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KimYe Is FINALLY On Vogue, But How? Here's 18 Things We Think Had To Happen Before Anna Wintour Approved Of Their Cover!

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anna wintour challenges kanyes vogue cover

Well, it happened.

Kim Kardashian has FINALLY made it on to the cover of Vogue.

Even though there were multiple reports that Anna Wintour would never put Kimmy on the cover of her esteemed mag, she's done it.

We guess Kanye West's continual confrontations got to be too much!

Though, knowing how tough Anna is, The Devil Wears Prada WAS loosely based on her, we have a feeling that this cover didn't come without a cost.

But what, exactly, did Yeezus have to do?

Well, we don't ACTUALLY know, but we have quite a bunch of theories.

Ch-ch-check out all the things we THINK Kanye did to get Kim on the cover of Vogue…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

He had to bump his head into a sign on purpose, but make it look like an accident.

kanye head bump

Wear a leather skirt. And like it.

kanye kim laughing

Give her VIP seats at his concerts for FREE, for LIFE.

1anna smirking

He sold Kendall Jenner's soul to Anna & the fashion world.

1kendall surprised

Anna made 'Ye name his first-born any name she wanted & she chose another direction. At least it's better than West West!

1anna eyes no shit man

She made him detail him & Kim's sexual experiences in a song for all to hear.

squirted in my eye

The extremely made-fun Bound 2 music video was her idea & he had to listen to her (for the cover, duh).

anna wintour desk nope

Kanye had to publicly diss people in the fashion world that she couldn't diss herself. Multiple times. Like a lot of times.

kanye rapping

He had to completely lose his SHIZ during a radio interview!

answers sway

Kanye had to agree to style Kim in clothes that were maybe not the best for a pregnant woman.

kim kardashian pregnant

She got to pick out Kim's MET Gala outfit.

kim kardashian met

He agreed to write a song titled Anna Wintour, a la Jay Z's Tom Ford song.

1tomford gif

Kim had to agree to be Anna's assistant for a week The Devil Wears Prada style.

1devil wears prada

Anna had to pick out Kim's Christmas present.

kim birkin bag

He's already promised Anna that on her 16th birthday, North West will pose for Vogue, free of charge.

north west

He had to "invent" a new style of pants that were sure to fail, aka leather jogging pants.

people afraid to fail

Kim had to get a blood facial and pretend to like it.

kim facial

He had to get Kimmy to agree to do her hair like this:

kim cornrows

So, KimYe, was it worth it????

you are nobody anna wintour

[Image via Vogue/Kim Kardashian/Instagram/Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

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22 comments to “KimYe Is FINALLY On Vogue, But How? Here's 18 Things We Think Had To Happen Before Anna Wintour Approved Of Their Cover!”

  1. Cleeto says – reply to this


    HIDEOUS! Totally undeserved cover. I really hope that this issue doesn't sell many copies and they realize that forcing these money-grubbing talentless famewhores on us is not worth the effort. Kim is a fugly plastic fake bitch, fake boobs, fake butt, fake nose, lips, nails, hair - and FAKE PERSONALITY to go with it. Kanye is an egotistical trash bag. Screw them both, ugly down to the core

  2. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    The sperm receptacle can now go back to her diet of deep fried chicken and ice cream.

  3. 3

    Anna, you are beginning to look like a very tired 29 year old in that wig.

  4. 4

    Never buy the magazine, too many ads. Once in a rare while, I'll take a look if I have a wait at the hairdressers or nail place.

  5. A Zamora says – reply to this


    I cannot believe this picture actually made the cover of Vogue. I grew up reading this magazine, I had respect for what this magazine represented. It's so disappointing and sad that this was one of the last classy magazines and it has been tarnished with this cover image. I will never lift a finger against a page of this magazine again. There are so many more noteworthy, talented, intelligent, humble, REAL people out there more deserving of a cover. How pathetic!

  6. Allcan says – reply to this


    Very sad. Vogue just lost a lot of prestige

  7. Jen says – reply to this


    Let's hope people do more than complain and actually not buy this Aprils fools joke.

  8. Sam says – reply to this


    For anyone saying "she did it! " uh no she didn't, her "man" did and he couldn't even get her a solo cover, he had to be in it as well since he is the one who's besties with the editor…

  9. canceling subscription says – reply to this


    That is just pathetic!

    I am disappointed.

    Those two are pushing their way to higher status…. they don't deserve it.

    Sad that they are getting away with it. KK try to get a real job!

  10. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: A Zamora – Well said.

  11. violet says – reply to this


    Well there goes my Vogue subscription. Cannot believe that happened. I absolutely loved this magazine for being classy and not following the crowds and being the trendsetter it was. Next thing you know you'll see Snooki on September issue cover. Sad day to fashionistas.

  12. free says – reply to this


    Vogue does it for the exact same reason you do it, Perez: clicks.

  13. 13

    Clicks do not translate into magazine sales. I hope this issue (and future issues) fail big time. Why buy the magazine anyway? It's all over the internet for free. What Anna Wintour achieved was getting attention but destroying her brand.

  14. FlowerScent says – reply to this


    Re: Cleeto – YOU ARE IGNORANT. There is nothing ugly about Kim. How dare you objectify women.

  15. 15

    Who would but this magazine with those 2 maggots on the cover?
    For May, Vogue should show a photo of a backed-up toilet.
    It would be a step up from these 2.

  16. Al says – reply to this


    Haha I love it. They totally deserve each other. This will be her 3rd marriage and not her last. And he is as greedy and self centered as she is…his mom would not be happy. He is trying to wifey a hoe….

  17. BESTMAN says – reply to this



  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    From golden video to Vogue. Up is down, and controversy selling is the hope.

  19. mboomer says – reply to this


    Anna Wintour always appeared to be such a snob with a superior attitude and now this cover!! she put herself at a white trash level and put the mag with the other trashy mags outhere that is all. She should be fired by the board of director and the april mag canceled that is all. MB

  20. Jess says – reply to this


    OOOOMMMMGGGGG THAT was THE FUNNIEST THING IVE EVA READ!!!! 😂😂😂 seriously though… Anna hates Kim!! I guess anna just did it to finally shut kim up!!

  21. Jo says – reply to this


    Re: Jess – shut kim and KANYE up!! 😂😂

  22. Jo says – reply to this


    Re: Cleeto – omg SO TRU!! Couldn't have said it better myself!!