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141 comments to “Nick Cannon Plus Whiteface Equals A Crap-ton Of Internet Controversy! Weigh In On Connor Smallnut, His White Alter-ego, HERE!”

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  1. Ryan Barker says – reply to this


    Re: eatmyshortsman – Preach.

  2. Snork says – reply to this


    This was said by Joan Duvall-Flynn, President of the Media Area Unit of NAACP of Pennsylvania when Julianne Hough wore a ‘black face’ Halloween costume

    "The current racial tensions in the United States require careful reflection as we relate to each other. If her behavior is a political statement, she should explain that," she said. "If her behavior is an act of impulsive insensitivity, she needs, as a public figure, to be more responsible. And, an apology for such insensitivity is appropriate."

    Where are the NAACP comments on Nic Cannon's "white face" image? Double standards I guess.

  3. oldnorsky says – reply to this


    Re: Lindsay Cohen – I am a first born American, from Scandinavian decent. i am tired of having no rights to my opinion…If i say i think sucking another mans dick is gross…i am a homophobe… If I have any incline to hunt or fish or say that people should work for what they get.. i am a redneck racist… I refuse to be ashamed of being white.
    Yes in the 1700's and 1800's up till the 1960's black were repulsively treated.
    Now they have had lots of opportunities that are not taken advantage of. loans, jobs special inclusion.. because they are black. They are not slaves now, no one has their foot on their neck but the one they put there by not policing their own.
    The only people on this planet that it is "PC" to make fun of are str8 white males.

  4. IndigoGangster says – reply to this


    Why does it matter? Eddie Murphy did it and no one made a big deal. There was even a whole movie with two black people in white face. It was called "White Chicks" and everyone liked it. Now Nick Cannon does it and now it's like" why?".

  5. UrFaveCaucasian says – reply to this


    There is W.E.T. It's just called CMT, Fox News, CBS, ABC, and TNT. Read between the lines and appreciate humor. Life's too short to get bent outta shape over some whiteface. It's Nick Cannon….dude's got $$$, Nickelodeon, and Mariah…..he don't give 1 damn, 2 shits, or 3 fucks what anyone thinks. Just sayin.

  6. BPW says – reply to this


    Re: lala – you have every other channel on tv including BET.

  7. Mark says – reply to this


    Re: Kenneth – Cause everything else you see on TV is White cable TV. WTF lol, what a dumb ass

  8. Mark says – reply to this


    White people suffer no oppression from this kind of joke lol, their history says otherwise, and don't tell me slavery was hundreds of years ago, because it still exists

  9. Tammy says – reply to this


    Why is it ok for this not to be considered racist? If it was the other way around….omg we would never hear the end of it, public apologies would need to be made, it would be the top story on CNN, etc…

  10. Mila says – reply to this


    I bet all of the people crying are also mad they didn't make a "12 years a slave owner" movie this year. Reverse racism can't exist because racism against white people is impossible. Why? Because racism against white people is NOT institutionalized and therefore, it cannot be considered racism. Perhaps he has prejudice against white people, but that's not racism. Racism is actually institutionalized by - you guessed it, white people! Should have thought twice before that whole slavery thing if you wanted to cry about being oppressed.

  11. cleavon says – reply to this


    Why all yall white honkeys wanna complain about racism? White people can't do that. Racism only affects black people (that's African American to you, you racist). Scientific fact. It's stated in the NAACP bylaws. You da racist!

  12. cleavon says – reply to this


    What's wrong wichall rich white folks! Yall refuse to address the economic disparity that exists in society today but wanna hang out with all yall republican friends who don't want black people to get health care! Yeah, I said it! If i were Nick, I would go find me some nice European white folks and put them to work as slaves in the recording studio and out in the fields. Someone's gotta pick the corn. But I guess you racist white folk would think that was racist! Only delusional people think that. You will never understand what black people have gone through in this country and the struggle they've had. Educate yourself! Take a class in African American studies!

  13. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Kenneth
    'White face' is not a thing; this is him dressing up in a costume for a character. Black face refers to the practice of dressing up as a black person in order to ridicule and dehumanize them. White privilege still exists, and not acknowledging that IS racist. People's perception of the white race isn't going to change because Nick Cannon decided to make his skin lighter.

  14. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Kenneth – as as to your WET channel; you are actually refering to all of the other channels on television besides the BET.

  15. Maria says – reply to this



  16. 116

    People have imitated and made fun of blacks for centuries. Remember the Irish Americans who did the black minstrel shows for so many years. Americans loved these “step-and-fetch it” shows. Even today whites imitate Black people’s “handshakes,” “speech,” “hairstyles,” “dance,” and on and on. Other races have “copied” Blacks and whites always tell blacks, just “relax,” its no big deal. Now, white folks need to “relax,” its no big deal.

  17. D says – reply to this


    I think this hilarious regardless if it is a white person or a black person doing it. However what I do not like is that Julianne Hough got so much negativity for black facing herself for Halloween and it was soooooo "offensive" and racist". Please.

  18. 118

    Re: millie – Whites imitate blacks all the time. Whites are always changing their voices to sound Ghetto, as if all blacks sound Ghetto. Advertisers need to understand the majority of black people to not speak Ghetto…only the ones who go on those crazy "Jerry Springer" type shows!

  19. C says – reply to this


    The only thing offending about this is that someone north of 30 could find this funny, and that he somehow is referred to as a comedian? What did I miss? Real Husbands of Hollywood is funny because of pretty much besides his stiff acting.

  20. 120

    1) Race in title of the album "white people party music" - wtf does that even mean?
    2) Not funny
    3) SMALL NUTT!!! Are you f-ing kidding me? How rude and racist could he get? Giving the character an Irish first name and then a horrendously offensive emasculating surname is SO out of line.

    No one would have bought his damn album anyway…

  21. Jesus is the realtruth says – reply to this


    Unfortunately, I can only thank all those black commentators to have proven my point. Injustice and bad faith from among these people is the real problem which hampers the evolution of our society towards a complete fairness!
    Let us not forget that despite the failure of their attempt to impose their ideas impartial and arrested, Any racism towards another ethnic group, whether Jewish, Whites, Chineses, is still bad!

    May God preserve us form thier evil!

  22. Connor Smallnut says – reply to this


    Number 1: this is racist. PERIOD. as many of the comment below note-Blackface is also racist and if Nick Cannon had a white person dress up as him in blackface he'd have a complete social media fit. Number 2: Your wife and both your children are part white. White privilege? get the fuck over it, dude. Not every white person on the planet is privileged the same as not every black person is poor and ghetto. This is whole thing is ridiculous. It's ok for a black man to do all this racist foolery but not for white people to do it because HUNDREDS of years ago a group of conservative bigots owned slaves. We ALL NEED TO MOVE FORWARD.

  23. monica says – reply to this


    Re: Nina – wow I dont know what to even say except GROW THE FUCK UP! Its ignorant people like you with your harsh remarks and stereotypes in all races that keep hatred and racism alive.

  24. Brooksie1 says – reply to this


    If people could laugh at themselves - there would be no problem. There are stereotypes in ALL races. Get over it!

  25. ade says – reply to this


    1) He's a comic actor 2)This is a character 3) This is not "whiteface" 4) White people do not get to say they've experienced racism, they can be mis-treated, but if you think about the cause of it (most of the time) it stems from centuries of abuse and systematic suppression. 5) Did anyone see Whitegirls?

  26. ade says – reply to this


    Re: monicaRe: oldnorsky – This is not whiteface, there is no such thing. Call it offensive if you will.

  27. Shanks says – reply to this


    Re: Kenneth – Every channel is pretty much W.E.T….

  28. Veritas says – reply to this


    His babies are a quarter cacasian. He's just trying to stir the pot and it's working? He's not a very attractive man either way. He must be packing some serious heat.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nick's not only gone caucasian, he's gone ginger. Brave man. I lol'd. Hang in there, Nick.
    ~white chick

  30. :$ says – reply to this


    Re: Jesus is the realtruth – "biased ideas"

  31. Frannie says – reply to this


    I think he's a douche! If a white person did this there would be another million man march! Disgraceful!!

  32. Steph says – reply to this


    Wow… haha, a couple hundred years of history forgetten in these comments… I'm white but I can still see how blackface is a million times more racist than this… why? because coloured people have been oppressed, spit on, killed, enslaved and abused by white people for hundreds of years. That still exists… if someone does something racist to a white person, that white can turn around and blend back into the crowd, just another ordinary person… A coloured or Asian or minority person will always feel they stand out and get discriminated. My Asian girlfriend did a test… she put my last name (white) on a resume and her name on a resume and sent it to the same job posting… guess what… the white name got the call. I even got hired at one job, and my boss told me he didn't feel comfortable telling Asian people what to do cause its too much emotional complication… so ts still racist out there, whether we intend it or not… so until a non-white person can enjoy the same entitlement as a white person can, whiteface is not offensive, its funny. Its like a german dressing up like a jew… germans aren'tl evil, (my family isn't) but history can't be ignored… so show respect to the people that we have stomped on the past.

  33. 133

    Re: Kenneth – agreed!!

  34. Let's keep it real says – reply to this


    Re: Kenneth – wow way to sound ignorant. You do have a W.E.T it's called every other channel on television! Why you ask is it ok for a black person to don a whiteface and not the other way around? Why don't you read up a little on American black history and that'll tell ya why. It's called common decency. Is it really tasteful for a white person to do something that reminds everyone of the past atrocities committed by the white race, especially against blacks? There is a shameful past there and considerate white people know better than to bring it up. It's like opening a can of worms. these unspoken rules are there for a reason, and if you dont follow them you perpetuate stereotypes about yourself and about blacks not to mention eliciting an emotional response from a minority race. Do u really think that it is appropriate to openly bring up symbols of oppression just for the sake of equality? Is it really acceptable/ necessary/ in good taste to cry about the undeniable double standard? Do you really want to be that guy?

  35. Let's keep it real says – reply to this


    Re: Warren Wildey – probably because there are so many uneducated, ignorant, white, privileged children that are commenting. Yes there is a double standard and they obviously haven't stopped to consider that it is in poor taste for a white person to do something that reminds everyone of the past atrocities committed by the white race, especially against blacks. There is a shameful past that usually people know better than to bring up in modern conversation. The real question I would like to ask here is "why are people so offended by nick cannon in whiteface?" Is it because they fear this will cause stereotyping? Invalidate the white culture and society? Distort white traditions into inaccurate and offensive caricatures? Will it cause damaging effects on a marginalized group of people? (77 percent of Americans being white, You do the math) Or is it because "the black people get offended by blackface, so we should have the same privilege as well?" Perhaps the "No fair they get to be offended and we don't " attitude? Or is it because "it hurts my feelings when people make fun of me".
    This is what I am genuinely curious about…

  36. james b says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – Smallnut doesn't sound like ridicule and dehumanization?

  37. captain obvious says – reply to this


    Re: Dana – Last I checked black people have shows on those channels. Sounds like you would prefer racially segregated channels, bathrooms, restaurants. You're such a progressive person!

  38. Dave says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – So true. It's not as if the president is black or anything.

  39. Curious says – reply to this


    Re: cherryblossom33 – Out of curiosity, what is the difference between whiteface and blackface? Both are people of one race, making themselves look like someone of another race. In your opinion one is okay but the other is not. What is your reasoning there?

  40. Bruce_B says – reply to this


    Yup, Connor Smallnut is smoking hot. I'd totally pay to see him on Broke Straight Boys!

  41. Lauren says – reply to this


    LMFAO! You guys remember when Nick Cannon was funny?! ..Yeah me either. Go home and be Mariah's lap dog. #drumlinewasdumb

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