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Nicolas Cage Spotted In Drag At An AZ High School! See The World's Wackiest Mural HERE!

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If you haven't seen Nicolas Cage in a dress, then you haven't seen Shakespeare the way it's meant to be done!

A high school redditor from the sunny state of Arizona posted a pic today of the weirdest wall mural we've ever have the pleasure of seeing!

It's Nic Cage! As a school girl! In a dress (above)!

Wait, WHAT!? LOLz!!

Oh, Arizona! What the heck are we going to do with you?

First your elected lawmakers tried infringing upon the rights of the LGBT community and now kids are painting creepy Cage murals on the walls of schools???

We love that Nic is on the curriculum at Phoenix's Desert Vista High School, but this is just silly!

AZ residents should maybe start wearing more hats because we're beginning to think all of that sun is melting their brains!

[Image via Reddit.]

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3 comments to “Nicolas Cage Spotted In Drag At An AZ High School! See The World's Wackiest Mural HERE!”

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  2. Leen says – reply to this


    So, some kids make a funny mural at school and you automatically lump it with the STATE'S political agenda? Makes perfect sense.

  3. David says – reply to this


    It's not Shakespeare. Here you are witnessing Nic Cage playing the part of Pearl from Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter". He's quite versatile.