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57 comments to “Jared Padalecki Has Some Harsh Words For The Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover! See The Supernatural Slam HERE!”

  1. oj says – reply to this


    I dont really have any feeling one way or another about kim, but I do know who she is and I had no idea who this man is. I think some stars might be using her name to garner attention. Say something bad about KK and its front page new.. when was the last time Sarah Michelle Gellar was in the news? oh yeah when she was bashing Kim Kardashian. You CAN cancel a subscription without telling the world.

  2. Sad says – reply to this


    Re: oj – Well that says something you that you would first know someone who got famous because of a sex tape over ACTUAL Actors…

  3. HaveAseat says – reply to this


    Re: Sad – One sex tape that was along time ago, I can't believe kim has so many haters out there…..she a sweet heart..

  4. Panda says – reply to this


    Re: HaveAseat – It wasn't that long ago, hunny. And everyone has haters. People 'hate' on this specific situation because Kim K is no where near a role model nor someone people should be looking up to, let alone be featured on the cover of Vogue. Her name is known because of her sex tape, it's a fact. So why don't you HaveAseat and remember that Kim K is no sweet heart, she is a retired whore.

  5. Ericka Cave says – reply to this


    Is all this bashing necessary like really?!?! Let it go she's on the cover but to constantly be rude is innapropriate and mean and coming from celebrities who are supposedly "against bullying". Ppl who bash kk should be ashamed at their behavior over a freaking cover photo.

  6. 6

    Her sex tape was especially disgusting and obviously "leaked" on purpose for money and notoriety. Now Kim just walks around like a princess, pretending it never happened. GROSS!

  7. 7

    Re: HaveAseat – A sweet heart? Her record of cheaping out on charity says otherwise.

  8. 8

    all KUNT-TRASH-ians are PIGS with no talent, no elegance, no grace, no real style, and they are empty headed greedy attention whores. i guess if oprah could be fooled by the GRIFTER LOHAN wintour could be duped into thinking a KUNT-TRASH-ian represents anything close to style. big deal, they can afford expensive clothes. PIGS IN SILK ARE STILL SHIT EATING SWINE.

  9. Peter says – reply to this


    She's a talentless nobody with money. People like her should not be encouraged or celebrated. Everything she does is for publicity. This does not make a star nor a role model. Vogue has gone to the dogs.

  10. 10

    Re: CoolioFoolio6161 – LEAKED BY HER PIMP. HER OWN MOTHER.

  11. royal hiness says – reply to this


    Kim needs to be on her knees as if she was in a poem movie and thank God for that sex tape, cause she would be no where without it. (And I said thank God, not blow him Kim)

  12. royal hiness says – reply to this


    Meant porn tape….. -:-)

  13. royal hiness says – reply to this


    Re: royal hiness – porn movie I meant

  14. TR says – reply to this


    I may not be the biggest fan of Kanye or Kim, but their cover of Vogue was beautiful!!! As to Jared Padalecki's comments: " Get a freaking life! You are just jealous Vogue didn't pick you." Everyone needs to quit "hating" on everyone else.
    If you don't like something "big deal". This is America!! Everyone is intitled to their opinions, just keep it to yourself.

  15. royal hiness says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99Re: HaveAseat – …..well that one sex tape got her on vogue, believe me she wouldn't be nowhere without it.

  16. brenda says – reply to this


    I sure hope that people don't buy Vogue ,We wouldn't want it to sell more magazines than usually.That was more of a spread for people magazine.
    I thought all this time Vogue was a fashion Magazine.

  17. 17

    He's right! A porn star and a rapper……not worth the cover of redbook.

  18. Becky says – reply to this


    Honestly I really don't care about them I get so fucking tired of hearing about them

  19. 19

    Sorry, Perez. Those aren't "harsh words". You choose to release and make money off of a porn video with a (yuck) Golden Showers scene and then beg to be on the cover of Vogue, then you can expect some criticism. And yes, she did make a LOT of money off that video, just ask the IRS. If she were just honest about who/what she was, they'd leave her alone. Jerry Springer doesn't try to be Anderson Cooper.

  20. Thalia says – reply to this


    Re: Panda – I couldn't agree more! The majority of Hollywood obviously doesn't like her or her family, for obvious reasons. They make money by batting their eyelids and making weird faces that are never smiles. I want some REAL talent!

  21. Thalia says – reply to this


    I would also like to add: Perez, just because you disagree with their opinion, does not give you the right to call them rude or criticize them in any way. You're setting celebrities up to look bad and that they're so disrespectful and wow they aren't as amazing as the kardashians! He has actual talent, unlike the family. They're allowed to have opinions just like you.

  22. Amanda Bynes says – reply to this


    Lets not lose the respect for women here people, why does everyone feel like they have the right to call KK a whore? She fucked her boyfriend and tapped herself just like I fuck mine, and I ain't no whore!
    If you're reaaaally that mad about it, hate on Ana Wintour for making the decision.

  23. 23

    Who says you have to give to a charity? just because you make a lot of money? that's ridiculous.

  24. cboy says – reply to this


    Totally agree with Jared!!!

  25. Panda says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda Bynes – She is a (retired) whore because she sold the tape and got paid for it. If your 'boyfriend' pays you to 'fuck' that would make you a whore too.

  26. genius says – reply to this


    I think he said that because he's A REAL HUMAN. Unlike Kim. She is as fake as can be and has no reason to be famous. Go, Jared!

  27. Right says – reply to this


    Re: Becky – DITTO!!!!!!

  28. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    I'm not a Kardashian fan, but this is getting ridiculous. It's a magazine! Who cares? They didn't put her on the cover of the Bible or the Torah or the Koran. And I don't understand why people are so vicious about this family. If you don't like them, then don't watch their show or buy their products. Then forget about them! How do they affect anybody's life in any way? And the role model thing is stupid. Raise your own kids– don't expect others to do it for you.

  29. deb says – reply to this


    Do these people not realise that they are the ones that are lacking any CLASS by making negative comments about something that has nothing to do with them? I don't much care for Kim or Kanye but really, if you don't like it don't buy Vogue… why make all these nasty comments? It's really sad that being nasty and a bully is acceptable these days!

  30. 30

    Expressing an opinion does not make someone a bully!!!

  31. fgh says – reply to this



  32. Sooby-doo says – reply to this


    I am a big Jared Padalecki fan and he is one of those actors that has stayed him and spoken the truth not for attention. Its ok for a normal person to tweet that but not him because he's a star!

  33. JazzT says – reply to this


    Re: TR – if everyone is entitled to their opinion then they should also be able to say how they feel. Good or bad. What do you want? This comment box to disappear? And how else will she know what people feel about her cover presence? The magazine needs to gauge its readers opinion about it.

    I've also heard people say, "oh look at her net worth she doesn't care what people say." If that's the case, then go ahead and say how you feel. She may not hear that one mean comment but as a group the message will get somewhere. Obviously.

  34. Seraphine says – reply to this


    I think it's great he said this. It's so true. Kim kardashian is an awful person, and Kanye west?! Ugh, don't even get me started. They make the best couple bc they're both equally horrid people. And I'm not surprised they found each other, trash tends to end up in the same pile. Neither one has one iota of class, therefor shouldn't be on the cover whatsoever. Go Jared!! I love how candid he is.

  35. sara says – reply to this


    To be honest the pix I saw (the cover and the one where their baby looks terrified and peed on Kanye) look like pix that belong in US weekly or People mag. I think that is why the backlash, because these people regularly dominate those tabloid covers now Vogue, a "lifestyle magazine" that is expensive to buy/subscribe to is using them as though are comparable to the likes of the most talented people in the fashion and show business world. In reality these two spend more time talking about themselves and what they do than actually DOING ANYTHING. Kanye is a talented rapper but he's not THE BEST RAPPER EVER like he loves to say, and Kim is a Reality show star. Neither seem to be Vogue material. And the pix were awful. Truly.

  36. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    Wonder which idiot is paying/sponsoring her wedding this time? Why is she wearing white?

  37. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa Andrews – Like it or not, it's the rule of "monkey see monkey do". How would you feel if your teens ask you "if Kim can do it, why can't I?". Don't you worry, I certainly would never waste my time and money watching their ridiculous reality shows or buy their products. I really felt sorry for RobK. Imagining your friends telling you that they have seen your sisters and mum (remembered Playboy?) naked and making out.

  38. Nikita says – reply to this


    @ Perez.. How can you say Jared is being rude??? It is his opinion if he is rude for that mild comment then what are you???

  39. LoveSupernatrual says – reply to this


    Well Said Jared!!

  40. Melissa says – reply to this


    Thank you Jared, I agree with you 100%.

  41. Jen says – reply to this


    Not a fan of KK in the least so this isn't really about her, but JP really likes to speak out of turn, picking fights with people. And as much as I hate saying this because I was once a huge spn fan, he seems to be doing it for attention. First, JB, then PSH, and now KK, he needs to be careful because one day he's gonna pick a fight with the wrong person…

  42. wait says – reply to this


    Re: CoolioFoolio6161 – who are you to say it was obviously leaked for money? What you believe doesnt mean it's the truth! You have no foundation for what you claim except the sayings of the haters!!! You're lame! Really if what Kim does affects you this much you should get off the internet and start caring about yourself a little more! She is well aware it happened but for fuck's sake that's not all she's done! Only stupid haters keep talking about this shit! What about she's famous because she and her family built a multi million dollar empire in 3 years! Tell me who else did that? Exactly sucker get a life.

  43. Bitsy says – reply to this


    Jared Padalecki is a vile, no talent MORON . . . just like Kim Kardashian.

  44. Myrtle Smith says – reply to this


    This dude is just a D list actor that nobody knows tying to get some publicity using big name celebs like Kim Kardashsian, Phillip S. Hoffman, and Justin Bieber. Jared and his homophobe costar Jensen can suck it.

  45. drizz says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda Bynes – she did not just tape herself with her boyfriend, she leaked and sold it herself, with her pimp AKA her mother.

  46. Shellseamarie says – reply to this


    Like Snooki being on Supernatural the other week?

  47. Fabiola says – reply to this


    Completely agree with both him and Sarah Michelle Gellar, I used to subscribe to Vogue to read about fashion and cultural trends not a trashy reality show star!!

  48. Over it. says – reply to this


    Here's the deal.

    People need to get over this. Kanye and Kim are on the cover, no matter how much you b*tch and moan, and say you will no longer subscribe to vogue - they will still be on the cover. The more you talk about it the more attention it will get.
    Yes, she's had a sex tape and yes, he is an a$$hat and yes, they're one of the most hated couples right now in the media. But they both love fashion and dedicate a lot of time to it, so why not be on the cover? You may not like their style or agree with their life choices but the cover is gorgeous. This cover keeps getting compared to the one Lebron was on and to be honest, it looks 100 times better.

    Now as for Jared, I love him but this was 100% for attention. Just shut up.

  49. LoveTheSun7188 says – reply to this


    Re: TR – Yes, this is America, and everyone has a right to an opinion. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion as well.

  50. Jeff says – reply to this


    Re: MJaded – Expressing a hurtful one, does

  51. Samanta says – reply to this


    Jared Padaleck hot pics

  52. 52

    Best Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

  53. Jeb1 says – reply to this


    OMy all this bashing. You're giving her exactly what she wants - your attention. She doesn't care that it's mostly negative comments, she just wants to talked about. Silence will speak volumes

  54. Isabelle says – reply to this


    Jared is just saying what he thinks, he doesn't care about attention. I mean if he really cared about attention then he wouldn't be on Supernatural, which doesn't get a lot of attention even though it's an AMAZING show. Honestly he is stating what a lot of people are thinking anyways. It's his opinion and he's not afraid to express it, which is one of the things I love about him.

  55. Rejna says – reply to this


    I agree with Padalecki. These creatures are toxic, harmful and they never had anything to give; deserve anything they got. There isn't one positive thing about them, but you can hardly avoid their travesty. Don't give me the 'so what are you doing here reading this nonsense'.
    And haters? Jealousy? LOL. Oh please, a sensible person would feel only good about herself and her life for not being something like that. I wish there was a way to save those little children in that family.
    And beautiful?! If you are a sex deprived convict who didn't look at a skin mag for a decade, yeah I guess so. The filth inside reflects on their faces so strongly there is no plastic surgery or spa to correct that.

    Everything is so dipped in politically correct bullshit, saying something true out loud is either rude or inappropriate and there is always the army of jerk offs to wave their finger to anything a bit heavy to their ears. "Haters!" Aww.

  56. Rejna says – reply to this


    Re: Over it.

    People need to do whatever they feel like to do. They also have a RIGHT to SPEAK THEIR MIND. She is a cheap porn material trying to pretend to be something else. Nobody's buying, but she keeps on pushing and pushing to sell her meat over and over again. Do you really think it is coincidence these people do not get to be invited anywhere? Have you seen their pics in any I dunno Oscar parties? Or any serious event with a bit class?

  57. HAZ says – reply to this


    Re: oj – SMG was all over the news last year about her show. You know SMG came up for many years after Buffy ended bc articles would write about how she was snubbed for an Emmy, and GG for BtVS, even though it ended over ten years ago the subject came up till 2011, and yes I am a fan of SMG. W Kanye though Kim coulda turned her shit around…but come on the baby on the cover? See why I like SMG and still can respect her is because when she was pregnant/had children she took time off work for that…Kim did not…she has had that baby in the lime lite since (probably had the C-Section early) gave birth :) Honestly why would you put your baby in a magazine pictorial that would cause controversy. Americas royalty the Kardashian Klan is ot75% of America cannot stand them…the other 20% laughs at them, 10% love them….and you know they are some crazy ass people out there…it disgusting. I'm suprised Kim has to go out and buy her own mag…should she have a subscription to her BFF's Anna Wintours mag.