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When you've pled guilty to fraud in the past, it's probably a pretty good idea to keep your current business very clean. Unfortunately, it looks like TerRead more…

15 comments to “RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Running A Shady Business? What Did She Do At A Book Signing That's Raising Red Flags?!”

  1. onewhoknowsfromNJ says – reply to this


    she did the same thing when we saw her at a local wine store. she was like, your buying my wine, right? make sure you buy my wine…stop whining!

  2. Maureen Cristallo says – reply to this


    This woman is a criminal and continues to defy the law. Bravo needs to part ways. I will not watch any show she is featured on.

  3. lynnhousewife says – reply to this


    Re: Maureen Cristallo – Then don't watch! Teresa is the show. She makes RHONJ good. The others got fired. BYE go watch Carolines show, oh yeah no one has seen it yet.

  4. lynnhousewife says – reply to this


    Bull! Come on. I don't believe she had bags of cash next to her at a signing. Besides I've heard of other doing the same thing. Meaning they charged for signings.

  5. evelynm says – reply to this


    A lot of Tre's fans thinks she is some sort of Robin Hood hero, stealing from the big evil banks to make her spoiled kids happy and to put on a good show for those of us at home to watch.

    It's sickening to read some of the other blogsite comments that are overflowing with support for her actions. I wouldn't be surprised if she is taking home bags of cash everyday.

    Andy Cohen is responsible for this! I hope he gets checked out by the IRS.

  6. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    A celebrity?? That's rich - more like a reality show media hoe! I hope the judge gets wind of this and the Feds too. These amoral losers will steal and cheat from anyone and hope they both get sent to jail for many years!

  7. Just Sayin' says – reply to this


    Re: lynnhousewife – but none of them have federal fraud convictions. Send the stupid ugly POS trash to jail where she belongs!

  8. Ohplease says – reply to this


    Most "celebrities" (aka - no longer famous people, or d-listers) will charge for autographs when they do a signing. And it is AlWAYS cash only, what are they suppose to have a debit machine at their table? Can you imagine how slow that process would go? However, usually with book signings they will only sign their latest book and nothing else, as a way of still making their money. It is unusual to have both, but even the rich Kardashians made people purchase 150 dollars worth of merchandise from their store before signing anything. It's not as crazy of a concept as Perez has made it out to be….

  9. Angie says – reply to this


    Cartoon Burgler had me laughing so hard. Thanks.

  10. janie says – reply to this


    She's her own worse enemy… Why do something so stupid? Did she think no one would notice or care? She has to know she's being watched? You still have to be sentenced, what are you thinking?

  11. Rosemary says – reply to this


    TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR HER SIGNATURE ????? You must be fuc»»ing joking ! I'd pay $25 to see her get sentenced…but that's about it….

  12. RealBlueBloodNYC says – reply to this


    She's having extra thick skin on her face, also she's classless, and common, but very well seasoned…..amazing…..and because of this thick skin, she's making money even on her jail time…..(if…there is any..)

  13. Kev says – reply to this


    Re: evelynm – you really feel that strongly. Did the 25 bucks make you mad or are you just jealous. Like come on. You sit here and past judgement like you live all whole and mighty. Please. Leave them alone or become a damm pig and do something. But wishing people jail for minor stuff is crazy. You probably one of these retards that don't know who the real crooks are

  14. Sioux says – reply to this


    I think Teresa is shady, she doesn't care about anyone else but herself and money.Pay your god dam bills ….Her brother is a diamond..I would not spend a dime on any of HER so called merchandise…Money hungry and selfish that is the micro foreheaded Teresa Guidice

  15. susan says – reply to this


    Both her and her hubby need to be covicted on many fraud charges, have no idea how she ever got the part cause she really has no acting sklls and she isn't hat great looking, she might be a nice person but what they both did was wrong, guranteed they botgh get off, I' sure they have lots of money stashed somewhere