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Is Justin Bieber Begging Calvin Klein To Make Him A Spokesperson?! Desperate Or Delightful - U Be The Judge!

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Does the designer know about this little stunt you're pulling, mister?!

Justin Bieber posed a very important panty question to his Instagram followers on Tuesday, specifically involving his underoos!

The great and cocky Bieberoni asked:

"What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛ ? Comment below yes or no"

We have no idea if JB has actually spoken to Calvin and this is in the works, but the IG poll is riding the line of desperate, no?!

So now we turn it over to U, Perezcious readers…

Would U Want To See Justin Bieber In A Calvin Klein Campaign?!

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Would U Want To See Justin Bieber In A Calvin Klein Campaign?!

  • NO WAY. (71%)
  • Yes, so hott! (29%)

Total Votes: 3,942

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[Image via Instagram.]

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20 comments to “Is Justin Bieber Begging Calvin Klein To Make Him A Spokesperson?! Desperate Or Delightful - U Be The Judge!”

  1. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    What if you did a Calvin Klein ad? Nobody with two brain cells to rub together would care.

  2. Lori says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa Andrews – Disagree..I think he would be a great model for Calvin Klein.. Go for it justin !!!

  3. cc says – reply to this


    come on Perez even you have to admit he looks pretty good…stop hating on JB …there have been far worse things that celebrities have done. Why is everyone so hard on Justin… I guess egg throwing is not acceptable in America … its a huge crime…lets get real and look at what is really wrong in the world …

  4. tacogirl says – reply to this


    I'm gonna throw up. Seriously

  5. Katherine says – reply to this


    Sit your dumb ass down….Mark Wahlberg is THE original CK man and you will never look that damn good

  6. Jess says – reply to this


    Sorry but hes hot.

  7. texasannie says – reply to this


    okay, can this kid just disappear forever already?

  8. Deana says – reply to this


    He is awful. Why would Calvin Klein bother. He is wimpy looking. mark Walberg is still better. Even Johnny Depp is better. Older guys are better then this trouble maker. Big mistake if they did.

  9. 9


  10. Zoey_Graham says – reply to this


    Re: Katherine – Shut the fuck up lady! He's not trying to be Mark he was just asking a question! And who are you that you have appointed Mark the only male model for CK?

  11. Don't Model says – reply to this


    Could this kid get more arrogant?!? I mean, REALLY?!? He's not looking at his underwear - he's ckecking out his little abs like he always does!! What a tool, and a fool. Go back to CanaDUH and stay there!! Make your so called music there, and maybe put in a picture of your undies in your local newspaper!!

  12. zbag says – reply to this


    Re: Zoey_Graham – wow, u need to relax. U must b a die hard bedweeber eh? Lol idiot

  13. seanny says – reply to this


    Re: cc – The only reason people are "hurting" Justin's little feeling, is b/c he did it to himself. NOBODY held a gun to his face to drunk drive w/ meds in his system, throw eggs at a neighbor's house, piss in a mop bucket, smoke pot in an airplane so much that the pilots had to put on gas masks, act like a complete DICK during his deposition…list goes on. Sick and tired of "beDWEEBers" sticking up for this douchebag. They just don't get it. Oh, and the "Why are they asking the same question over and over" crap - they do that to catch any inconsistancies when answering AND Justin was told that at the beginning of the dep in the first place!! I swear…he could 'kill' another person and the "beDWEEBers" would defend him saying, "He's going through a rough time right now…what would you do if you had all that $$ at 20 yrs old" and bla bla bla… And now I hear, since he's EVERYWHERE in the news, tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber are talking they want kids later in life together?!? Oh my GAWD - Heaven forbid that ever happen!!! Whatever. Again…no matter what that douchehag decides to do…the "beDWEEBers" will have his back. So sad… (Btw, I am NOT coming back to this article, so all you sad sappy beDWEEBers can post whatever you want - I just don't care. You make me, and A LOT of people, laugh…)

  14. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    I never know if these crazy stories or true or not, but why would he want to beg to be Calvin Klein's spokesperson? I thought he was insanely rich already. Unless having so much money has left him vacant inside, and is now in need of constant attention to satiate his craving? I would LOVE the money, but they can keep the fame. I swear every big celebrity seems like they are only a short trip away from insanity.

  15. so... says – reply to this


    Re: seanny – …And nobody pointed a gun at your head and told you to click on a Justin Bieber article. I don't understand why people like you claim you hate this guy but go on websites that talk about him. If i dont like a singer i don't click on things that are talking about that said singer. Furthermore, he's only taking a damn picture. Can't a motherfucker take one picture without somebody bringing up his legal problems. TF get ur life plz

  16. Blahhh says – reply to this


    This page has to be the biggest hater on Justin, of course all your 'perezcious readers' would vote no because this is the page where they go to in order to hate on him.

  17. ustupidho says – reply to this


    Re: so… – u make me sad. Ho bag that likes children like justin. YOU need to get a dang life. What that person said made sense. So STFU… big dummy. LOL

  18. so.. says – reply to this


    Re: ustupidho – i didn't say I like Justin bieber nor am I standing up for him. I SAID i don't understand why you say you hate a singer and then click on articles or on their music just to bash them. It's pathetic and shows that you don't have a life. BTW I'm not a big fan and love how u call me the dummy but you're the one that took my post out of context

  19. so.. says – reply to this


    Re: ustupidho – and it's sad to hate on someone that you don't know and will never meet.

  20. BieberVile says – reply to this


    Aint gonna buy no products of Vile Bieber. Braid his Bizzle Hip Hop Rapper Hair with those stupid tatoos. Calvin Klein with Black Homie In Bed Droopy Diaper Pants Ugly Douche Bag.