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28 comments to “The Great Shamrock Shake Of 2014! Celebs Shaken Awake In L.A. By 4.7 Earthquake & Live To Tweet About It!”

  1. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Feel lucky because there's going to be one worse than that where California is going to fall off of the face of the planet because of all of the pedophilia and other sins of California.
    Don't worry, though, there will be something going on with all parts of America and across the globe. How long do you think God's going to put up with people's sin? Pedophilia and narcissistic women that get together with them, murdering unborn children as in abortion, homosexuality, worshipping famous people, money and yourself as opposed to God.
    The only people that will survive will be Christians and even some of them will die for their faith in God and be martyrs.
    I strongly suggest considering Christianity: knowing the Ten Commandments, knowing what sin is, avoiding sin or at least trying to, praying on a regular basis for yourself, your loves ones and the world.

  2. kelley says – reply to this


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  3. Harold says – reply to this


    Someone made a shirt about it! So stupid!

  4. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Look at a message that was given to a man of the place of Our Lady of Medjugorje (medj - uh - gor - ee - a). Ever since he visited the place he has received messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

    The message was given Sunday, Monday the 9th. The message was given the 9th but it was "posted" the 10th. So they list it as the 10th because they're very stupid people. God is desperate, let me tell you. He chooses very stupid people to work with. Some people he's worked with have been smart but some of them are so stupid it's unbelievable. I mean when something is supposed to promote someone to be a Christian or to keep them on the right path, it's very important to do things right, you know? It's not good to be confusing or misleading. God is about order and satan is about discombobulation and laziness and misguiding people.

  5. Speial Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, I have mentioned recently how you could see a major earthquake on the West coast. Now today, you have seen a 6.9 earthquake with several 4.6 aftershocks. This is an unusually strong earthquake for this region. It is also close to an induction area that could cause a tsunami. In addition, it is not far from the San Andrea’s fault as well. This could be a sign of larger earthquakes that could occur in this same area. Be prepared for some more significant disasters that could cause some deaths and some damage to your economy. Your people are still not repenting of their sins, and more punishment is coming as a result of not enough people praying for America.”

    See what he says about pedophile priests:

    (I think he in particular means the victims and the other innocents of the Catholic churches)

    Jesus said: “My people, My Church has been under considerable attack for allowing priests that committed pedophile acts on young boys to go unpunished. Some of these crimes should have been turned over to the police instead of just moving these priests to another area. Unfortunately, laws and circumstances have changed over the years, that have allowed lawyers to make obscene profits. Even though this is a bad situation, My Church is being singled out for attack worse than any other denomination or religion. Pray that these problems can be worked out in a fair way for all parties involved.”

  6. Special Effects says – reply to this


    And what God wants for children:

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013:
    Jesus said: “My people, I love the little children, and I do not want to see them scandalized or abused because they are precious in My sight. It is difficult to raise children up in this age because they are exposed to many evils on your televisions, and in your movies and literature. They are seeing people living together without marriage, people living in gay marriage, and there is pornography in many places on the internet. Some children are being molested even by their own relatives, and by kidnaping. Parents and grandparents need to be good Christian examples so the children can learn proper living in a true marriage of a husband and a wife. Teach the children a proper belief in Me with a good prayer life and monthly Confession. Help to guard their souls from all the evil in the world with its many addictions. Pray for their souls every day so they can come to heaven with their own personal commitment to Me.”

  7. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Look at what he says about murdering unborn children:

    Friday, August 23, 2013: (St. Rose of Lima)
    Jesus said: “My people, you have heard Me proclaim the two greatest Commandments in today’s Gospel. (Matt.22:37-40) ‘Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind.’ And the second is like it, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’ I want to emphasize to My people that the unborn child is your neighbor, and you should not consider him or her as a second-class citizen. They are human beings from conception, and they are worthy of protection from abortion. You would not consider killing your neighbor, so do not kill My babies either. Shame on the mothers who kill their babies in the womb, and they are using convenience and embarrassment as their excuses. The life of the unborn is defenseless, and it is just as bad if you kill the unborn, than if you killed a newborn baby. The people of your society need to listen to Me and love your neighbor, and do not kill them, even the unborn. Wake up and understand that these babies have souls, and you are denying My plan for that child’s life when you abort your children.”

  8. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, you are just starting your Lenten devotions of prayer which could be directed to the stoppage of abortion in America. You are seeing a million of My babies killed every year in your sins of abortion. These crimes will require much prayer to help atone for the taking of these lives. How can a mother kill her own child in such a gruesome manner? During Lent you could pray much for these mothers to have a change of heart, so they would not have an abortion.”

  9. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Wednesday, January 22, 2014: (Roe vs. Wade abortion decision ann)
    Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing in the vision how the souls of the dead babies and their angels are going up to heaven. These abortions are a major crime, that you are refusing My gifts of life to you in these aborted babies, just for your pleasures and convenience. The marriage act was meant to produce children, but you are aborting My gifts of life, and denying these babies of their intended missions to contribute to your society. Instead, you have less children, and less workers to pay your benefits in taxes. It is the evil in your court decision that has made it legal to murder your children, which is the worst abuse that you could do. This irresponsible society of yours is killing its children, and this blood on your hands will not be washed away. These crimes of abortion are against My Fifth Commandment of Thou shalt not kill. It is not a right to kill the unborn, but it is an abomination that your country will pay for dearly. Keep praying for the stoppage of abortion, and protest this grisly decision that allows the killing of My babies.”

  10. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Saturday, December 28, 2013: (Holy Innocents)
    Jesus said: “My people, St. Joseph was warned by an angel in a dream to take Me and My Blessed Mother to Egypt so Herod could not kill Me. I stayed there until Herod died, and My family returned to Nazareth. These Holy Innocents were defenseless against the brutality of Herod’s soldiers, who were ordered to kill all the infants up to two years of age. Today, in your abortion clinics you are seeing the same brutality of the doctors who crush the heads of the babies, and evacuate their little bodies from the womb. Abortion is one of the worst crimes that you could commit because I am in charge of who is born and when you die. When you kill these innocent and defenseless babies, you are denying My plan for each life that is taken. Once there is a conception, a soul is placed in that fertilized egg, and a guardian angel is assigned to that new life. When you abort a baby, the guardian angel of that life returns to heaven to give witness that a life has been aborted. It is these sins of abortion that weigh heavily against a nation that has laws or decisions that allow such killing. Woe to America for allowing and even advocating such crimes. Your country will pay dearly for the blood on your hands. Please pray for the stoppage of abortion and publicly protest this injustice. If you do nothing about this killing of babies, then your inaction will be condoning these crimes of murder.”

  11. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Tuesday, January 22, 2013: (Anniversary of Rowe v Wade on abortion)
    Jesus said: “My people, this anniversary of a corrupt decision to allow abortion is the blood of innocent aborted babies on the hands of all Americans as a country. Why should these children have to pay a death penalty for the mother and father’s mistake? Many abortions are to cover up embarrassing affairs of fornication. Such sexual sins without marriage are mortal sins, and you should not compound one sin with another mortal sin of killing your baby. Killing a life is a serious sin, and it is the responsibility of the mother and the doctor who will answer for their sin. Your population is decreasing because you have allowed Satan to lead you into killing your children. You cannot put a price on life in money or convenience. You are not just putting tissue in your garbage, but it is a human life. Your abortion mentality is a result of your desire for birth control. Some women have their tubes tied, and some men have vasectomies which are mortal sins in the eyes of My Church.

  12. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Tuesday, January 22, 2013: (Anniversary of Rowe v Wade on abortion) Continued:

    Some use all manners of birth control devices to avoid pregnancies. When women have abortions, this is the worst form of birth control. Married couples should use family planning methods instead of birth control devices or abortions. I abhor the killing of My little ones, and America will pay dearly for these millions of murders. Keep praying for the stoppage of abortion, and encourage these mothers to have their children. No one in My eyes has any right to kill their children.”

  13. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Wednesday, December 19, 2012:
    Jesus said: “My people, most people know the normal course of giving birth, but you had two special means of birth that were carried out according to My plan. My birth occurred through the intercession of the Holy Spirit that did not require relations with St. Joseph. The birth of St. John the Baptist occurred miraculously, even though both parents were advanced in years passed normal childbearing years. Both of these births were foretold by the angel Gabriel where one was believed in faith, while the other was questioned. It is a miracle every time a baby is born, even in the normal course of relations. That is why you should be overjoyed to bring new life into the world instead of even thinking of killing the unborn. Once you see a baby that is so innocent, how could you think of killing such a little one? It is your death mentality and little regard for life that has created your death culture. If your society treated life as precious in all of your activities, games, and movies, then you would not even think of killing anyone. Yet, Satan has crept into all of your activities to encourage death and insensitivity to killing people. My people need to be more loving and accepting of new life as a true miracle that it is.”

  14. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Here's more.
    (I think God can understand if you don't "patch things up" with your family if they're sexually, physically or emotionally abusive. I think He could understand if you just lived your life separately. Some people are unhealthy to be around and can keep you from doing good things in life.)

    Jesus said: “My people, this day you honor My Holy Family, and you should see us as a model for all family households. The children should be brought up in an environment of love with a loving mother and a loving father. When you have divorce and co-habitation, the children are either missing a parent, or their parents are living in sin as a bad example. Even married couples need to avoid birth control, because every marriage act needs to be open to having children. Family planning of using infertile times, is allowed. When your society treats life as precious, then you would not have abortions. Families need to patch up any disagreements, so you do not live with endless grudges. Life is too short to not live in love of each other. When spouses work at good communications and love, then there will be less divorces.

  15. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Tuesday, January 7, 2014: (St. Raymond Penyafort)
    Jesus said: “My people, you know how much I love My people in My Church. I have used the marriage of a man and a woman as the symbol for Me as the Groom and the Church is My Bride. In a proper marriage the husband and wife have a commitment of love for the rest of their lives together. It is a love that will survive the trials of life through sickness and financial hard times. It is a love dedicated to bringing up children in a loving environment. The children need to feel loved, protected, and taught the faith. The parents are responsible for the souls of their children, even after they leave the house. Call on My help during the hard times because I want to preserve the families from any divorce. When you pray together as a family, your love for Me will maintain the bond of love that will keep your family together. Have your home enshrined to My Sacred Heart to protect your home and family members. Preserve the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman as a holy bond, and avoid living together in fornication or in same sex marriages.”

  16. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, your liberal governors are pushing gay marriage laws, laws against guns, laws legalizing marijuana, and a few promoting euthanasia. Many of these issues are a sign of how America is becoming more corrupt in many areas. Abortion is another stain on your souls, and those favoring the death culture are continuing to try and kill babies and the elderly. Once your Health Care Law is mandated, you could see more mercy killing to save money over a certain age. The morals of your country are so low that your liberal legislators are able to pass more evil legislation. If My faithful do not fight these evil ones, then the evil ones will take away all of your rights.”

    Jesus said: “My people, many of your politicians are still supporting gay marriages as you have it in thirteen states. I still do not consider these true marriages because they are not with a man and a woman as I started your race with Adam and Eve. Same sex marriages are an abomination as are homosexual acts because they violate My Commandments, and they are unnatural. My faithful need to speak out against such marriages, as well as speaking out against fornication in living together. Both of these lifestyles are living in sin, and they need to be stopped so these people can have a good Confession of their sins. Your laws are condoning these sins, as well as your continuing killing of My babies in abortion. Expect more punishing disasters as a punishment for your sins.”

  17. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, you have just seen in your news that there are now twelve states that allow homosexual marriage. I instituted Matrimony as a sacrament for the proper marriage of a man and a woman. Any other kind of marriage is unnatural, and it defies My Commandments to make them equal to a normal marriage. I know there are some advocating same sex marriage, but they are being misled by the devil to make homosexual acts appear as not sinful. They are still abominable sins in My eyes, and My faithful need to take a stand against gay marriage.”

  18. Special Effects says – reply to this


    This is what He says about confession:

    Jesus said: “My people, this vision represents what is going on in your society where good is bad, and bad is good or normal. You are seeing some people who are living together without marriage in fornication, yet they do not think they are sinning, so they receive sacrilegious Communions. Others, who are committing homosexual acts, are committing sins of abomination, and they also do not think they are sinning. There are many other Catholics who do not attend Sunday Mass, and they are committing mortal sins by not worshiping Me on Sunday against My Third Commandment. These people, who are committing these sins, are living in an upside down reality when they think they are good, but instead they are living in sin. These people also are looking down on faithful people with disdain, and they do not want to hear any criticism, or that they are living in sin. You now have hate crime laws that actually can be used against people for speaking of homosexual acts as sins. You know your society is turning evil when living in sin is considered normal. Pray for all sinners to come to Me in Confession, and to truly understand that their sins do offend Me, and they need cleansing of the sins on their souls.”

  19. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, the last line in the reading of one of Israel’s leaders showed that his kingdom would be lost to decay because of the worship of the golden calves before Me. My First Commandment is about worshiping Me only, and those, who did not worship Me in history, were punished by various ways that led to their ruin. Without My blessings, you will fall to your earthly ruin as well, because you are dependent on Me for everything. So do not place any idols before Me as your money, fame, or possessions. In the Gospel I fed the four thousand people with the multiplication of bread and fish, and the people collected seven baskets of fragments left over. I am generous to My people as I offer My very Self to you in My Blessed Sacrament. You receive My Holy Manna in Holy Communion as I intimately share My love with you. Give thanks to Me and worship Me for all of the gifts that I bestow upon you.”

  20. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Continued concerning worship:

    There are only two real choices, because those souls in purgatory will go to heaven eventually. You have either a love for Me for heaven, or you reject Me for hell. Do not let earthly desires of things or pleasures so blind you from worshiping your One true God. I desire that you love Me and your neighbor, and allow Me to be the Master of your lives. If you love Me, you will avoid sin, and run to Confession to cleanse your sins with My forgiveness. I love pure souls, which is why frequent Confession is your best friend to keep you holy.”

  21. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel reading I was emphasizing to the people how important it is to avoid temptations from the devil. I even went so far as to ask you to remove any body part that could lead you into sin. I kept saying that it is better to come maimed to Me, than to be cast into hell with all of your body parts. In the vision you see the devil setting snares like this spider web to trap you into sin. By keeping your focus on Me, and not being distracted by worldly desires, then you can avoid the devil’s temptations, and keep close to Me.

  22. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Worldly desires continued:

    In the first reading from St. James, he is showing you how some people come to hell because they worship their money and fine possessions, instead of worshiping Me. You are here in this world to know, love, and serve Me, and not just to accumulate money and possessions that the worldly people seek. Do not put your trust in gold or silver that corrodes, or your fine clothes that will be moth-eaten rags. In the end you cannot take your wealth with you to the grave, but even your body will turn to dust. It is your soul that is your most treasured gift, and you need to repent and seek My forgiveness of your sins in order to be saved. You will be starting Lent soon on Ash Wednesday, and the ashes remind you of your mortal body that will turn to dust. But you have an immortal soul that lives on forever, and you want to be with Me in heaven for all eternity.”

  23. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, the Gospel talks about how I cast demons out of people, and the people did not realize that I did so because I had the power of God that the demons could not fight. As you look around at your churches, you are seeing fewer young people, who have stopped coming to church and your prayer groups. The demons are especially attacking your youth because they have less supervision from their parents, and with broken homes, the youth are not following their faith that they learned in grammar school. Many of your youth are becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, the internet, computer games, hand held devices, and living together in fornication. They have lost their moral compass, and they have become easy prey for the demons. You parents need to watch what your children are doing, and teach them good prayer habits to counter these demon attacks with their addictions. If the parents and grandparents do not look out for the souls of the youth, you will be losing a generation without any religion for themselves and their children. Keep praying for your children and grandchildren so you can help save their souls from going to hell.”

  24. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this unity candle as a symbol for what happens when you are united with Me when you receive Holy Communion. You have some intimate moments with Me in Communion, and you share My sacramental grace to strengthen you against the devil’s temptations. You have a beautiful personal relationship with Me that gives your soul a spiritual high every time you come to Me. Some people are seeking earthly highs with drugs and alcohol, but they can never find My peace from earthly things. You can only have true peace in your soul from Me. Rejoice in My joy, and work to share this joy with others. When people see how much joy and love that you have in your eyes, they will desire this same experience for themselves. So be a good Christian example, so others will be attracted to living a good Christian life.”

  25. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Jesus said: “My people, you are so taken up with your earthly problems that you have forgotten that I am the answer to all of your problems. I have told you to ask and you shall receive, to seek and you will find, but if you do not put faith in Me, then how can I help you? Prayer and worshiping Me is the answer to your problems, but you have taken prayer out of the schools and My Ten Commandments out of your buildings. You give worship to the devil in supporting the death culture of abortion, euthanasia, wars, vaccines, and distorted nature in GMO crops. You need to worship your Creator who has made you with a soul in My image.”

    Jesus said: “My people, I have given this message before about a coming division in My Roman Catholic Church. This will be a conflict between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant. The schismatic church will be teaching heresies in worshiping things of the New Age, and that sexual sins are no longer mortal sins. My faithful remnant will be teaching what My apostles taught, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Pray that those, who follow the faithful remnant, will find protection at My refuges because they will be persecuted.”

  26. reply to diatribe says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects

    Zzzz, your post was way too long… Couldn't bother to read it… But I do wonder if you forgot to take your psych meds this morning?

  27. 27

    It's Paddy, not Patty.

  28. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Re: reply to diatribe

    Yeah, because thinking that the world is going to keep on going the way it is, is okay. How long do you think God will put up with murdering unborn babies, homosexuality including homosexual marriage, worshipping money, famous people and yourself instead of Him?

    I don't need Prozac, honey. But you're going to wish you had some in a couple of years from now when you're out of a job and starving because of the famine or because you accepted the mark of the beast. LOOK UP: MK ULTRA.


    I'm actually quite sane. You and other people are the ones who are nuts and can't deal with reality.