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7 Reasons Why You Twilight Fans Will Love Divergent — And 3 Reasons Why You WON'T!

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Good morning, Initiates! How was your midnight showing?

If you don't know what we're talking about, that probably means you weren't one of the ones to stay up way passed you bedtime last night to see the new YA book-turned film franchise, Divergent! For a long time, we've been telling our readers what an AWESOME series this is and how cool of a flick it turned out to be.

But perhaps your hesitant still. Perhaps, you're a devoted fan of another franchise and just can't see yourself investing in another. While Hunger Games fans have still another new movies to go to fill the void, Twi-hards should be eager to find the next big thing — and we think this could be it for you.

Which is why we've put this little list together for you to help you decide whether this film is good for you. Be forewarned, there are SPOILERS ahead, but also 7 solid reasons why you should hand over you money to see this movie this weekend. And because we're all about being fair, there are 3 reasons why you shouldn't!

So, jump off that building into the depths of Dauntless below and ch-ch-check out our awesome list… AFTER THE JUMP!

theo james iphotolivecomwenn

1. Theo James — HELLO, THEO JAMES!

Hello, gorgeous! Ladies, whether you were on Team Edward or Team Jacob, now you have a new man to fawn over. He has an English accent (just like Robert Pattinson) and he's got pecs to parallel those of Taylor Lautner (which you probably noticed by now, if you have eyes!) His character, Four, is a little rough around the edges at first, even a little frightening. But once he falls for Tris, you see a softer, sensitive side of him — and you'll fall in love too! Plus, did we mention he is shirtless in the film???

christina vs alice

2. Bestie Christina Is Just Like Alice, Minus the Flair for Fashion

The faction system of the world in Divergent doesn't lend itself to many fashion choices. Alice Cullen would not go for this society. However, Tris' best friend Christina (played by Zoe Kravtiz) has all the other best qualities: loyalty, spunk and she sure as hell tells it like it is! Coming from Candor (the faction that values honesty), she's lose lipped with her opinions, which leads to some pretty hilarious commentary.

tris bella comparison

3. Tris Makes the Same Choice as Bella: to be Stronger

You know those people who criticize Twilight as being a "toxic" love story (yes, Shailene, we're talking to you!)? Well, they clearly didn't pay enough attention to the end of the 3rd movie, Eclipse, where Bella clearly shares that her choice to be a vampire has not as much to do with Edward as everyone thinks. She's making the choice to be bolder, stronger, braver — to be a more powerful version of herself. That's exactly the choice Tris makes when she leaves her family in Abnegation (they value selflessness) to be in Dauntless.

tris divergent badass twilight

4. Shailene Woodley Gets to Being Badass A Lot Quicker

With all that said, the best part of Twilight was when Bella stopped whining so much and actually took a little action! It takes some time for us to get there (about 4 movies), but halfway through Divergent, you're going to be seeing Tris kicking some serious ass — and getting some serious ass kickings! You wanna talk girl power? Tris has knives thrown at her head, fends herself against three attackers in the middle of the night, all while keeping a low profile to keep her dark, Divergent secret just that. Girl has a lot on her plate from the beginning and she handles it like a pro.

divergent twilight villians

5. Kate Winslet is Equally As Terrifying As The Volturi

Yeah, you may still see Aro in your deepest nightmares, but wait till you meet Jeanine Matthews, the leader of the faction Erudite. She won't suck the life out of you like a pack of vampires, but she has ways and means to do A LOT of damage and very quickly. Cunning, brilliant and terribly violent, when Tris crosses paths with her, you'll be on the edge of your seat. Also, it's fun to see Rose from Titanic get mean! Lol!

fighting divergent

6. Great Fight Scenes!!!

Ladies, bring your guy friends and boyfriends to this one. There is a lot of badass stuff going on in this flick, including but not limited too: a deadly game of capture the flag, people leaping off trains and buildings, zip-lining and a massive battle scene at the end that finds everyone in very dire circumstances. No trick endings here — things will get bloody and be REAL!

divergent vs twilight love

7. The Love Story

But, we haven't forgotten that at the heart of Twilight, there was a love story. We suppose we can't say the same of Divergent — it has bigger themes than just that — but there is still some HOT, HOT, HOT chemistry between Four and Tris that builds and builds and then blows up into some real passion! Oh, the passion!

And then, as promised, there are 3 reasons not to see Divergent

divergent no triangle

1. No Love Triangle! (Sorry, Team Jacob!)

So, we're guessing there might be some of you out there who don't quiver at the sign of Theo. We don't understand you, but to each their own. Unfortunatly for you, there is only one other guy that vies for Tris' love in this movie, but he doesn't last very long. However, even though there isn't another love interest, there are still many other hotties for you to look at! Can you say Jai Courtney?! No? How about Miles Teller?!

charlie twilight

2. No Charlie!!!!

Yes, Tris does have parents, but she abandons them pretty early on in the movie to go to Dauntless. And while we love them (Ashley Judd and President Fitz, word!), neither of them brought the charm and snark like Charlie Swan did. Oh, how we can remember awkward sex talks in the kitchen and speeches at weddings about owning a gun to hunt someone down. So many memories. Hell, why haven't they made a spin-off of just Charlie???

divergent trailer spoiler(1)

No, we're serious. This is pretty epic — and it doesn't even happen until the last film. LAST CHANCE TO BACK OUT…

The last reason not to get invested in this series? The heroine dies in the end. No, not in this movie, but at the end of the franchise. You might have heard some buzz around the Internet about fans being PISSED over the final installment because of a shocking twist. This is it — she dies. And no, she doesn't come back from it. At least when Bella "died" she then got to live forever. Not so for Tris.

So there you have it — Divergent in a nutshell!

So… are you going to see it or not?!

[Image via WENN/Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate.]

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6 comments to “7 Reasons Why You Twilight Fans Will Love Divergent — And 3 Reasons Why You WON'T!”

  1. rain says – reply to this


    Funny how these ya movies all say they st nothing like twilight then they go straight for the love story and ab shots. Taylor much.

  2. 2

    I would possibly see this movie if the main actress wasn't in it. She's a bitch like Kristin Stewart but at least Kristin kept her mouth shut.. this one just bad mouths people openly. Stupid over privileged child.

  3. twilightsucks says – reply to this


    Okay, seriously, Twilight and Divergent? No. Just no. First, there is a story in here outside of "love", which is a lot more than I can say for Twilight. Second, Shal knows how to act, which is a lot more than I can say for Kristen Stewart. Third, the whole point of this franchise is that Tris is strong and lets go of her family and her life so she can be strong, while all Bella does is rely on the vampires and get everyone in trouble, and not even fight and quit whining when she's supposed to. Christina has a lot more spunk than Alice will ever have. And, unlike the Volturi, Jeanine doesn't have magical abilities to make people do what she wants them to. She worked hard to get to her position and, even though she's portrayed as a villain, all her actions have a valid reason and concern behind them. Don't tarnish something as amazing as Divergent with the piece of shit that is Twilight, please.

  4. Sara says – reply to this


    It makes me sad to see such poor reviews of this movie - a lot of them being that people think it's a rip-off of The Hunger Games (and I can greatly assure you, it is not). I also think it's a little silly that a reason not to love this is that there's no love triangle…that's what makes it awesome. It's two people who know they have a deep connection, but know that the world isn't perfect, they have bigger things on their minds. They have ups and downs and they fight and they make up, like it should be. One of the things I like best about this entire series is that it isn't full of love triangle drama. There's a healthy balance of the relationship stuff, and the more important stuff.

    The only comparison I ever make between Divergent and The Hunger Games is that if you strip the love story away, it's still a story. It's still a big story to tell. Take the love story out of Twilight and you literally have nothing left. Anyways. Divergent is an incredible book series (although, Perez is right…read Allegiant at your own risk), and the movie is a good adaptation of it. PERSONALLY, I like it better than The Hunger Games, certain aspects just interest me more.

  5. lol says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa87 – Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. hope says – reply to this


    Vanessa she is emotionally strong why can't she express her opinion?