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President Barack Obama Is Coming Back To Ellen! Let The Dancing Begin!

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barack obama ellen dancing

As far as we know, President Barack Obama is the best dancer we've had in the White House (though we hear Millard Fillmore could cut a rug).

So the thought that we could once again see him getting his groove on with Ellen DeGeneres makes us three colors of patriotic!

Ever since the duo danced side-by-side back in 2008, we've been hoping it would happen again!

Well, it looks like on Thursday we'll get our wish! The POTUS will be dropping in on Ellen to talk the Affordable Care Act.

Of course if he really wants to sell his healthcare plan, he'll show how in shape he is with a little dance action!

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19 comments to “President Barack Obama Is Coming Back To Ellen! Let The Dancing Begin!”

  1. Default Setting says – reply to this


    Wh cares if he destroys our sovereign nation, as long as he's entertaining.

  2. Ravenlover1 says – reply to this


    America is melting and this is the best he can do? Wake up America!

  3. Fritz says – reply to this


    He's embarrassing
    but much more than that he is putting us all at risk
    Putin has invaded a country, that Obama said we would protect, he lied
    Russia is now eying other countries to overtake, to add to the Putin empire
    Meanwhile back home Obama dances with Ellen, and shares his football picks

  4. Sad to see says – reply to this


    I don't want to see our president dancing on TV… I want to see him do his job and run our country better! The president and first lady should NOT be on TV unless its PROTECTING our COUNTRY!

  5. Default Setting says – reply to this


    Hey he's busy giving away free health care to illegal immigrants.

  6. Lady Helen Highwater says – reply to this


    Lets face it, Ellen looks more manly than he does
    Looks like Obama at the gay club dancing to It's Raining Men

  7. 7


  8. face it .. says – reply to this


    I just paid My Taxes I Feel Great and i wish i was dancing with them!

  9. face it .. says – reply to this


    The country is losing billions day !

  10. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: Fritz – Well, if he was George W. Bush, when Russia invaded Crimea, we would have attacked Thailand.

  11. tommy says – reply to this


    put Ellens selfy at the oscars as celebration !

  12. 12

    Seriously I can't believe he's remained our president. I went for him the first time, but that was enough. Thank goodness he can't run again. This is so sad.

  13. Ania says – reply to this


    HE is nothing but a wanna be celebrity. Your country is falling apart AND you have the time to appear on ELLEN? Go and learn how to be a leader. He is nothing but an embarrassment to this country. Step OFF

  14. Maggie MacNeill says – reply to this


    Isn't there something more important he should be doing? Scary that he has the time to spare to do some dad dancing when he's supposed to be running the country.

  15. Aggie Broon says – reply to this


    Re: Maggie MacNeill

    Just what I was thinking ,Maggie! Cringeworthy!

  16. Eliza Smart says – reply to this


    Re: Aggie Broon

    Give the guy a break!
    , Putin can wait , Let's dance!

  17. 17

    Wayment…y'all seriously not gonna say Reagan and Bush didn't appear on like tv shows or "pal around with" celebrities while America was "melting"…right?

  18. 18

    Re: Default Setting – YOU LIE! lol

  19. bill says – reply to this


    we dont need some president dancing with ellen, we need a leader and all we got was a
    community organizer who knows nothing about rimming a government or he just might
    be a good rimer