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Dictator Kim Jong Un Has Gone Too Far! You Won't Believe What He's Demanding Of ALL Men In North Korea!

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kim jong un haircut ap doodle

Well, being a barber in North Korea just got a whole lot easier!

The communist country announced this week that all men will now be REQUIRED to get an identical haircut of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un!

Citizens of North Korea have always been limited to a list of 28 state approved haircuts for men and women. But now, guys won’t have any say in how they do their ‘dos!

What’s worse, Kim Jong Un’s high-shaved hair is a bit controversial already, with a former resident explaining that the cut is unpopular because it resembles the style of Chinese smugglers!

As far as female haircuts, it seems they will still be allowed to choose from 18 different acceptable styles. That is until the dictator decides his look is right for a lady too!

These poor people!

Next time you’re at the salon, take a moment to be thankful that you have the freedom to do whatever you want to your hair!

[Image via AP Images.]

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10 comments to “Dictator Kim Jong Un Has Gone Too Far! You Won't Believe What He's Demanding Of ALL Men In North Korea!”

  1. lolno says – reply to this


    actually it's only required of male university students.

    still stupid but don't lie bro

  2. 2

    The military is going to overthrow him because if this. Let the hilarity ensue!

  3. tempe says – reply to this


    I think Perez has been MISreading the Enquirer.

  4. 4

    You know they force parents to drown their newborn babies right?
    also Google yoduk concentration camp. They kill innocent people, children die of starvation etc etc. its hell on earth there.
    but no one does anything.

  5. North Dump says – reply to this


    We found real Eric Cartman in flesh and bones!

  6. #factcheck says – reply to this


    The original story on this issued a correction. It's only university students.

  7. texasannie says – reply to this


    this guy is a nutjob. and a nutjob with power. The US really needs to pay more attention to this lunatic.

  8. DISGUSTING says – reply to this


    My gawd! Really Perez? This waste of skin makes mothers murder their own new borns buy drowning or suffocation, has made many violations pertaining to the right to food, those associated with prison camps, torture and inhuman treatment, arbitrary detention, discrimination, freedom of expression, the right to life, freedom of movement, and enforced disappearances, including in the form of abductions of nationals of other States and the list goes on and on and on.. and your complaining about a "haircut" he's enforcing??? THAT'S considered "too far" in your eyes??! Wow. Get f'n REAL!!!!

  9. 9

    This man is so great.
    I hope Obama and his voters are taking notice.
    This could be us, you people, lets put pressure on Barry to make this happen here too.

  10. Aelizabeth says – reply to this


    You're right, I can't believe he would force a certain type of hairstyle on the men of North Korea! Nevermind that he fed his own uncle while he was still alive to a pack of starving dogs and rigorously tortures Christians amongst other things. The hairstyle issue is what crossed the line… (Insert sarcasm)