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A Kris Jenner Sex Tape Soon To Be Released?! Kim Kardashian's Mother May Suffer Her Daughter's Fate As A Secret X-Rated Video Could Be On Its Way To You!

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kris jenner quote im excited cant you tell

Kris Jenner is one busy momager, but allegedly she's not too busy to make her very own X-rated home videos.

YUP. Kris might have even more in common with her daughter Kim Kardashian than their DNA because yet another person is claiming she has a sex tape and they're threatening to release it!

The famous mama of six has now been accused multiple times of a not-so-secret video and she's doing WHATEVER she can to make the latest threats disappear, including getting cops involved.

What a naughty nightmare!

One source explained:

“At first she thought it was a joke, because she knew it couldn’t be real. Obviously she would never allow herself to be taped like that! Initially, she just ignored it. [Then] he called Kris more than one hundred times in the last seven days, from more than 100 different phone numbers. He uses scrambled cell numbers. He called more than 25 times just yesterday (Sunday) alone! The man has been demanding money from Kris. If he’s not paid, he claims, he’ll release the tape.”


If there really was a raunchy home video, wouldn't it have surfaced by now??!

Even if there is sex tape, no one should be harassed like that — especially a someone who is so busy managing a slew of people's lives!

Someone needs to get this guy behind bars!

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18 comments to “A Kris Jenner Sex Tape Soon To Be Released?! Kim Kardashian's Mother May Suffer Her Daughter's Fate As A Secret X-Rated Video Could Be On Its Way To You!”

  1. 1

    "Kim Kardashian's Mother May Suffer Her Daughter's Fate"
    Is that a joke?!? Kim was paid a ton of money to release that tape and she has been living off that fame ever since!
    "they're threatening to release it!"
    That seems more like a threat to us!

  2. 2

    Their ratings must be dropping.

  3. 3

    Such bullshit! anything for publicity nothing is going to stop their stupid, insipid show from being cancelled thank God! These ho's need to go away they made enough money off of morons that actually watched the show and put them on the map to begin with.

  4. 4

    If she "would never allow herself to be taped like that" then what the F… is she worried about??? so all bullshit!

  5. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    So Ray J hit that too? damn

  6. 6

    show me another family that more disgusting. ok. the manson family.

  7. kssomom says – reply to this


    This is just more BullSh*T that this trashy BIATCH made up so that she can be in today's news.. Or maybe it's a tape that shows her having a threesome with OJ and her hairdresser.. That might've been the time she was sperminated by them and that's why she doesn't know who Khloe's dad is, but it could be either of them…

  8. Dandru says – reply to this


    I doubt very much she's actually fighting its release. Chances are, she's the one behind the release. The Kardashians are talentless, uninteresting, fake-looking, ugly mannequins who have never done a single thing to deserve fame. Since Americans' stupid fascination with these walking venereal diseases is finally dwindling, they need to do whatever they can to remain in the public eye. Releasing a sex tape (the thought of which makes me gag) is precisely what she'd do to make sure people are still talking about her. I hope to god I never see it, at least not within two hours of eating. Gag.

  9. quentin says – reply to this


    Why would they want someone who does this behind bars? No one would know or care about this family of annoying sluts if this hadn't happened to begin with. But they're above that now right?

  10. Lacey says – reply to this


    Nobody wants to ride that ride…

  11. BootL3gK1ng says – reply to this


    Who the f*ck cares the guy probably hacked into somebodys computer and is trying to get a pay day and if he doesnt, f*ck it release that b*tch!!

  12. naptowncracker says – reply to this



  13. ms trudy says – reply to this


    secret? please it's going to be as professionally produced as her pig daughter's tape was. who wants to see her saggy old snatch? she certainly seems to think much more of herself tahn the rest of the world does.

  14. the silent majority says – reply to this


    If ever this video came out, it is certain I will honor her poor performance with one or two handjob..

  15. Dan Wilson says – reply to this



  16. Maykross says – reply to this


    Full Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

  17. rudyracin says – reply to this


    Re: Lacey – What r u talking about what bars and who? I thought this was about a supposed sex tape that has surfaced concerning Kris Jenner. If she is telling the truth and she did not make a sex tape then she shouldn't care what they threaten to do or not do. This is not a brain teaser she would have nothing to worry about if and I mean if she is telling the truth.

  18. 18

    She's a whore just like her Daughter(s)