’t believe in the institution of marriage but that Amber changed all that for him and he is a believer and believes she is his one true love. She was so happy. It was beautiful, truly beautiful." You can read it on celebrities ninemsn. com.

  35. Oliver says – reply to this


    Now that Amber Heard has proved to be a really bitch, homewrecker and destroyed the image of Johnny, just left her to withdraw from public life. Good bye Amber Heard and don't forget to take Toto with you!

  36. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – hahaha.
    After all these games and manipulation by Amber, she destroyed herself too.
    Bye bye Amber Heard be happy in your fairytale, leave away from the public, because here you have no chance. ANYMORE

  37. Anya says – reply to this


    I saw some pictures of the engagement party. Good Lord, it seemed a horror party. Black and red velvets???????

  38. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: Anya – hahahahaha
    I thought the same thing. The Bride of Frankenstein! hahahaha
    Bye! Bye Amber!

  39. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sasha – Am sure she is saying 'до свидания' to you too and chucking up the deuces!! Lool

  40. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – I am sure it was a happy occasion and i have no doubt that johnny gave a good speech along those lines. However, i don't think jerry bruckheimer was in any way involved with the rum diaries. So that makes that sites account questionable don't you think? I am not a hater by the way, i adore johnny and want him to be happy whatever his choices:)

  41. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – you know, since we don't live with these celebrities, we can't know what's the background in all this. What I mean is that we don't how is Jerry Bruckheimer's friendship with Johnny and if they're close and give advices to each others. Jerry is a movie producer right? And also Johnny started his own way as a movie producer just after that he filmed The rum diary. That movie was the first one payed with money of his own company and maybe at the time he needed some advices from people who already experienced some movie productions. So we don't know, since Jerry Bruckheimer is a producer, maybe he was the first one to tell Johnny of producing The rum diary to honor the memory of his friend, maybe he gave him advices about how to do it, maybe it was Jerry to tell him that he could have been an actor but also a producer as many actors do and this could also be the reason why Johnny is considering retirement now, because he could stop to be an actor simply working as a producer and keeping being very very rich anyway forever… we don't know how things are and we can't judge but if just Bruckheimer and not others has been mentioned in the article, there must a reason, a specific reason that we could ignore because we don't really know how close Johnny friendship with Bruckheimer is.

  42. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – At the end, if Bruckheimer was insignificant in all this, why he was an attendant of the party while many other friends of Johnny missed? Bruckheimer was there while Bruce Robinson and many other directors and producers who are friends of Johnny were missing at the party… even Tim Burton wasn't there… so yes, I think that Bruckheimer had big a role in all of this because unlike many other alleged close friends of Johnny who were absent from the party, Bruckheimer was there to support Johnny and his new relationship and this is what makes the big difference.

  43. musehi says – reply to this



  44. 44

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  45. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Oliver – Um how did she prove to be a real bitch? What did she do? And of she was the reason of Johnny's spilt with Vanessa then how come the kids are so friendly with her and attended the party? And how exactly did she destroy Johnny's image? Good lord you are so overly dramatic.

  46. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: musehi – The only pathetic one here is you. What the fuck is pathetic about two lovely people getting married?

  47. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Anya – It was actually a fun & classy party and everything was classy and 20s themed but you probably know nothing about these things.

  48. Tina says – reply to this


    " he had finally found his one true love" ……..is repeating the same thing he said about Vanessa ….stupid fake old man

  49. anabela says – reply to this



  50. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – I agree with you about this. Johnny said this about Vanessa but also about Winona Ryder. He defined Winona someone that couldn't be replaced by anyone else, he said that nobody was no woman ever had such importance in his heart till he met her, he defined her his soul mate and his wife to be because they planned to marry so it's not true that he didn't believe in marriage, only with Vanessa there was no plan of wedding because it was Vanessa the one that didn't want to marry and Johnny used to tell many times that he would have married her in a second if she wanted to but she didn't and she herself admitted that marriage scared her, so I don't get why people are so disappointed that he never married a woman who didn't care about marriage at all? He's not doing anything wrong now if he's gonna marry a woman who cares about marriage. People here are hypocrite sometimes. The accuse him of not having married Vanessa while now he wants to marry Amber as it's his fault now if Vanessa didn't care about being married…

  51. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Past is past, he will not marry winona, so for me it was not true love

  52. claudita says – reply to this


    Who loves home, not lose time. Winona love with a teenager. lol

  53. claudita says – reply to this


    as Vanessa was pregnant that held twice …

  54. claudita says – reply to this


    I believe that the first wife was something very strong. He wasted no time and married

  55. Tina says – reply to this


    How many "one true love" has JD ?

  56. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – then according to your theory, he never loved Vanessa too since after 14 years together and 2 children he never married her nor he convince her to do it after all those years together….

  57. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Love does not judge the time together, but the intensity ..

  58. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – When we settle into relationship, can last 10, 20, 30 years. More does not mean passion.

  59. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – yes, but yet, he never married Vanessa so according to your theory that people who are really in love don't waste their time and get married, well he never loved Vanessa because he never married her till the end.

  60. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – was not a love strong enough to bring it to the altar. ;)

  61. claudita says – reply to this


    It is the dream of every woman to marry white. Vanessa surely dreamed that too

  62. kat says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – When did he ever say that Vanessa was his one true love? You stupid judgemental bitch.

  63. kat says – reply to this


    Re: anabela – What are you doing here?

  64. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: kat – Hello Yousef ,He said that and other things more about Vanessa .There are many interviews,articles that prove it.

  65. Amber Heard Is Gay says – reply to this


    Re: true

    ITA with this, I'm sorry but I just don't them as a couple.

  66. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard Is Gay – Amber is bisexual and not gay you idiotic lesbian fan. They couldn't care less that you don't like them as a couple.

  67. Chris says – reply to this


    So is Amber suppressing her craving for vag?
    How does that work now that she has to play with Depp's old sack for her weekly allowance?

  68. Tina says – reply to this


    She has Tasya vag……

  69. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    Amber Whore, Amber Whored or should I say Amber VanRee

  70. Sasha says – reply to this


    Jamjam, as you don't have a man, please take your finger and fuck you.

    I have a man and I know the difference but you'll be happy.

  71. Sasha says – reply to this


    what was served at the party? The animals that Amber hunted, I presume

  72. Ekaterina says – reply to this


    Amber is not even an actress, but ok, she took 11 years to be considered a rise star, now she will take only 11 months to fall and disappear from the media, especially if she gets pregnant no one will care about her.

  73. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: jamjam – пошел на хуй, Амбер

  74. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – So why are you so jealous and bitter? You post a crappy comment on every article about them. Get over it you douche.

  75. Bye Bye Amber says – reply to this


    I'd love to know that Amber is pregnant so she would have to move away from the films for months.
    The public would appreciate :)

  76. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Sasha – jeez what da hell are you on luv?? Hahaha oh you crack me up. CHILD!! i don't have time for you so i'm chucking up the deuces too x

  77. Bye Bye Amber says – reply to this


    Please Amber go to the premiere of Transcendence along with Johnny and you'll see how the public love you

  78. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – You mean the one knocking on the door of menopause?? C'mon even a squirrel might collapse at the sight…am just saying. Omds people are actually making me laugh..i have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughter, you guys are too much Re: jamjam – Loool that actually made me laugh. Someone is losing it! she is literally going mad..i can almost see her bloodshot eyes and her veins visible on her neck and steam coming out of her ears loool. Honestly though leave that mad woman alone, she is grieving…

  79. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Bye Bye Amber – Ok you have said your goodbyes..now how about jogging on, i highly recommend it.

  80. Bye bye Amber says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Don't be dumb! I'm saying goodbye to Amber, for her, to leave the public life.
    I'm rooting for her to marry Johnny soon and have a dozen children, so for years we wouldn't see or hear anything about Amber

  81. Serge says – reply to this


    I have to admit, it's hard to see a dude like Johnny with a bitch like Amber, his significant other, after all.
    it makes me wonder if Johnny is who I really thought he was.

  82. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Serge – Yes chika, he has always been a human being, only you have just woken up from your slumber whereby you were dreaming that he is a god or a fairy, so you attached your fantasy of a fairy tale story to his life. Welcome back to the real world:)

  83. Rob says – reply to this


    To the girl, val who I think misunderstood me. I also do not like Amber at all and agree with you! She is a home wrecker and I have no respect for girls like her. I have lost any and all interest in Johnny Depp and he has shown he is just a shallow person. All men are not like him just for the record, some of us do have some morals and decency. Peace, I am out Rob

  84. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Johnny has always said the words "one true love" or "love forever" as the children say the words: mom, dad, poop, water etc … they are recurring words.
    Remember? Winona forever, Kate forever, Vanessa forever, now Amber forever. Maybe his favorite song is "forever young"??? I don't know, but honestly these words have lost their meaning, said from him. it's enough to see or read his interviews. I don't mean that he doesn't believe it, but I think that for him: "forever" means "while it lasts before I met someone else."
    According me this is the reason why he wants to marry Amber, he thinks that writing "forever" on a piece of paper, make this truly "forever", but the problem is that the paper is consumed with the time and it catches fire easily .. Would not it be better to write it down on a tree??? :P

  85. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – When the fuck did he ever say "Amber forever"???? The "forever" thing was only for Winona and he never used it for another girlfriend.

  86. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Do you not fucking understand that when you are with someone you think they are the one and then shit happenes and you break up? It's normal.

  87. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Rob – You souldn't judge people that you obviously know nothing about. Amber is not a homewrecker, the relationship of Johnny and Vanessa was wrecked way before she started dating Johnny and she's got nothing to do with it.

    I'm sure that Johnny is not devastated about you losing your interest in his personl life and things that you know nothing about.

    How the fuck is he a shallow person? what did he do to be a shallow person? Being in love and getting married with someone that loves him and care about him? He's got more morals and decency thn you'll ever do.

  88. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – It's quite obvious that you're an idiot, so i don't waste my time with you. There was an engagement party! He wants to marry her. "The forever" is implicit in this. Your brain is limited ..! I was meaning exactly this: When you are in love, you say many things and when you are no long in love to forget these things, so I don't believe all the words that he says but i must admit that "the forever" has a meaning for you: " 5idiot FOREVER..!!!

  89. Serge says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – With Amber? Is it the real Johnny's world or his purgatory?

  90. Will says – reply to this


    Amber is finally getting to be famous.
    She is the most hated person in the business world.
    Congrats Amber

  91. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Oh well, uhhm, I… agree with you. Johnny always had emotional issues and his biggest problem maybe is not being able to be faithful. But I can't condemn him for this. Who am I to condemn his attitue for women since most men in show business are like him and since he has always been a sex symbol that all the women wanted… not to justify him, but most of or maybe all sex symbols in show business are womanizer… women always liked him and he always knew it and the image of the faithful family man was just for the public, to please his fans but in real life everything is different and Johnny probably always screw all the women that interested him somehow. Anyway I have to tell you "my compliments" because you were right about the fact that their marriage would have happened, good to know you're not one of the usual and boring trolls that popolate these topics on Johnny.

  92. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – oh, sorry I forgot something… can you explain me how come that Lily Rose and Jack are supportive about the new relationship of their father? Sorry but I find strange that they don't hate Amber for everything she caused in their family. To be honest, if my father cheated on my mother with a very young woman and I saw my mother getting hurt by it, no way that I would support my father going to the ceremony of his engagement with his mistress and even less I'd be friend with this woman who made my parents split because being friend with her is almost like approving the fact that she destroyed what my parents had. I really don't get why they're so supportive instead of refusing to have any contact with the woman who stole their father from their mother. Something doesn't fit and don't tell me they're just polite, respectful and open minded because what children in the world would support the woman who has been what destroyed the relationship of their parents???? Too strange to be real.

  93. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Serge – I meant you were away in the land of the fairies so welcome back to the world of human beings called earth, from whence you came from loool

  94. sisi says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – Yes,its very odd.Although if this has not been an infidelity because Vanessa has been badly damaged for them with their behavior.johnny and amber
    disrespected her in many ways.

  95. Do not insult anyone says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled
    You really need to stop insulting people I don't allow people to be insulted.

  96. Amber Heard Is Gay says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – Whatever Amber can say she is Bisexual all she wants, it doesn't mean we have to believe it, Everyone knows ashe is sleeping with another woman when Johnny isn't around.

  97. Amber Heard Is Gay says – reply to this


    Amber Heard is a lesbian like the saying goes if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. Sooner or later this farce pairing is going to implode and the fallout will be spectacular.

  98. Serge says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Are you saying that Johnny was never a cool guy?

  99. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard Is Gay – She's gay.

  100. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Please stop using my name, its getting old now, get your own name.Re: Amber Heard Is Gay – I hate to burst your bubble but she is bisexual..everyone knows she has dated many men but only one woman. The question is did she just use that one woman for attention in hollywood and to make herself more interesting? because there is no picture of her even kissing this woman. I know you are desperate for her to be gay but she is not and evidence clearly shows she is bisexual.

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