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We're not ready, we're just not ready. There are always so many changes every season to casts on the Real Housewives franchises, but it hurts fans the mo… Read more…

17 comments to “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Fans Might Need To Drink Some Rosé To Deal With What THIS Cast Member Is Saying About Quitting The Show!”

  1. Etickets says – reply to this


    Lisa should have admitted that she lied. Still like her and Ken though.

  2. Elaine says – reply to this


    I think its time for Lisa to just keep her other show. These women have brought her down to their class, which I don't think any of them have other than Joyce. If she stays they will bring her down too. The worse thing Lisa and Ken could do was to take up with such a vulgar mouth nasty woman as they did. It just ruined both of them for allowing her to get so close and for trying to see her side of anything. She's too far gone that you can't be friends with someone such as her and not come out on top. Hate to see them go! It was so enjoyable to see what two people could work hard for and achieve . This is not what these shows were meant for, it was better to see women pull together not to see who could ruin a function the most.

  3. Joanne says – reply to this


    I would hate to see Lisa leave the show. She is the only one with any actual class and style. It is too bad that she allowed Brandi to get so close to her and lie about her. The argument is just so petty. Brandi was the one to bring up the whole cheating incident at the luncheon in the first place. It amazes me how immature the Richard sisters are. I am happy that she has other things to keep her occupied and I know she will take the higher road no matter what she decides to do. I am shocked at BRAVO's keeping Brandi after what she has done.

  4. Jennifer Ludwig says – reply to this


    I won't watch if lisa leaves

  5. caryn says – reply to this


    i simply will not watch if Lisa leaves.

  6. funky_pink says – reply to this


    Oh I will still watch If Lisa goes or stays, its Brandi & carlton and Yolanda that I have a prob. with.

    Bring in Faye and Chiva! Get rid of B, C, Y and Kim.

  7. funky_pink says – reply to this


    Re: Etickets
    I agree. Lisa lied and is getting flack for it. Honesty is best policy, rules apply to Lisa too.

  8. Syvia says – reply to this


    @ Etickets. There is NO proof that Lisa ever lied. Brandi has known to lie - many times. We have yet to see any incidents where Lisa lied. You assume she did because?.. Brandi the liar has said so? nice.

  9. Michelle says – reply to this


    Yolanda is such a hypocrite she's so pathetic. It's all about her. You need to answer "MY" question!!!You didn't do what "I" wanted you to do!! Me me me whoa whoa whoa how pathetic.Yolanda leader of the dweeb team lol She tries to act like a LADY but I see right through her. And she thinks Lisa has nothing better to do than to grovel at Yolandas feet! Oh PLEASE!!! As for Brandi omg what classless trailer trash she is. Good ROLE model for her kids huh? I think she got jealous of Lisa and one of the whacko sisters whats her name? They were almost close again. I used to like her but she's become so petty. lol And as for the other classless english( bisexual I think ) well thats how it seems :) chick devil worshiper another hypocrite (sigh) With Lisa gone the show will be classless and not worth watching. Oh except for Joyce of course. She has class no doubt. But she won't take crap from anyone , you go Joyce!!! My wish is for them to all apologize and start fresh and stop with the hate .Won't Lisa have 2 shows soon? The gay bar and sur?

  10. Micha says – reply to this


    I want watch if lisa leaves. Team lisa all the way. Brandi is a low class trouble maker and she has screwed herself. Shes like the female spencer pratt. Of ps brandi lay off the botox.

  11. Cali says – reply to this


    Good for her, I hate that drama that Brandi brings onto everyone. I think they should off Brandi. She is gross. A dirty, sluty, gross. I bet her house stinks. She seems so irresponsible no wonder her husband left her. Anyways, I know they keep her for the drama. But, I say time to let her go. I would rather watch it with Lisa. But, if she leaves, i would completely understand. Too classy for the high school shit. Her and Ken, seem like the only two true role models. But not watching if she goes. Oh and off coo coo Kim.

  12. BruniePR says – reply to this


    She'll have her other show!

  13. BruniePR says – reply to this


    Re: Micha – Yes, Joyce has class, always has! In PR have ever heard any bad thing about her. We love her here and I told her Don't take any crap from Brandi, the #1 Bitch, filth, vulgar and MEAN! This divorce made her one big ass bitch…or maybe not…always was one!

  14. Theresa says – reply to this


    I like Lisa & Ken & I will miss them if they leave the show and of cause Giggy …they all lie on that show all the women & men do

  15. Billy says – reply to this


    I LOVE LISA! Kim's story has been told. Kim needs to be replaced. Brandi is way to much of a train wreck at this point. Lisa was a good friend to Brandi. Joyce and Caritan need to go. I feel Yolanda, Kyle and Lisa should return. Lisa, Giggy and Ken are what makes the RHOBH. Keep your head up Lisa!

  16. I'm rich and dumb! says – reply to this


    To all those who say that Lisa has class. Are you ******* me!?

    These women have no more class than the vast majority of classless people!

    Seriously.. For Christ sake! STFO!

  17. laurie says – reply to this


    nnooooooooooo!! i love lisa. also why is there no gossip ere about vanderpump rules ever? i totally know its not for every1 but i looove that show-its like the hills for an older generation.love stassi