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Beyoncé Might've Just Revealed New Tour Dates In Her Toyota "Get Moving" Commercial! You Be The Judge!

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Stans were all over this as soon as it hit the interwebs!

Beyoncé has collaborated with Toyota for a new "Get Going" campaign, which aims to encourage young people to chase their dreams!

In the AH-Mazing commercial, which features Bey's majestic hit XO, it shows the singer's various stages of achieving her dreams of superstardom…

But there's one critical moment we can't take our eyes off of!

There appears to be some new tour dates displayed during the scene where Beyoncé is running up stairs backstage to start her show:

beyonce tour dates inline

If you look closely—Beijing, Shanghai, Kyoto, and Sapporo are clearly written on a board for the camera to see!

We know Yoncé is known for surprising fans, so maybe this means she's extending her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour even longer!

Right now it's just speculation, but you heard it here first!

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11 comments to “Beyoncé Might've Just Revealed New Tour Dates In Her Toyota "Get Moving" Commercial! You Be The Judge!”

  1. 1

    gurlfriend is so tired

  2. Shar says – reply to this


    Wow she must owe a lot of money to keep touring after 1 year. She can't take a break for a year. Even MJ never toured this long!

  3. jack says – reply to this


    thats insane nobody tours that long soon the money she owes will overtake the money she takes in

  4. fafa says – reply to this


    Re: Shar – don't worry she had a lot of free time, not that much show just a lot of publicity, during that she even had the time to do some shitty song and video so…sorry to do that, she wasn't touring that much, the birthday, visit zoos, restaurants, clubbing, you call that touring…a lot and lot of talking, publicity, i forgot this awful grammy performance with her pimp, she was touring what exactly !!! 1 show here and another one there ! how much did you pay for her ticket !

  5. fafa says – reply to this


    so, she was touring, i never saw someone doing that much promo for nothing she had so much time between that, she was doing much more outside her sho, grammy shitty performance, visit the president, zoos visits, shopping, fashion week clubbing…and you call that touring a lot, right…

  6. mizzbooboo says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – she's tired? thats why she's on a sold out world tour and went platinum in 6 days right?

    Re: Shar – Beyonce owe money?? lmao! she has 350 million dollars! you old decrepit bastard. Maybe she chooses to tour for this long cuz she likes it!
    Re: fafa – girl shut the fuck up you hater! everything u said is 100% wrong. you look like a bafoon. nothing she does is shitty. its all amazing platinum in 1 week, your fave has NEVER. if u look at her touring schedule u will see majority of the year she did 4 shows ever week dumb ass bitch

  7. LeHollywood says – reply to this


    Re: fafa – hey bitch, SHUT THE FUCK UP

  8. Happy Moore says – reply to this


    She didn't make any money on the Mrs Carter tour. At the end of the month her total debt from the beginning of the tour to the end is $3m that she owes promoters at different concert venues. Not including the $13m loan she took out for costumes, band, dancers, room and board. Paying someone to keep that ugly tar baby that she shares with Obama. Baby so ugly you have to close your eyes to blow kisses at it. A living walking sambo. What they call baby's born out of adultery and happens to come wearing the cursed black heart as tar skin color. If we were in slavery times te baby would be put in the sun until the sin burns off. Ugly as fuck

  9. Joh says – reply to this


    Actually shar beyonce gets 2million for every night she performs so go to hell crazy fucking dismissive bitch

  10. Joh says – reply to this


    Re: Happy Moore – you thick arsehole! She got 50 million just for the Pepsi commercial and they are paying 2million every night she performs you thick as fuck as we'll crazy ass thick dumb fucking pathetic bitch

  11. Joey S says – reply to this


    Lmao..its one thing to not like Beyonce, but all these bitter hateful ass comments tell a different story. Just hateful, evil, jealous filled comments. "She must owe alot of money" to keep touring aftera year"? I guest you forgot about the MILLIONS of dollars that pepsi gave her that backing her projects for the next few years and now a new Toyota deal?!!? She can tour for 3 years straight just off of the strength of that one check. Let alone the fact that all were sold out shows and it was the second hightes grossing tour of 2013. But by all means..keep reaching.