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EXCLUSIVE! The Originals' Joseph Morgan Reveals What He Really Thinks About Klaroline Finally Getting Together! (Hint: It's Not What Fans Are Hoping For!)

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Is it hot in New Orleans here?!

Nope, just Joseph Morgan aka Klaus talking his tragic and passionate love tryst with Caroline at The Vampire Diaries and The Originals duel PaleyFest event on Saturday in Hollywood!

Now, if there is one thing we know about fans of the series, we know that the majority of them are OBSESSED with Klaroline; that's the love connection between Klaus and Caroline that has since ended after they made with the sex-times in the wilderness of Mystic Falls a few weeks back.

The handsome Brit explained that even though fans have been dying for the characters to get together since that fateful (and passionate!) episode, he confesses that it's more than likely never going to be!

This news is almost as bad as when Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up in real life…GAHH!

Want to find out if he was satisfied with their ending - or if he thinks Klaroline should have never been involved in the first place?!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) and see why Joseph believes Klaus doesn't deserve her in the long run! (And don't kill the messenger!)

P.S. Did you check out our one-on-one time time with Damon, Elena, and Stefan??? Well then, CLICK HERE!!!

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40 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! The Originals' Joseph Morgan Reveals What He Really Thinks About Klaroline Finally Getting Together! (Hint: It's Not What Fans Are Hoping For!)”

  1. ofelia says – reply to this


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  2. kristine says – reply to this


    I never expected Klaus and Caroline to ride blissfully off into the sunset together, but I definitely wanted to see that push/pull relationship they had continue to play out onscreen on either show regardless of whether they ultimately were able to make it work. Joseph and Candice had such phenomenal chemistry!! What a waste that we won't get to seem them interact anymore. I will definitely miss them!

  3. Jamie says – reply to this


    I think if klaus finds redemption through his child he can definitely find happiness with caroline. I might be overly optimistic but something tells me it is not over for these two.

  4. Kaitlyn says – reply to this


    When this show gets cancelled after S2 he's going to wish he never said this.

  5. Dani says – reply to this


    This man used the fans to get his own show and now feels so superior that he think he can treat fans like crap; your show has 1.5 million of ratings sweetie. If you're gonna sell yourself do it for something better.

  6. Giulia says – reply to this


    Oh so everything that has been written so far for Klaroline, MAKING IT OBVIOUS THAT HE'S IN LOVE WITH HER, means nothing? Well alright, see ya when your show tanks.

  7. Really Joseph? :( says – reply to this


    How is sex the end? There is so much left to explore and I hate that they're willing to give Damon love interests and explore the difference in morals between him and Elena, but that they won't go there with Klaus and Caroline.

    Fans are well aware that they have different morals, but Caroline pushes Klaus' to be a better person and Caroline is a vampire who is familiar with chaos and moral ambiguity. It sounds like they're just spewing a bunch of bullshit because they want fans to move on and support Klaus with someone else. The problem is that the spinoff is awful and that the female characters - disregarding Rebekah - are weak characters. I hate that they are not delivering on their promises. Klaroline is every writer's dream - why won't they utilize it? TO needs a strong female lead and Klaus needs a decent love interest. TO is doomed without Klaroline, because frankly, the spinoff is terrible.

    Sex is not delivering on the storlyne and how has Klaus moved on? As far as we know, he's been in love with only two women - Tatia and Caroline. There might have been others, but one thing is for sure, falling in love, for Klaus, is a big thing. There is no way he's moved on already. She had him wrapped around her finger. He came back to Mystic Falls for her and he gave up revenge for her, twice. The writing on the show and the things they are saying in interviews are completely contradictory.

  8. Desi says – reply to this


    (cont_The fact is, many Klaroliners identify and relate to the character of Caroline Forbes - a woman who is flawed and insecure but also intelligent, capable and self-aware enough to want to improve herself. She isn'tblessed with everyone falling all over themselves for her like an Elena or a Hayley. Like Caroline, we fall, we fail but we get up and we try to do better the next time around. One of the many reasons klaroline fans are so passionate about the pairing is because someone who has experienced the world and could have his pick of women saw the beauty in this one girl who always believed she was second best. Their chemistry is undeniable, they had beautiful lines and they gave us a vicarious sense of worth. This is why the fandom is so tenacious - because it is personal to many of us.

  9. Desi says – reply to this


    (cont Pt2) So, after reading and watching interview after interview of Morgan stating that he likes that Klaus has this woman he cares for in mystic Falls that he keeps tucked in the back of his mind, that he foresees crossovers, that he can imagine him writing her these old fashion letters from NOLA, that he cannot imagine that his last words that he intends to be her last to be mere lip service…for him to now negate everything he said prior by stating that Klaus can't love and that it is done…I have lost faith in the character and in the actor and have no desire to tune in and watch someone I cannot believe in.

  10. tracie says – reply to this


    Re: Desi – Amen!!!! And that's exactly how I feel about Caroline…

  11. Lillian says – reply to this


    wow, what hypocrit, he urged people to ship klaroline to kee his job, and now that he got the spinoff, he doesn't care anymore? actors and actresses owe everything they have to their fans, good luck with your shitty show no one cares about

    and watch out fandoms from other ships, you'll be dispossable too as soon as he doesn't need you anymore

  12. Lauren says – reply to this


    I have lost my respect and credibility in this actor, first promises and says a lot of promising and positive things to klaroline and now that he don't need us he says this shit … for the love of God your program does not even reach the 2 million viewers, this man should get off that cloud.

  13. Mpi says – reply to this


    What an answer!unbelivable.The writers clearly ruined this amazing ship (Thanks to Their non existant talent).It could have been the greatest one but because of the stuborness of one woman it isn't.JoMo good luck with your show & when the writers will use Caroline to make decent ratings well after all the non respect we have been trough we won't be there anymore. We have been fooled once but not twice. And please treat your fans with more decency: we deserve better. That's why I'm out, have fun with your show: The originals: A story about Klaus and Elijah losing Their memories and living in an alternative universe.

  14. Mari says – reply to this


    We got played, that's all there is to it. The writers and this actor dangled Klaroline to get their show off the ground and get their second season. I guess they were hoping that we would be so bedazzled by this crapfest, that we would continue watching regardless. How wrong they are, if anything it's only turned me off to two shows and I will NEVER support another Julie Plec production. It's disgusting to see how these writers and actors treated this large and loyal fanbase that only wanted to support and enjoy something they created. We'll move on though and it's not to other ships, but other shows. Remember that karma is a bitch and you don't know what you have until it's gone. I wish you luck Joe, because you are going to need it.

  15. Unknownuser says – reply to this


    Re: Dani – what the fuck do you mean? JOSEPH was being honest so shut the fuck up!

  16. MissVictoriaB says – reply to this


    When the views go down the the show gets cancelled, he may regret these words.

  17. 17


  18. andrea says – reply to this


    Let's be real, the only thing he cared about it's his popularity, and of course he was team klaroline at first because it was his opportunity to gain more fans. Now that he got his own show he just wants to move on from it because he doesn't need it anymore. Simple as that. Of course he would never say that, you never know when your crossover's ratings drop dead because of how interesting the plot is and you need a life-saver ship to revive it which of course is not klamille, klayley, or klenevieve.

  19. Kate says – reply to this


    At least we are not being fed false hope. I'm outtie of both shows, done. Fanon world it is.

  20. Eve says – reply to this


    Well, Joseph, is a show not real life. We didn't expect and wanted to see Klaroline run off into the sunset holding hands. We wanted to see that amazing story,the ups and downs and how that relationship would affect each other. And yes, we knew that Klaus would mess it up, just like Damon does, but we like watching Delena's journey. And if this is the reason why Klaroline can't be together, Klaus better stay away from any woman in TO because the moment he will profess his love to whoever there,the statement you make now would look beyond ridiculous ( to say it mildly). But of course then you'll say ' look Klaus has changed he now can love and not mess it up' and other bull like that.
    The thing is if you all wanted Klaroline to be over because of the spin off, you shouldn't push it so much during season 4 and make him be in love with her ( this is canon and whatever interviews you give you can't take it back).
    Maybe you make another crossover where Klaus goes to MF and kills Caroline to show us that it was not real, I expect anything from you now.
    P.S sorry for the rant, I can't hear nonsense.

  21. Mari says – reply to this


    Re: Unknownuser

    Don't you think he should have been honest months ago? Oh, wait he only whipped out honesty when it benefited him. So now you can go fuck yourself.

  22. elena says – reply to this


    why mess with that is to blame the writers and put them together as anything you would like but is not to blame.

  23. Kristine says – reply to this


    Re: Desi
    That's what I can't understand. How can he do a complete 180 on klaroline like this?I read those same interviews from last summer where he said he liked the fact that Klaus had this person who affected him this way and that he would bring the character of Caroline with him in his mind even if she is not there in the flesh. What happened to all that? If everyone was right- that the prospect of klaroline was used to get the spinoff off the ground and discarded now that the originals has its 2nd season- that is just beyond cruel.

  24. Marcelle says – reply to this


    This is so disrespectful towards Klaroline fans! yeah,we clearly've been used! With all this comments of his on Klaroline,without wanting this I've lost my respect towards this actor.Good luck Jo.Mo. I won't watch the show anymore.

  25. klaroline shipper says – reply to this


    Re: Lillian – That's exactly my words!!!Honestly,I'm thinking he intentionally compelled us fans so that he can get his own show started!!!Same as Plec she let us believe there will be more Klaroline and now since season 2 is confirmed for TO they give a damn shit of Klaroline!They directly end it of all sudden!!!It's bullshit and completely annoying !!!I hate to be lied!And I'm really upset and disappointed of their excuses!Good luck if their ratings are sinking!!

  26. grm says – reply to this


    This is really sad for Joseph.
    He was the captain of klaroline ship and fans are not stupid.Klaroline is the reason he stayed alive from the season 3 and now he has his own show.For how long really?Ratings are disapointed.
    All these years,all that gifts,all that built,was for nothing?They lied to the fans and that is showing lack of respect.Not good for a brilliant future.

  27. caroline fan says – reply to this


    Re: Eve – So true,very true!!!It's only an other fucking shit excuse only not having Caroline on TO!!!Klaus maybe likes more woman who are being seduced by him so quickly (see Genevieve,sorry fans)and who is so weak(see Hayley and Cami,again sorry fans)and having no personality!!!I mean he's excuses are so fucking ridiculous and contraversy NO ONE will ever believes you anymore Joseph.So shut the f…off,really you are annoying and STOP compelling the fans coz THEY DON'T REALLY DESERVE THIS!!!!Me included!!!WE BELIEVED IN YOU AND THE WRITERS!We were excited having a crossover and what did we received a damn romps in the woods!If you are in love with someone it won't end up only in the woods I mean Hello!are you insane?For what did you and the writers build something epic and then by all sudden cut it off???I think I'm not the only one who would like to receive some answers instead you gave us only a damn lame excuse!!!So pathetic and ridiculous!!!!

  28. jbs says – reply to this


    I am so over both shows right now.
    At least now, I won't have a problem not watching.
    Mr. Morgan was all for Klaroline when he thought he was losing his job. He needs to learn a little diplomacy.
    How very disrespectful to his fans and Klaroline fans.
    (BTW, writers — "Cami"- is not "Caroline"
    = no matter how you write, dress or color her hair …)
    I never was a Klaus fan until he started interacting with Caroline. In fact I was surprised at how much I liked this couple.
    I feel insulted as a fan. Wow, was I ever stupid to watch both shows hoping for any tidbit they would throw out about Klaroline.
    I wish the best to all the actors/actresses on these shows. I have enjoyed the stories and characters at times. I think TO isn't on for a couple of weeks, that will help me to forget to watch when it returns.( I haven't watched TVD except for 100th episode this year).
    @Desi, I agree with everything you've said in your posts.

  29. jbs says – reply to this


    Re: Eve – Not a rant, just the truth.

  30. jbs says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren – your comment made me LOL!!!
    Seriously !!!! Thank you…..
    Re: Mari – I agree. I'm done with anything Julia Plec is involved with.

  31. Monica says – reply to this


    I just dont get it. I dont get Joseph Morgan or Julie Plec. They basically are saying that even though there's connection, it will be hard for Klaroline to work out because they have different moral values and stuff like that. Joseph said even if they had a chance, Klaus would fucked it up. But thats the fucking point. Lets take an example here of Damon and Elena. They both have different moral values but thats what makes it so interesting and different. It challanges both of them to stay together. Its an amazing thing to fight for love. I dont think people will ship Klaroline in the first place if it wasnt so interesting to see how Caroline sees the good in Klaus and how Klaus is so open with her. It doesnt matter whether they have different morals when the connection is deep and real, They should make them together and fight for their love. Dont be so stupid Julie.

  32. Monica says – reply to this


    After all these thoughts, I really hope The Originals gets cancelled. I love Joseph and his incredible work but at some point, this needs to stop, The show is ruining the chance for Klaroline to be together when Klaroline is basically one of the main thing why people even watched The Vampire Diaries in the first place and the reason why so many people put up with Julie's shit in this horrible season. Julie basically gave us hope when Klaus said that he intends to be her last love. I dont want anymore lies or false hope. I want the truth to happen.

  33. Lee says – reply to this


    You don't get them because what they say is complete bull. It just don't fit Julies plans anymore and they find the most ludicrous excuses as to why they can't be together.

  34. kristine says – reply to this


    That's such a great point Monica! If they can explore Damon and Elena who clearly have different moral values, it makes no sense why they cannot do the same for Klaus and Caroline. In fact, I think Caroline would challenge Klaus much more than Elena does Damon, and it would be Klaus who would end up backing down for Caroline's sake just like he did with his revenge on Tyler and Katherine. These excuses for not pursuing Klaroline make absolutely no sense. I could understand their reluctance to pursue Delena in the past as they didn't want to alienate the Stelena fans. However, in the case of Klaroline there isn't even a love triangle to contend with. What a waste!

  35. not happy says – reply to this


    I would have alot more respect for them if they were just honest from the get go. All this "Hell no Klaroline isn't over", "Hayley is not the princess in Klaus's love story", "He doesn't feel for Hayley the way he feels for Caroline", " I intend to be your last love" is complete BS! So what we got is another brother love triangle and a Twilight 2.0 show. We should rename the show, "2 un-Originals and a baby". You suck and so will your ratings!

  36. Charlie says – reply to this


    Joseph Morgan is an opportunistic jerk who was only interested in the relationship that put him in the spotlight. Now that he has his own show, he wants to forget the Klaroline fandom even exists. I'm done with him.

  37. MISS KRISTIN says – reply to this



  38. MISS KRISTIN says – reply to this



  39. Klarolinersunite says – reply to this


    something that evrybody will be happy with !?!?!? I am not happy with this! KLAROLINE!!!! It will never together! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. pebbles says – reply to this


    Why can't klaroliners see that Joseph wanted the story to continue but the writers don't? It's not up to him at all. Plus Candice has never been onboard with klaroline.