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Is it just us or do they have odd policies in Canada? Drake has been rolling in the dough ever since he made it big after Degrassi, but what's this about… Read more…

16 comments to “Drake Receives A Giant Grant From The Canadian Government — Wait, Doesn't He Have The Funds To Finance His Own Events?!”

  1. d says – reply to this


    No it's just no you Perez. I am Canadian. And yes, the taxpayers pay for all their six stars that we have. Every production, or tv show, which of course always casts the same same actors that are in every tv production, are paid all by us! Makes me sick. I do not watch and will not watch CANADIAN TELEVISION. IT SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED.

  2. 2

    I'm from Toronto, and its B.S that we fund situations like this one . Drake has money and its not like all the proceeds were going to hungry children or anything. Our government needs there heads checked for real. Canada is really started took look bad . Funding and mayors that smoke crack. WTF is going on here. Its such a sad situation. ughhhhh.

  3. Peeved says – reply to this


    I'm also from Toronto and they have pulled $75,000 worth of funding for our Beaches Jazz Festival which has been running for over 20 years that brings in 1000's of people and millions of dollars! Drake runs in a gets this grant for his stupid event on its first year, that he could fund himself? Not fair at all. Between Ford, Beiber and Drake I am a pissed off Torontonian…..WE ARE NOT ALL LIKE THIS.

  4. d says – reply to this


    Re: d – It's "d" again "p". Okay, I am going to get the ball rolling on this! I will write to the Prime Miister to support you if you decide to come to Canada for a visit! "Dear Mr. Harper: Can Perez come over to Canada for a sleepover? Pleeeaaase. If so, I am sure Perez will let you know where you can mail his big Government cheque. When he gets here, you will have a photo-op so take a pic of him with the other six actors that we have (no need to name, you know them, and if not, just check the register for the payments you make to them). Oh, and he has a sweet "bebe" now that he may bring also, so if you could throw in some extra $$ for him to come also, that would be great." Sincerely. d

  5. 5

    Re: Peeved – no doubt, I am not from Toronto I am a Albertan But I support all provinces and think this is bologna. it just doesn't make Toronto look bad makes all Canada. GO LEAFS GO. haha ;)

  6. MB says – reply to this


    That's one thing about Canada, that I don't completely understand, and think is cool, but from what I hear few radio commercials on our rock station is basically if you as an artist, a musician, need an album paid for, or something like that, that kind of thing, and I'm pretty sure you need some kind of "portfolio" of your work, but they'll pay for it with conditions.

    Personally, if that's what it is, and I think it is something like that, I think it's a great, it's good on the Canada, and if my tax dollars are gpoing there, I have no problem with that. It means we keep music in culture here, and I would also think it would weed out the garbage and not let it be heard. It's not Youtube or some garbage like that. It's one of many reasons I love Canada.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    You need money to make and stimulate event money. It generates more coin for the area and surrounding businesses, and particularly if the the initial outlay causes the event to
    turn into an annual one. Monies are earmarked in the annual budgets beforehand for cultural events, which can be real moneymakers.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    The goal is more to enhance the cultural quality of life for residents, though. 'Each year, a government initiative called Celebrate Ontario helps fund "new and existing Ontario festivals and events enhance their programs." '

  9. d says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Oh really… new talent?? Where, who? Then tell me why we have the same 6 actors in every single Canadian television series from Little Mosque, Street Legal to that new stupid Dr. show! Give me a break, same 6 actors on the Canadian taxpayer payroll. When you get to be one of those "few actors" on the Canadian payroll, it's like winning cash for life. If I were an actor the first place I would head is to the States. I have a lot of wonderful things to say about Canada, don't get me wrong.. but Canadian television is not one of them.

  10. 10

    As a Canadian, I'm honestly okay with this policy as a hole…funding culture and entertainment is important to quality of life, about a million studies prove it. If my tax money is going to get new events off the ground or bring more tourism to an area, I'm all for it. However, that being said…I'm not quite sure those funds need to be going to a world famous artist who clearly doesn't need the money.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: d – Totally agree on that, (Mulroney for every show, and Strombo for Hockey night?!?) but this is about the OVO festival, and it isn't the same players. The line-up can be looked at on the net; they don't post links here…and no Corner Gas actors mentioned, although wouldn't be surprised if one EmCee's, lol.

  12. vikki says – reply to this


    Personally I agree with the policy, Ontario needs as much publicity as possible. I mean, I'm not Canadian but hearing Drake's OVO festival is held there makes me want to hop on the next flight. I mean he could surely pay out of pocket but that's not the point.

  13. Kathy says – reply to this


    I don't think the Stupid, Dumbass, what was I thinking Canadian Government gave him enough money! NOT Are you kidding me! Let that idiot fund his own crap! Do we really care if he wants to put on some stupid thing. Of course the Center of the Universe, Ontario, did that, well that explains it. They don't know how to think down there! Look how our tax dollar is abused! WTF! REALLY!

  14. face it .. says – reply to this


    you don't understand it but you love it ?

  15. wesley cabarios says – reply to this


    OKAY i understand that's alot of money

    but yall need to understand that Canada's entertainment industry is VERY different from how the americans do business.

    there is probably little or NO money at all in Canadas industry at all… in our industry things like fashion shows, music awards, television programs, ARE ALL GIVEN GRANTS

    OVO is canada's most biggest music festival so it makes sense that they would give it a grant.

  16. zak says – reply to this


    well i don't think Drake should get monies from our government that could be better spent on me I do respect the fact that Drake has started from the bottom and now he's here