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Every Glee-Tail: The End Of An Era, A Final Bow For Will Schuester & There Aren't Enough Buckets For All The Tears

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mr schue bowing

Excuse us, makers of Kleenex? Do you have any more tissues in stock? Or has the fandom of Glee COMPLETELY tapped you out?

Last night, the show that made you believe that being a part of something special made you special hit a major milestone in it's journey. Fans finally saw the Glee club come to a tearful end,as the show used the second half of the 100th episode to say farewell to Lima, OH for good. From here on out, your favorite Glee kids will only be seen if they live and/or visit the Big Apple. (Which is a pretty huge chunk of the original crew, so there is that…)

But never again will there be another Nationals. Never again will Mr. Schue gear his week's lesson off his personal problems. We won't really know what becomes of the love triangle between Marley, Ryder and Jake or hear the incredible sparring between Sue Sylvester and NeNe Leakes, whoops, Coach Roz. The choir room is empty, the final songs have been sung. Now, all that's left to do is remember and look ahead.

Or, you know, we can look back just one more time as we talk about the second act to the 100th episode celebration that not only reminded us what the show Glee used to be, but pulled on so many heartstrings, we're surprised their aren't more Gleeks in ICUs for heart failure. With that said…


Gwyneth Paltrow Tried & Failed… To Save The Glee Club

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And she even had the help of Kristin Chenoweth! Talk about a bombshell blonde dream team. The pair did their best to find a way to continue the Glee club at McKinley for the sake of their good friend Will. Their last endeavor involved them trying to incorporate music into other clubs to give Will the chance to still teach other kids to perform. Yeah, that didn't pan out too well. In fact, somehow, things ended up in a weird, disco foam world where people actually sing Eddie Murphy's song, "Party All The Time." So, when that didn't work, the ladies did the only thing they could — they set up a farewell for the Schuester on the stage that started it all, with the song that did the same and a video diary to his unborn child where all the kids expressed their love for him! (Also, Quinn promised her eggs to Kurt and Blaine for their babies one day! Can you say the genetic jackpot?!)

Quinn & Puck Are Dating … Long Distance … And It Is Totally Going To Work Out

tumblr n30c9skxb21r2fzqbo5 r1 250

Why? Because look at Rachel's face. That's the face of someone whose love was supposed to be end game, but will tragically never get to know that feeling. Honestly, if there was an Emmy category for Best Performance While Suffering Personal Turmoil, she would win it from now until forever. But since there is not, we'll just let ourselves feel a sliver of her pain alongside with her, and carry on watching Quinn and Puck, who professed their love to all of their friends and announced that they would be giving their relationship a real go it for the first time ever. Quick is going to be endgame, folks. That's the best we can hope for.

Things Aren't All Bad For Rachel Though

tumblr n30whqkucm1so1m0ao1 250

For once — and believe us, it was a nice change of pace — RIB let a storyline carry on for more than just two episodes. It's been a couple of weeks that Santana and Rachel have been at each other's throats and finally, last night, the girls made peace. The change in heart largely came from the genius that is Brittany S. Pierce, who makes Santana confront the fact that she is essentially trying to steal Rachel's dream. Yes, she should of course do everything she can to be famous, but not at the expense of Rachel, a friendship that she could really use in her life. So, Santana quits the show and all is mended between the two.


chums tumblr n30z0nlolw1rv1f4oo4 1280

Remember at the end of season 3, everyone was sure we were going to get a Glee spin-off called, "A New Direction ™," which followed some of the original kids in the big city after graduation? Well, it looks like we're about to get just that after this farewell to Lima, but what exactly will it look like? If it were up to Tina Cohen-Chang, it would look a lot like Friends… and she would have "The Rachel." And Sam wouldn't wear clothes like, ever. And literally, everyone from Mike Chang to Noah Puckerman would all work at the same diner and they would all live in the same apartment with bunk beds and there would be the worst laugh track of all time following them around. Yeah, we'd watch it…

But that's not exactly how things are going to pan out. True, Blaine, Sam and Artie are headed for NYC, but at the last moment (because this is how college acceptances happen), Tina got into Brown, which for those of you who don't know, is in Rhode Island. This could very well have been Tina's last episode as a series regular, but we doubt it will be the last time we see her face. Just look at all the other beautiful faces who came back! Speaking of which…


tumblr n31pywxl331t7b7oro1 250

So, guess who else is poised to be endgame? Looks like Brittany S. Pierce is saying goodbye to the mental grind at MIT and hello to the wonders of New York City. After a grand romantic gesture involving "lesbian lilies" on Brit's part and Santana working it out so that Brit can finally walk at graduation, the two share some sweet lady kisses and decide to run off on a tropical vacay together. When they return, they'll BOTH hightail it back to Santana's place in Manhattan. It's like, really gonna start getting crowded in there.

To Sir, With Love

What every Glee fan will forever take away from this episode is the last 5 mins. Sue and Will shared a sweet final scene together and she revealed that she arranged an interview for him to become Vocal Adrenaline's new glee club coach. Whether he takes it or not remains to be seen, but after Sylvester leaves him alone to say his goodbyes, the walls begin to speak to him the voices of all the kids he's touched with her teachings. In front of an empty choir room, he takes his final bow, as the voice of Finn Hudson comes to him to remind him that they all stuck it out together because of Schue and everything he did for them. And just like that, the lights are turned off, the voices are gone and there are enough tears streaming down your face to fill a bathtub.

We don't know exactly what comes next for Schue or Sue or the newbies who didn't graduate this year…. but if nothing else, they got a fitting farewell.

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