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Selena Gomez Can’t Give Justin Bieber Up Because THIS Keeps Pulling Her Back In!

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justin bieber keeps selena gomez in love with him sweet talking

Love can be such a messy thing!

It’s no secret that people were surprised to see Selena Gomez go back to Justin Bieber after she got out of rehab, especially since there are rumors of his own drugs use.

But a new report has shed light on why the lovebirds can’t seem to stay apart. A source explained:

"She felt very empowered after [rehab]. She did well for a few months. But then she hung out with him again. Whenever they're not talking, he has to do something to get her attention, like posting [a photo of her at the Vanity Fair Oscars party], captioned 'most elegant princess.' He reaches out, then says he's going to come see her and she's like, 'Okay.' It's a pattern on his part. The sad part is, she always goes back to him."

Ugh! That sounds so destructive! And it is! The source further revealed that it’s putting a strain on Selenita’s friendships, like the one with Taylor Swift:

"I believe Taylor's gotten fed up with it. [Swift and Gomez] still talk, but she doesn't want to hear about it anymore… [Her family] feel like they've done all they could for her, and there's nothing else to do. At this point, she has to figure it out on her own."

What a tough situation to be in, but a good rule of thumb is that if everyone you love disagrees with your relationship, then maybe it’s worth a second look.

As for how The Biebs keeps on getting his girl, an industry insider revealed:

“He's very charming. I'm not sure what's going on with him right now, but he's very smart, and used to be a very fun and funny kid."

Ultimately it would be great if these two could just figure things out and get back to being healthily in lurve!

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27 comments to “Selena Gomez Can’t Give Justin Bieber Up Because THIS Keeps Pulling Her Back In!”

  1. B.J. says – reply to this


    please welcome me 2 dis website!

  2. MEANDEAN says – reply to this


    Tell me something I don't know! Love you Selena!

  3. Someone who talks trut says – reply to this


    Justin is not a bad guy. He is still young. He just need to smart up and get some good people around him to get him back to normal. Everyone trashed him when he is in trouble, what kind of cold blooded world it is.

  4. tony says – reply to this


    they are both addicts, what do you expect? Like kind always stick together.

  5. Joanne says – reply to this


    Oh BS she loves the attention,she cant get anyone else,and god for bid she should find someone her own age.They both deserve each other!

  6. Dr. Remulak says – reply to this


    My diagnosis is that she is addicted to his man-chowder.

  7. fez says – reply to this


    The source was not talking for anyone. It was their opinion. It had to do with another article where the source said Taylor and Selena were very much still friends. The source then said the family and friends, including Taylor are probably not talking about Justin and he has nothing to do with their relationships. The source GUESSED that they were all sick of the drama. Probably a good guess. As for his drug use the source repeated
    Selena was NOT in rehab for alcohol or drugs, so if he has a problem it doesn't affect her. She was in rehab for anxiety and to figure out how to best put her life in order. A few other celebs have gone to rehab for treatment of anxiety disorder. It's tough to perform live if you have it. They have treatment that shows performers how to deal with it. But yeah most people don't think he's good for her because he's not stable and can go from treating her like a princess to leaving and showing up with prostitutes and strippers. I'd say her friends and family would find that upsetting. It's common sense.

  8. nope says – reply to this


    Re: tony – She's not an addict, but you're half right because he is.

  9. char says – reply to this


    Who cares what Taylor thinks, she can't keep a man herself, so what does she know, and Selena has to be happy with her man, not make everyone else happy.

  10. 10

    he used to be cute but what with the allledged drugs etc she should stay well clear and he needs rehab before he just ends up a statistic like the others

  11. yahayra says – reply to this


    but if he not love you

  12. Mianni says – reply to this


    Nobody knows the truth but them. There is no reason they could not go to rehab together, get healthy, and make it work. Many artists have issues with substance abuse due to the pressure of fame. They are the modern day Romeo and Juliet and I hope they make it work, have a wonderful life together, and prove everybody wrong.

  13. S.C. says – reply to this


    Selena lost her virginity to this boy. It's her first love, first experience at what they think is an adult relationship. He clearly has had some impact on her feeling more confident and sexy. She will learn that in the end it's toxic.
    They are our new Justin Zander Brit!
    Taylor Swift great role model but doesn't seem to know the meaning of a true friendship!

  14. Rocky says – reply to this


    I think selena is stupid to go back with justin he's bad news #jelenanomore

  15. Aww says – reply to this


    They are so cute.

  16. Mystery says – reply to this


    This happens because Perez is gay. Mystery solved… 6 months ago.

  17. 17

    I like Jelena. :)

  18. Jess says – reply to this


    They are co dependent. I really don't care since they are not that talented and horrible role models. They both deserve each other. Bunch of fools. He is a disgrace to Canadians. He made the Forbes dumb fool list and came number 1.

    His dad is free loader who is rude. Even the 2nd mother of his kids left. His own mom lives off his money and sold him off at 14. He comes from white trash. Need we say more. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I think Taylor swift is smart. Selena will get or already had some std from Justin. They will both be has Beens very soon!

  19. Jayde says – reply to this


    Justin isn't a bad kid. He and Selena belong together.
    I approve of their relationship !

  20. sweetmique says – reply to this


    Re: Dr. Remulak – ya got that right

  21. sweetmique says – reply to this


    I will tell you why selena can't quit Justin Bieber. It's starts with a P and ends with an S and has a Eni in between got it…good :P

  22. you and me says – reply to this


    Insiders are so delusional. Charming? "charming white trash with alleged criminal mischief tendencies. So white tras,h in fact, many people have wondered if and when he will be deported". There is no such thing as "charming white trash". Its either or. either you are charming or a piece of shit. You cant be a charming piece of shit. "very smart"? At what? Does anybody know his IQ? I dont. He doesnt. He as yet hasn't gone to a college where brains are nurtured. Birds of a feather flock together and as yet I have NEVER seen him hang out with high IQ nerds with college degrees or scientists or general scholars. Just… shady guys who get arrested for drugs. He MIGHT be funny. He's made me laugh a few times. But lots of guys are funny. She can find funny guys anywhere. Its his purported $160 million that keeps pulling her back. It aint the giggles. Cant blame her.

  23. you and me says – reply to this


    We will never read the headline "justin beiber accepted into Mensa". NEVER. Ever ever ever. We are much more likely to read "justin Bieber accepted into state penitentiary".
    That will happen first.

  24. you and me says – reply to this


    So my sister informs me that he got straight A's in school? I have no clue how she knows that,but, if its true—very impressive (if it was anybody else)

  25. 25

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  26. NIka says – reply to this


    LOL - the new Rihanna and Chris Brown

  27. 27

    Your first love iz not always your truest love,,,i dont think u ought to let something negative happen to u twice b4 u actually learn…but all the same best whishes!!