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80 comments to “American Horror Story Season 4 Is CONFIRMED! Here Are 6 People Who Need To Be A Part Of The Freak Show!”

  1. shutupandgetinthecar says – reply to this


    the only person I care about in the show is Jessica Lange, and conniw Britton. Don't care for Alexandra Breckenridge, she's typical generic hollywood cliche trash.

  2. 2

    I LOVED seasons 1 and 2, suffered through 3, hoping beyond hope, to no avail! Sooo, needless to say, I'm not excited about season 4 but I'll watch and pray and hope I will be most pleasantly surprised that Ryan Murphy gets his AHS mojo back in the most phenomenal manner!!!!!

  3. Rae says – reply to this


    Taisa Farmiga is a MUST

  4. 4

    Sorry, not my kind of show but best wishes to all the fans.

  5. anon says – reply to this


    1. Zachary Quinto was only in Season 1 & 2 of AHS. So whoever wrote this post doesn't watch the show?
    2. I hate Emma Roberts. Madison was my least favorite character out of all three seasons. She had no depth and was really lame. Every character Emma plays acts the same. PLEASE don't bring her back.
    3. Where is Taissia :(

  6. Jay says – reply to this



  7. Mia says – reply to this


    i would love to see Emma Roberts definitely she was my favorite character! Besides Sarah Paulson

  8. lol says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – "We sincerely missed Zachary Quinto 's murderous ways in Coven." THAT'S WHAT IT WAS SAYING

  9. Addicted says – reply to this


    It wouldn't be the same without Lily Rabe!

  10. whatsinaname says – reply to this


    I need Lily Rabe in this show I NEED HER!!!! I definitely miss Zach Quinto he plays such a beautiful villain, radiates a whole you-don't-know-it-but-I-can-kill-you vibe. And I'm definitely rooting for Chloe Sevigny how amazing did she play Shelley…

  11. Angel says – reply to this


    Connie should definitely return for season 4! And I would die inside if Evan or Taissa didn't return. Btw, I already LOVE the new season, the freakier the better.

  12. Gaspar Marino says – reply to this


    Emma Roberts was my least favorite in Season 3. Bring back all the others for season 4 and hope Zach can join the group.

  13. Gaspar Marino says – reply to this


    Yes, I forgot about Pepper. A wonderful addition to season 4.

  14. Valerie says – reply to this


    Fiona, if shes not in it its not worth watchin.

  15. Valerie says – reply to this


    Fiona, if shes not in it its not worth watchin.

  16. Krystal says – reply to this


    Re: Jay
    You misunderstood what the author said — he was saying that we missed Zachary Quinton, and he should have been in Coven because he was not.

  17. Ann Pazzi says – reply to this


    I enjoy the show, but seeing the same actors repeatedly in different roles just makes it all so boring. Need new people in every show.

  18. Ninashawn says – reply to this


    Please don't bring back emma roberts.

  19. Andrew Sein says – reply to this


    Pepper should be on this series…she is perfect, she even looks like a freak show lol

  20. Jackie says – reply to this


    Stevie Nicks, of course

  21. CODY says – reply to this


    so happy with everyone set to come back, and I agree I would like to see Alexandra Beckenridge, lily rabe, and connie britton back as well as Nann's character and the guy who played the devil. and I'd honestly like to see the woman who plays Santana in glee on American horror story. oh and I really want to see him do another continuous series. maybe a horror series. you know one that doesn't change every season.

  22. Diane says – reply to this


    Seriously? You can't do FREAK SHOW without the actress that played PEPPER!

  23. Miguel says – reply to this


    1.Taisa Faminga
    2.Jamie Brewer
    3. Alexander Dreymon
    4. Lily Rabe
    5. Gabourey Sidibe

  24. Em says – reply to this


    Lily Rabe!' I loved her I'm all four seasons, if she didn't return along side Lange and Paulson, I would flip! But also I would love to see Zachary Quinto again, he was amazing in season 2 and would be perfect in 4!

  25. Beatriz says – reply to this


    Please God, please! No more Taissa Farmiga! What a lame actress! She is so plane. her role in season 3 was exactly the same that Violet Harmon in season 1. I miss so much Zachary Quinto and Alexandra Breckenridge.

  26. AJ says – reply to this


    Jamie Brewer. Love the emotion she brings.

  27. Nikki says – reply to this


    Nikki Shew,she's amazing!!! A total freak!!!

  28. Veronica says – reply to this


    BRING TAISSA! I could watch it without Emma

  29. nico says – reply to this



  30. larry says – reply to this


    Re: anon – Read the captions BEFORE making comments…..It said we missed Zachary Quinto in Coven

  31. Mask says – reply to this


    Talissa is a must! I will really miss Lily Rabe if they don't cast her, and I hope Zachary is coming back, and please not Emma I hated her as Madison so much…

  32. Colleen says – reply to this


    Definitely Lily Rabe and Chloe and Sevigny it's about a carnival so the mix up of personalities would be perfect!

  33. Deej says – reply to this


    Taissa Farminga MUST come back!

  34. Lovise says – reply to this



  35. Mary says – reply to this


    Zachary Quinto and Lily Rabe for sure!

  36. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Re: anon
    Totally agree!!! Love Taissia and Peter Evans together!!!

  37. Amsfangirl says – reply to this


    I did not enjoy season three or Madison. It just seemed thrown together to me. I love all of the actors from the show so I would love to see them all return. I agree with the person that said bring Pepper back!

  38. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Re: Chelsea – oopss Evan Peters! I must be dyslexic today.

  39. walterfaber says – reply to this


    You forgot about taissa farmiga! She and evan peters always make such a nice couple.

  40. kavin madrid says – reply to this


    i want pepper…i think shes great in season two asylum and shes definitely looks like a freak to me….hehheeheh

  41. Linda Pinkham says – reply to this


    Pink! She is an AWESOME performer and singer/songwriter and I'd bet she could act for TV as well! She is so versatile I believe she would love the opportunity! I've watched every season of American Horror Story and Can't Wait for each one!!

  42. AHS Fan says – reply to this


    Ummm you didn't read it very well…the post said Zach was MISSED in season 3…not that he was in it. Don't read someone if you haven't read the post.Re: anon

  43. Magicallorna says – reply to this


    Patti, Patti and more Patti! She was so great in the few scenes she was in, in Coven! If its at a freak show she could sing!

  44. Jill says – reply to this


    I agree with u on all of thhese except Emma Roberts. I thought she did a terrible acting job in last season

  45. Aline says – reply to this


    I am 70 yrs old and being on AH is on my bucket list.

  46. V says – reply to this


    Can't have the show without Lily Rabe!

  47. Barbara says – reply to this


    I loved every season - cannot wait for the next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Katia says – reply to this


    But were's the handsome Evan Peters???

  49. Aline says – reply to this


    Re: Valerie – Pepper, Lily Rabe and Kathy Bates….Love them.

  50. Gymkw8 says – reply to this


    Definitely Naomi Grossman as Pepper.

  51. Vee says – reply to this


    Not enough Lily Rabe in Coven. LOVE her! She has to come back for season 4! Also loves Chloe Sevigny in Asylum. You're right, she'd make an excellent freak. No Zach?! What are these writer, producers, casting idiots thinking!

  52. Vee says – reply to this


    Got to agree with Gisela8. Season 3 - Coven - sucked! The over-acting was an embarrassment. And to think I emphatically convinced friends and family to watch AHS after Seasons 1 & 2. Angela Basset and Kathy Bates were the worst but Emma Roberts was not far behind. Their acting was worse that a high school play. Let's hope the director noticed and will tone down the unconvincing performances.

  53. Devon S says – reply to this


    No no no no no, FUCK no, NO way in the hell do I or any true fans of the show want to see Emma roberts come back. Not only did I hate her character but her acting was terrible. Theme of season 4sounds good but I'm begging you on behalf of the entire AHS fan base to never bring back Emma roberts

  54. Anna says – reply to this


    Please bring back Taissa!!

  55. lola says – reply to this


    PLEASE BRING BACK TAISSA TOO! And i don't think emma roberts should be back at all, i quite disliked her character :/

  56. Samantha says – reply to this


    EVAN PETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring him back, he is WONDERFULLY AMAZING :D

  57. sam says – reply to this


    taissa pls

  58. Alex says – reply to this


    For the love of god please spare me Emma Robert's tired foolish acting. Just because you're related to Julia doesn't mean you can act Emma.

  59. stars928 says – reply to this


    I don't thing Emma Roberts should be in next season. Her character was stupid and just irrelevent I was happy to see her die. She's not the best at acting hence why I have not seen her in many things. I would love to see Connie, Lily and Zachary back because they played their characters well. I wouldn't mind to see some new people, but I guess we will see what happens.

  60. Forrest says – reply to this


    Taissa Farmiga!! I need more of her! But this time, she needs a crazier role! Something out of the box!

  61. Sierra says – reply to this



  62. Berzerker37 says – reply to this


    All of them EXCEPT Connie Britton and Emma Roberts. I wanted Connie's character to die in Season 1. And Emma was annoying

  63. Layla says – reply to this


    Emma Roberts in, I'm out. She ruined S3 for me, horrible actress, horrible season. Freak show will suck if she's there hovering over her dumb boyfriend. Let the guy breath and do his job. Dear Emma, get a job!

  64. Becca says – reply to this


    um HELLO! Taissa Farminga NEEDS to return, loved her in season 1 and 3!!!!!!!

  65. Sandra says – reply to this


    I want zachary quinto and Dylan McDermot back on the show loved them on the show and was dissappointed that he was not on it last year but Dennis O'Hare is also someone that can't be forgotten. Amazing make up last season I didn't realized it was him for a long time and first season. He is perfect for the show.

  66. uhhh says – reply to this


    Re: anon

    the writer said that they missed him.. meaning he wasn't in the season. duh.

  67. Valentina says – reply to this


    I agree with all the choices. Definitely missed Zachary last season. Evan and Jessica a MUST! Please KATHY BATES. This genre and theme for this season calls for THE master lady of Psychotic behavior! She's awesome! Nan and Queenie should also be added. I also loved Moira. I believe they would ALL bring great material to a carnival setting such as this

  68. Missy says – reply to this


    Re: Valerie – That's jessica lange lol she's in it, don't worry.

  69. Ashley says – reply to this


    Re: Jay

    I believe they meant we missed Zachary's murderous ways IN Coven. As in, he was missed during Coven.

  70. Krista says – reply to this



  71. Amber Ellis says – reply to this


    Definitely bring back Zachary Quinto, he's a great actor!! I love him!!

  72. AHSfan says – reply to this


    Zachary Quinto HAS to return because he is freaking awesome. Lily Rabe should be there too. For a new person- Kristen Bell.

  73. Aaron says – reply to this


    Me personally I've seen all 3 seasons of AHS, loved 1 and 2, Coven was meh, but I was able to still sit through it. Here's my list of people who should return who weren't in season 3:

    1. Alexandra Breckenridge is at the top of my list because I loved her character in season 1 and I feel that if Ryan or the writers would giver her a lead role she would be able to impress us all. I feel like she's got some hidden talent that's just waiting to be unveiled.

    2. Chloe Sevigny, I fell in love with her after seeing Hit & Miss what a GREAT show. Although I have to say that her new show Those Who Kill isn't that great, but hopefully she'll get put in season 4

    3. Connie Britton, we just need her back on this show! She's been gone too long! I wish they would do a Dylan McDermott/ Connie Britton love story thing like they do with Taissa and Evan.

    4. Kate Mara, she was Vivien in season 1, and recently I saw her as a lesbian cheerleader on Nip/Tuck I'm starting to miss her!

    And as far as other actors go I would def love to see Kathy and Angela again, as well as Danny Huston (Can we bring in Anjelica Huston!!!) and I don't know how, but they need to bring in younger actors in as well, we can't always depend on Taissa and Evan

  74. ana says – reply to this


    ZACHARY QUINTO FOR SURE !! i want to see him again playing a nazi role or something like that.

  75. Melanie says – reply to this


    Taissa, of course!

  76. Drea says – reply to this


    I read that Emma Roberts is confirmed in another article.
    If it's true I am disappointed that Emma Roberts (ugh) is confirmed but Tiassa isn't!!
    I had a hard time watching Emma Roberts in Coven. She doesn't belong on the show in my opinion.
    Don't get me wrong she's very pretty but she's not a very good actress. It feels like she plays the same character over and over.
    She doesn't belong on the same level as for example: Kathy Bates, Tiassa, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe or Angela Bassett.
    It's like sticking a crappy Walmart handbag in the window at Barneys with a few Louis Vuitton handbags placed in the same window.
    Emma is the Walmart handbag, it's a good enough handbag but it just doesn't have that amazing sizzle to it.

  77. ugh Emma Roberts sucks says – reply to this


    Re: anon
    I think Emma's coming back and I agree with you 100%

  78. Drea says – reply to this


    Re: Amsfangirl – I agree. Coven seemed rushed and didn't have the same American Horror Story twists and excitement.
    Emma Roberts as Madison made it much worse than it had to be. She's incredibly difficult to watch. Absolutely don't like her roles.

  79. Kayla Waters-Peters says – reply to this


    evan peters and taissa farmiga NEED to be in season 4

  80. gujsdjkfidjsd says – reply to this