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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Celebrate Their Engagement With A Swanky Downtown Party!

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johnny depp and amber heard host engagement party los angeles

Yes! We love public displays of LOVE!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are pretty good at staying hidden from the limelight, but all eyes were on them at the Carondelet House in downtown El Lay on Friday night.

The couple celebrated their engagement with around 100 friends and family, who all received classic black invites which read “A & J.”

Amber and Johnny arrived together, with a sweet entourage of Amber’s sis Whitney and Johnny’s son Jack. Amber’s poppa David also attended, as did Johnny’s momma Betty Sue.

As for who else was invited, lots of Hollywood’s stars were there like Steven Tyler, Jerry Bruckheimer, Rick Rubin, Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore, and Marilyn Manson.

If this is just the party, we can’t wait to hear what these two have in store for their big day!

[Image via WENN.]

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175 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Celebrate Their Engagement With A Swanky Downtown Party!”

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  1. Amber Heard Is Gay says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas
    Actually no most of those rumors about those men she supposedly dated turned out to be false. There was also alot of talk of her going to lesbian bars. So to say she has only been with one women is false.

  2. No one knows the truth says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – like it has been mentioned before there have been rumors about Amber was a lesbian even before she met Tasya , in fact there was talk that she was seeing a woman when she was filming the show Hidden Palms.

  3. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – initially it was very difficult for the kids (especially Lily) , but in spite of everything Johnny and Vanessa have been loving and careful parents to limit the damage. Vanessa is a very smart and strong woman . She has consumed her pain away from her kids and Johnny was not in great shape at that time. The kids knew that he was not happy to have done what he did. Over time the kids saw that parents were more relaxed in their lives and they have learned to accept the separation . This was a very painful separation for all of them, but fortunately, they have never lost respect each other. The custody of the kids is for both and they have reached an agreement away from the courts. About Amber, do you prefer to see your father, devastated and depressed or peaceful and happy though with an other woman who is not your mother ??? Vanessa has put aside her anger and her grief to preserve the relationship between the kids and their father. She has done a great job for this and Johnny and Amber has done the rest. Believe me, this is very rare and admirable. Vanessa still makes many things now, for "stability" of your kids. This is one of the many reasons why I respect so much this woman.

  4. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Anthony – " her kids" sorry for my grammatical errors and for my bad english.

  5. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Alright, thanks for the info Jamina. Yes, I agree with you, Vanessa is a great and a strong woman. The way she is handling everything is really admirable. But yet, I wouldn't go to the engagement party of my father just to see his mistress being happy about having "won" him. It’s not normal to be friend with the woman that stole your father from your mother, sorry and actually especially Lily Rose seems to enjoy a lot a friendship with Amber and I think that something doesn't fit. Usually children hate their stepmothers when they're the cause of the separation of their parents, no matter what but Lily treats Amber like an older sister and this is disgusting. I could understand if she supported only her father but not his mistress. Nothing forces his children to be friend with Amber because they don't have to after all that she did to their family, destroying it. Would you be friend with the woman that destroyed your family? Would you attend her engagement party anyway, giving your contribute and support to it after all the damage she caused in your life and in your parents life also??? I wouldn't go and I'd just said to my father that I wish him the best but that I can't support such a woman nor I'd be so friendly with her as Lily Rose is because the pain caused in my mother's heart would have no price. I'd be supportive of my mother and with some enforces of my father too, but not of his mistress, sorry this is really odd to be true.

  6. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Oh I forgot, if I may, can I ask you one thing? Can you confirm us if Johnny cheated on Vanessa not only with Amber but also with other women in past? Because I think he really did.

  7. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard Is Gay – You're really trying hard to spread this false rumour that Amber is gay, aren't you? Poor lesbian fan of her upset that she is ending up with a man… try to see a doctor because getting irreparably butthurt as you currently are can be truly dangerous to your health, take care. First of all it's not true at all that Amber is fuc++ng another woman when Johnny isn't around, this is only your own speculation because it has not been reported anywhere that Amber has a woman on the side. There's no rumor anywhere that she currently has a lesbian lover. There was time ago just a rumour that she was having an open relationship with Johnny but this rumour was spread by the national enquirer that everybody knows it isn't a reliable source at all because it lies all the times about lots of celebrities so if this is your source to get credit to your insinuations, there's only to laugh about it. Second thing, you're lying about the fact that those men she supposedly dated turned out to be false because she was engaged to Valentino Lanus, they were about to marry and there are pics of them on web. Before of him, she was dating a man at the beginning of her career and he helped her a lot. Maybe she never dated Crispin Glover and Arthur Wybrands, but you never know…

  8. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard Is Gay – …third thing, Amber maybe used the lesbian thing just to get publicity. When dating Tasya she used to call paps all the time just to see her face on magazines and to get some publicity since before of it nobody knew who the hell she was or really cared about her private life. Re: No one knows the truth – yes indeed, Amber was trying to get the public attention since then and the woman rumoured that she was seeing at the time you're wrong but it was Tasya. They knew each other since long, more than anyone really knows… were they maybe only 2 friends that were plotting to get public attention giving benefits to each other???… Fourth thing… if it's really true that Amber "cheated" on Johnny with someone, well it was with Liam Hemsworth when they shot together "Paranoia". In this case there was a rumour indeed.This rumour said that Amber and Johnny broke up in december 2012 and that in january 2013 Amber was crying off all her "pain" on Liam's shoulders… in his bed… maybe Amber is bisexual, but no way that she's only a lesbian. She will soon get pregnant with Mr Depp after marriage. It's not a farce at all, my dear friends. Just wait, see and then get a reason!!!

  9. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard Is Gay – Oh so she did not date valentino lanus?? C'mon now, i don't even like the girl but those are facts loool. There is no point inventing lies just because you want her to be fully gay. She is bisexual, it is evident. The thing i would question is did she ever even really like tasya? where are pics of them kissing? None whatsoever on the internet. Zilch!!

  10. Alex says – reply to this


    I read that Johnny already has a new girlfriend.
    It's fabulous. I want that Johnny is very happy and I'd love that him is with someone as wonderful as him and not like Amber

  11. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – yes, indeed! I quote you 100%!

  12. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: The truth – its crazy. places here where you read this? In January amber was with Marie in France

  13. claudita says – reply to this


    People who invent ridiculous stories on this site, pitiful .. is easy to invent, I want is evidence links Where do you get your stories.

  14. claudita says – reply to this


    they have not split in December, they were seen in January in France, not invented story.

  15. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – just search online the gossip about her and Liam Hemsworth and you'll find it. There's also a blind item that has been written about this story and about Marie, well, Amber never had a relationship with her first because Marie was only a decoy for helping her to hide that she was dating Johnny because as soon as they came out at the rolling stones concert, Marie wasn't seen anymore around Amber and after several months we also found out that Marie is also friend of Tasya. They're in the same circle of friends… and of beards maybe… and second because Marie explained in an interview that she was only friend with Amber and that tabloids wrongly matched the two of them romantically.

  16. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – I'm the real Veritas. jamjam don't use my name, ok?
    They had split in December 2012, because he fell in love with another woman

  17. Amber is bisexual says – reply to this


    Amber is bisexual, it means that she kiss and has sex with men and kiss and has sex with women

  18. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – oh really? And who was this woman and why Johnny didn't choose her then??? It doesn't make so much sense…

  19. IRONIC says – reply to this


    say it was a trick of them pretend to have done, then put Marie (who is a friend of johnny) in history lol

  20. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: The truth – do not give me the online survey. This is something people uncredited as você.Que lives of illusions.

  21. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: The truth – I never wrote that, someone is using my name. I never replied to claudita either. I have said before that i do not like Amber but i am not in denial about her sexuality. I know she is bisexual. I do not understand the war over that to be honest. As much as i don't like her with johnny because he can definitely do better than her, johnny is not seeing another woman as he just had an engagement party in the presence of his mom, family and friends.

  22. jamjam says – reply to this


    To the veritas that called me claudita (honestly that name should be ditched by now or the person ignored) i can assure you that i am jamjam alone and on other sites too. I believe i speak better english than claudita (i mean no disrespect claudita). You can refer to my previous posts for evidence of that. I don't have time for this foolishness, peace.

  23. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Can you tell us if Amber is still seeing Tasya or if they're still in contact? Is Tasya dating anyone or she's still single?

  24. No one knows the truth says – reply to this


    Re: The truth – Amber herself said the rumors about Crispin Glover and Arthur Whybrands were false.Her and Valentino Lanus were engaged but in the pictures in which she was seen with him she didn't look happy. Him on the other hand did look happy.Either way I don't see any real love in this so called relationship I see more love between a dog and cat then these 2.

  25. Don'tStealScreenNames says – reply to this


    Can someone please tell me where do you see this great love between Amber and Johnny? I must be missing something because I don't see it. I'm not going to get into is Amber a Lesbian or Bisexual debate. I have my own opinion about that and I'm not changing it.

  26. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: No one knows the truth – yes and it's evident you're the same butthurt lesbian fan of Amber who expressed your frustration for months here and on her lesbian board repeating over and over again your silly theories about how amber only looks happy with women… are you skins fan maybe? I remember you use to write here under several nicknames to make your point because you never accepted that Amber chose a man and she's now ending up with him. come on, just get a reason. she's happy with him because she's all smiling with him lately. her eyes are smiling and express pure joy and if she cares so much about being accepted by his family especially by his kids, well then she must care a lot about this relationship. about valentino lanus, well his pics available with amber online are just a few and not enough to judge if she was happy or not with him. I repeat, just get a reason. amber is going to end up with a man, most of bisexual women do that.

  27. No one knows the truth says – reply to this


    Re: The truth – Nope that wasn't me but nice try though.

  28. Skins Fan says – reply to this


    I Re: The truth – No that person is not me, Don't get me wrong I still don't like this relationship and don't see much love there but that is JMO. If she is happy then that is all what matters.

  29. The truth says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – ohhhh, strange you appeared here after so many months, just in the exact moment that I slagged your game… look, say what you want, believe in your theories, it's just your problem because amber and johnny are going to marry and to have a family of their own even if you like it or not because amber really likes men even if you like it or not.

  30. Skins Fan says – reply to this


    Fine I give up Amber and Johnny are the great love story ever told they will have many children and be the what all couples should aspire to be, Is everyone happy now?

  31. Stop it now Perez says – reply to this


    Please stop propping this couple so much, If they truly were a wonderful couple they wouldn't need to be propped like the way you do.

  32. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Jamina – Well you are the idiot here. Go fuck yourself.

  33. Bogart says – reply to this


    An engagement between a man who doesn't believe in the institution of marriage with a bisexual woman who calls herself a free spirit at least is something very strange

  34. Bogart says – reply to this


    The biggest mistake of Amber was to have insisted on dating Johnny and to have pushed Johnny to assume her.
    Now everything is a joke and her career has been in the trash. All films in which she acted, tanked. An insect can act more than she.
    And now Hollywood already has another new beautiful blonde, which can act more than Amber and is not using any ridiculous ploy to draw media attention.
    Margot Robbie

  35. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: The truth – He fell in love with her, but this woman didn't fall in love with him and Amber is a whore who doesn't leave anyone alone.

  36. Veritas says – reply to this


    jamjam you're ridiculous and pathetic. Amber is still seeing Tasya

  37. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – fool i don't recall getting into a discussion with you about Amber and i am not about to start now. I only replied to you because you called me claudita which i am not. So shoo fly, go bother someone else.

  38. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – hahaha.
    I knew it!

  39. Peter says – reply to this


    What will Amber do now?
    Will she request for her future husband roles for movies? Since no one else wants her in movies.
    If Johnny do this it will be the end for the two

  40. Veritas says – reply to this


    jamjam I know your game well as I know the game of Amber

  41. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Ok.

  42. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: Bogart – I Totally Agree

  43. Ryan says – reply to this


    It's ridiculous that some people still believe in what trolls tell here. Veritas is now coming back with the story of Tasya Jesus, what an obsession! They're done since years and Tasya moved on with her life. More over Veritas has been lying many times in past already. How can you still believe her lies? Nothing about what she used to say came true so why you're so naive to trust this troll. There aren't insiders here. Not long time ago Veritas announced that Amber and Johnny didn't get along and were about to split and just after few days we got pics of Johnny and Amber together and they looked cute and happy in London and after that we got more and more pics of them together smiling. Why if Veritas is a true insider she never proved it to us? When asked for proof she disappears. She didn't tell us that Johnny and Amber were about to go to all public events together and that they were engaged. She told all the contrary little before of all this happened. She told us that they were about to split but we instead learnt that they got engaged… Veritas is only making a fool of us with her lies. She knows nothing. Just ask her to tell something new that it's going to happen soon and Veritas won't answer and will disappear! Shitty troll.

  44. Ryan says – reply to this


    And aw, I forgot…. Veritas also told several weeks ago that Tasya was going to tell all the truth about Amber's life… Did you see that it happened? Tasya didn't tell anything at all. Veritas tells a lot of lies to get attention and you fool, still believe in her fairytales…. I can understand that you don't like Amber and Johnny together but this doesn't mean we have to lie about them or becoming myth maniacs! And the fact that for some it's hard to accept that Amber is ending up with a man it doesn't mean that what some hard core lesbian fans of her invent to elude the reality is true. Just grow up. Things can't always go the way we would like them to go….

  45. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – Again jamjam?

  46. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: Peter – Amber will be the fat Johnny's wife or bitch. Rich and forgotten by everyone.

  47. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: Bogart – I saw Margot in The Wolf of Wall Street. She is stunning. Margot can act

  48. Ryan says – reply to this


    Instead of keep trolling Veritas, why don't you explain why nothing of what you said until now came true? Or why don't you explain us why as soon you're asked for a proof that you know Tasya you disappear? And why even now you can't tell us one thing that will happen soon that Amber and Johnny will do? Just give us some fresh news on them if you really know but you don't so you'll keep give nonsense answer to elude real questions. Shame on you. Your game has become so predictable by now… In all this time many people asked you to prove you're friend of Tasya by telling us what will be her next 2 or 3 arts that she's going to publish on FB and you have never been able to do it and this is enough proof you're only a troll. So if you can't do any better than eluding to prove something good luck, but please don't keep writing stupid things like the jam jam thing just to avoid the questions because you're really not able to answer any of them.

  49. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – amber respects, she's already married in civil with johnny. Amber depp! Suma Veritas lol!

  50. Anthony says – reply to this


    I agree with Ryan, too many trolls here that can never give proofs of being insiders. As soon as they're asked for proof they disappear as Veritas disappeared now. But I also think she's not the true first Veritas who wrote here because this Veritas writes in a very different way. The first one was polite and never arrogant, this one is arrogant and rude. More important is though that the first one insisted with the story that Tasya by now didn't care anymore about Amber and moved on with her life, the second one is telling opposite things with the story that Tasya is still seeing Amber, but anyway, both of them are trolls that never told us what would have been the next arts that Tasya would have published on her profile as a proof they're really know her as they stated. But it's also true that these Veritas told lots of stories that happened to be false. The only one here who told things that later happened to be true is Jamina or also Conan maybe. The rest here have been proved as trolls who are desperately trying to spread false rumours and to get attention. People, if you're smart, just ignore them.

  51. jamjam says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – Just ignore her or him, i have. She/he seems to be on a jamjamrollypolly loool.

  52. Amber Heard Is Gay says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – You keep claiming Amber is seeing Tasya but you don't come up with any proof. So if you are telling the truth prove it or otherwise stop it.

  53. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: patricia – I'm not disrespecting Mr. Depp. Amber is the one who is doing it

  54. Veritas says – reply to this


    At the moment I can't say much. The moment demands silence. But I can reaffirm on Tasya and Amber.
    And please, don't use my name anymore

  55. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – you are a sick lesbian, pitiful. lol i love her despair

  56. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Go away from here, troll!! You lost all your credit as an alleged insider by now. Nobody believes anymore in your tales since we found out that all of them were false. You always say things but then happens the contrary of what you say. You're not welcome anymore here, go somewhere else to spread your stories. Since you keep avoiding of giving us the proof that you know Tasya by telling us what will be the next 3 arts she will publish on her profiles, nobody buys anymore you really know her. We slagged you long time ago as a troll who was never able to prove anything, so why you keep coming back with your old story about Tasya? Change story at least because this fairy tale you keep inventing is getting boring. Give us the proof you know Tasya instead of keep inventing stories. Hahaha, Claudita is right, you're a sick lesbian who is desperately trying since many months to spread the rumour that Amber and Tasya are still seeing each other when all we see is Amber with Johnny and everybody knows that Tasya is upset with Amber. She's an old chick and Amber likes Johnny now, so get a reason about it even if I know, it's hard for you.

  57. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – I agree with you. Veritas has no credibility anymore here by now and she knows it because she's aware that she made a fool of herself by telling things that later didn't come true at all but some haters wanna keep believing this sick lesbian troll just because what she says is of their liking since they despise Amber, but only smart people can understand that if this Veritas would really be a Tasya's friend, she would have given us the proof we asked her not now, but long time ago about indicating us the next arts that Tasya would have published but Veritas can't tell such a thing because she doesn't know at all Tasya and it's so evident… about Amber, if she was seeing again Tasya you can bet that she couldn't hide it that long. Now that she's popular, she's photographed everywhere she goes and only when she's with Johnny sometimes she can't avoid paps because he pays lots of money to get privacy but Amber herself can't pay for it, so she would be soon papped if she was with Tasya somewhere. It would be a scoop. Just don't care about what jealous lesbian trolls say. You know, Veritas is still talking about Tasya but Amber was in NYC with Johnny and they got pictured just yesterday and how come that Veritas nor other alleged insiders don't tell us these kind of news before they happen? Because they simply don't know anything! So pathetic their attemps to spread new rumours just because they hate Amber!

  58. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – How can you hate lesbians and support Amber? Did you forget that Amber dated a woman for almost 4 years?

  59. Prixie says – reply to this


    Hi people, I read everything you all wrote here and I have another theory. I think Veritas is Tasya herself who is always trying to discredit Amber because she's deeply jealous that she's now happy with a rich man that it's also the one whom Amber dumped Tasya for…. it's evident that as soon as the news of the engagement came out, Tasya jealousy increased and if you pay attention, everytime that something big happens between Amber and Johnny, the rumour of Tasya comes back, so strange… Tasya is a very pathetic and lonely soul who can't really move on with her life after almost 3 years (or maybe even more) that Amber is sleeping with Mr Depp and doesn't want her anymore. Her real friends should tell her of considering to get some therapy, because she's sick. After all this time Amber is happy, dating a rich man and she became hugely popular in all the world while Tasya has got only a bunch of sand: she's more popular too (not as much as Amber is though) yes, but she's not that rich, she's not dating anybody that wanna be with her for a serious relationship and she's miserable because this is what we can see through her arts: jealousy, unhappiness and frustrations… love can kill sometimes, she should take care of herself instead of keep walking always in the same street over and over again. She's almost 40 and it's time to stop hating what she can't have. Amber wants Johnny, not her.

  60. Lucas says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Why are you all afraid of this person called Veritas? Amber is really a farce, we must learn to deal with it and accept it.

  61. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – Wrong question. It would make more sense to ask why your precious Veritas is so scared since many months to prove that she knows Tasya… why everytime she's asked to tell us what will be the next arts she's gonna publish on her profiles she disappear? And why everytime she's asked for proof about what she says she replies she can't? And why all that she told until now not only remained unproved but didn't come true at all?? She stated that Johnny didn't have anything in common with Amber and that they were arguing all the time and a split was really close and just after that we started to see them together everywhere and we also learnt that he proposed to her long before it was announced?? Why what Veritas told until now never coincided with what really happens?? These are the questions you should ask yourself if you have a piece of brain and about fear, we don't have fear. Just because we're warning people she's a troll and we have evidence of it, it doesn't mean we're scared of this troll and I think I'm going to write soon to PH to ask if they can check Veritas IP to find out where she's really from and I will ask them to check also other things. This game is becoming too dirty.

  62. Lucas says – reply to this


    Re: Prixie – If Veritas is Tasya, then it must be true that Amber and Tasya are still seeing each other?!

  63. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Prixie – great observation. Sign below, you can now close the forum for today.

  64. Lucas says – reply to this


    Re: Bogart – Don't waste your time with Amber. She isn't who she claimed to be.
    I like people who are genuinely unconventional and I thought Amber was so. She is not.
    She is a farce.
    Did you ever see a photo of her showing "unintentionally" her engagement ring?
    Depressing, embarrassing for her fans to see this kind of pic.

  65. claudita says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – Hey Veritas! lol no need to change their name every time you talk bad about Amber. lol

  66. Lucas says – reply to this


    Re: claudita – You truly are afraid that Veritas.
    I came here several times before. I used to defend Amber, I defended her free spirit until I see who Amber is.
    She is a farce

  67. Amber is a farce says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – Yes, you're right about the fact that Amber is a farce, but not because she's a lesbian who pretends to be bisexual. It's all the contrary. She's straight and started the lesbian thing just for publicity. She never was really into women as she wanted us to believe and you're not a man, you're a lesbian butthurt fan of her if you keep promoting her as a lesbian because she isn't. She wanted to be like Angelina Jolie, she herself told that and she emulated her in all, even in her lesbian side. Amber is nothing new and I know for sure that she started her affair with Johnny Depp in 2009. It's not a joke, they were having an affair when Amber supposedly dated Tasya, that's why I don't believe so much in her relationship with her. It was just a beard because she needed to hide who she was really seeing. Vanessa Paradis found out that Johnny was cheating on her with Amber only in 2010. This is a fact and I know it for sure. Amber isn't even really bisexual maybe. She wanted Johnny since the beginning, this is the truth.

  68. Fairy says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – I have evidence that Veritas is a troll and people who believe that are completely right. She just wrote here in one of her comments this: "did she (Amber) ever even really like tasya? where are pics of them kissing?" and does this seem to you the comment that a person who really know Tasya would make? If she knew Tasya in real life she wouldn't express these doubts, she would know by her own if Tasya and Amber used to kiss in private life. She spoke instead like a fan who was speculating but there's another thing. Veritas just wrote "At the moment I can't say much" and this is the typical answer that all trolls who know nothing give as soon as they're asked to tell something new that it's gonna happen and that nobody knows yet. She was asked it to and here there was her answer… so predictable. You're all right, she's a troll nd she acts like all the other fake insiders who reply they cannot say more at the moment as soon as they're asked to reveal something that is going to happen soon as a proof they're insiders, Nobody until now has been able to prove of being a real insiders. They all disappear when asked for proof.

  69. Fairy says – reply to this


    More over I don't buy that Tasya is still involved in Amber's life. There's no proof and Tasya seems to go on with her life not caring anymore about Amber. I don't see any clue that let think they're still seeing each other but I think another thing. Amber has often a woman on her side and this woman isn't Tasya but it's Io Tillet. They're often seen together even when Johnny is around. Tillet joined Amber when she had to work in London to film London fields", then she was with her during the concert of the NAMM where Johnny played and I saw she was in NYC with them last week…. they're often together…. the question is, why Amber needs so often to have a woman on the side when she travels with Johnny? …..

  70. Amber Heard is hot! says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is a farce – Are you saying just because there isn't any pictures of Amber and Tasya beingl lovey dovey in public that means she didn't like Tasya and isn't Bisexual?Also do you have proof that Amber and Johnny were "togther" in 09 like you claim or did you imagine it?

  71. Amber is a farce says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard is hot! – I never said that Amber faked a relationship with Tasya because there isn't any pictures of Amber with her being lovey dovey in public, you said this, not me. I think it was fake for many reasons and one of these is that Amber started her affair with Johnny in 2009, so Tasya probably was a beard to help Amber hide her thing with Johnny. What is my proof about the fact that Amber was having an affair with Johnny since 2009? Well, I've been told this by a very sure source and if you don't believe me I could care less. I know what I know. Everybody close to Johnny and Vanessa knows that it was Amber what caused their split. Vanessa was very hurt by him because he promised her to not see Amber anymore when in 2010 she found out their affair but then in 2011 Johnny fu°°ed up again with Amber during the promotional tour of their movie. This is the truth either you like it or not and when Johnny's split from Vanessa was announced, Tasya still helped Amber accepting of being her beard because she needed to hide that she was dating him now that Vanessa was out of games.

  72. Amber is a farce says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard is hot! – Tasya always helped Amber being her beard ’cause they're friends. As well as they did also Francesca Gregorini (that performed with Amber in public once the less convincing and staged kiss in the lesbian kissing history just to sell that Amber wasn't into Depp at the time that Vanessa had just sent him away from their home as soon as she found out that he had slept with Amber once again) and Marie de Villepin (who happens to be in the same circle of friends of Tasya, what a coincidence, uh!). And once Johnny's PR, Robin Baum, even thanked Tasya writing on her instagram a message where she said "thank you for all" and this was months after that Johnny had spolit with Vanessa and was secretly dating Amber… what the hell do you think that Johnny's PR could have to thank Tasya if they didn't know each others??? And what a true hurt ex girlfriend would help her ex girlfriend being her beard to help her saving her relationship with the guy she was dumped for??? It would be ridiculous. Tasya public encounters with Amber were all staged in 2012. Just open your eyes, stop living in your lesbian dreamworld ’cause most of what you see from celebrities is fake and made up for specific purposes.

  73. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    Re: Amber is a farce – Indeed Amber is a farce. She's a manipulative bitch

  74. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    Re: Amber Heard is hot! – Indeed Amber is a farce. She's a manipulative bitch

  75. Amber Whored says – reply to this


    Re: Fairy – Amber is a farce. She's a manipulative bitch

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