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There's A Live Action Jem And The Holograms Movie Coming! Here Are 8 Stars Who Could Play The '80s Heroine!

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jem background

Jem And The Holograms may not have been on the air very long, but it has survived for decades in our hearts!

And we aren't the only ones! The producers of G.I. Joe Retaliation, Paranormal Activity, and both Justin Bieber movies are bringing the rockstar heroine to life!

Gurl is getting her very own movie, complete with fan contributions! Sounds amazing!

But who should play the frontwoman? She has to have the pipes, the chops, AND the moves. Here are eight ladies who can act, sing, and fight their way back into the eighties!

jem selena gomez

Selena Gomez could pull off the singing and acting.

jem demi lovato

So could her pal Demi Lovato! Plus, she has experience with pink hair!

jem pink

Speaking of which, what about P!nk herself?

jem kristen bell

Kristen Bell proved she could sing in Frozen and kick butt in Veronica Mars!

jem lucy hale

Pretty Little Liar Lucy Hale is just the kind of triple threat that could pull this off!

jem bella thorne

So is Bella Thorne!

jem avril lavigne

What about dark horse Avril Lavigne? She acts up a storm in her cartoonish music videos!

jem miley cyrus

This kind of crazy, fan-based project could be right up Miley Cyrus' alley!

Who do U think would be a great Jem?

[Images via Hasbro/BauerGriffinOnline.]

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31 comments to “There's A Live Action Jem And The Holograms Movie Coming! Here Are 8 Stars Who Could Play The '80s Heroine!”

  1. rachel says – reply to this


    Kesha Rose!

  2. ashley says – reply to this


    Pink is the only one who has got what it truly takes to be Jem. The others are just a No.

  3. Danny Rey says – reply to this


    Ariana Grande! She could totally play Jem or any of the other ladies! :)

  4. Toby Rochester says – reply to this


    ew Selena Gomez what the fuck? bitch can sing for her life.

  5. Toby Rochester says – reply to this



  6. Monique says – reply to this


    I can see Katy Perry playing Jem. As much as I love pink I can see her playing one of the misfits.

  7. christina says – reply to this


    I think lucy hale could play jem the other girls aren't pretty enuff to play jem she would look good as a blonde for jerica Benton and in pink hair for jem shes a great singer and would rock it out hopefully the will get the jem star earings correct for the movie with how many points r in the star and that there maid with rubies . pink is to old and the other girls don't fit

  8. Tracy says – reply to this


    Re: ashley – She would be terrible. She is too ugly!

  9. Bella says – reply to this


    Manila Luzon! Bonus, she already has the costume made!

  10. David Lightfoot says – reply to this


    I agree with Monique who voted for Katy Perry in the Jerrica/Jem role. I don't really agree with P!NK or Avril Lavigne; musically P!NK is a little raw for the role. As for Avril, well Jem and the Holograms for their songs of love, peace, inspiration and hope, and Avril, while a pop star sensation, doesn't really fit that mold. I could see P!NK and Avril playing Roxy and Stormer, respectively, from the Misfits.

  11. gazebo joe says – reply to this


    fuck you perez you fat fuckin' monkey lookin sack of gossipy shit!

  12. Ally Oop says – reply to this


    Dianna Agron from Glee would be my pick or Alexz Johnson from Instant Star. Both ladies have pipes and a maturity about them and attitude that would fit with the character of Jem plus both are good actors.

  13. jason says – reply to this


    MALIN AKERMAN!!! #NuffSaid

  14. Amber says – reply to this


    Pink. All the way. She's my first choice. Loved tha cartoon as a kid. I can see Pink as Jem & nobody else.

  15. Cassie Thompson says – reply to this


    I look like Avril Lavigne but I'm less expensive! Pick me! :)

  16. KellyBuzz says – reply to this


    Definitely Pink & ur right its right up Miley's alley.. She would so a bang up job….lmao

  17. Tina Modugno says – reply to this


    I think Amanda Palmer would make a kick-ass misfit.

  18. Tina Modugno says – reply to this


    Britta Philips could be a good choice for Jem. She did sing all the original songs.

  19. SCoteArt says – reply to this


    Taylor Momsen has the acting and singing chops to pull off Jem/Jerrica.
    Kirsten Stweard should be Pizzazz.
    Madonna as Synergy (we need an 80's Icon in there)
    Sophie Ellis Bextor as Britta
    Selena Gomez as Raya
    Elle Fanning as Kimber
    Jon Voight as Harvey Gabor

  20. Priscila says – reply to this


    Hmmm… None of them look like Jem…
    It'll probably be some actress who can't sing umfortunately.

    Pink would be great as Pizazz

  21. Brandi says – reply to this


    Pink or Demi Lovato

  22. nicole says – reply to this


    I would love to wee Kristen bell play jem, Arianna Grande play Kimber, Kristen Stewart play stormer and pink play pizzazz.

  23. eric says – reply to this


    No fucking way. If any of them are cast as Jem I'd be hugely disappointed, especially Miley.

  24. Taja says – reply to this


    Dianna Agron as Jem, please..Madge as Synergy..Pink as Pizzazz…Sophie Ellis Bextor as Jetta..hell yeah!!! :) I had some of theses same ideas!! lol

  25. Marlon says – reply to this


    No Selena Gomez, no Miley, no Avril. If they are going to do it, they need to do it right. Even if that means unknowns.

  26. TRUTH says – reply to this


    Re: ashley – Yes, you're have a point BUT they're doing a PREquel type thing and are making Jem a teenager… Pink would almost be considered her Grandma, it's so ridiculous industry female demoralizing.

  27. chao_sweetie says – reply to this


    My vote for Christina or Demi as Jem… Pink has to be a Misfit.. They need to have someone with Lungs to Battle each other… Oo and They should have Ronnie Dio do the somes like he did for the movie Rock Star with Mark Walhberg. A female verison of some hard hitting 80s rock… That would be awesome!!!!1

  28. Maggie says – reply to this


    I would like a unknown to play Jem

  29. CosmicFalcon-70 says – reply to this


    If you're going to use my fan art, I would have preferred it if you hadn't defaced it by adding the text over it & at the very least you should have referenced where you got the image from or credited me. I used to have this image on fanpop.com when I first started doing fan art but after deleting my account there, you will find it is only in my deviantart gallery & my photobucket albums. Please either take down my image or edit your post to include the relevant referencing. I would post my deviantart gallery link here in this comment for you but I suspect it will simply be deleted anyway. CosmicFalcon-70 is my screen name.

  30. Tori says – reply to this


    Jem/Jerrica: Taylor Swift
    Pizzazz: P!NK
    Stormer: Katy Perry

  31. Güicho says – reply to this


    She's not the lead, but -