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93 comments to “People Are Pissed At Stephen Colbert! See The Now Deleted Tweet That Some Are Saying Is Racist & Should Cost The Comedy Central Host His Job!”

  1. 1

    Naturally, you play down the fact that this is a satire and that the tweet was totally taken out of context.

    Shame on you !

  2. really? says – reply to this


    Nick Cannon does a lameass white face with 'White People Party Music' but THIS is racist? No, it's an obviously an over-the-top JOKE poking at the insensitivity that people have to other races, even when they are trying to 'help.' This is ridiculous. Tosh.0 does similar material and if you laugh at a joke like that it makes you examine ur personal views of other races which is a valid exercise. I'm multi-racial and like that it opens a dialogue. Nick Cannon is just RIDICULOUS with no counter thought to his 'joke,' except simply 'white ppl are lame' …. no, Nick, YOU as a person ARE LAME.

  3. Panda says – reply to this


    Re: really? – Very well said.

  4. Kendall says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. The point of his show is that he is portraying an over-the-top right-wing conservative. Is the joke behind the tweet really too complex to understand?

  5. Chris J says – reply to this


    No it's not racist, yes cancel his show. Still don't get how he tricked the hipster crowd into liking his '90s teenager sarcasm.

    Yeah, we liked it when Garafalo did it, and even she's lost it at this point.

  6. Dan Berry says – reply to this


    These are most likely the same people that defended Duck man, freedom of speech. Stephen has made fun of lots of things, I guess if you can not take a joke. You know the rest. Freedom of speech only counts with some people if they agree with what is being said.

  7. Clicksweat says – reply to this


    Satire. And one that jabs and calls attention to Snyder's absurd stance and actions. Granted, it wasn't Colbert's best work, but satire nonetheless.

  8. The terrific Horrific says – reply to this


    I was never really aware of anti asian racism until I started dating asian girls eons ago. The racism i've experienced from white females is IMMENCE. I've heard white females say everything from "white men just date asian women because they are weak and submissive [they are actually one of the strongest american women in income/education]" to "any white male who would date an asian woman under 30 is a pedophile. [they look young for their ages]"… "they look like boys"… "they have no butts". Even heard one white female say "the only way asian girls can be good looking is if they get surgery on their eyes" (thats all i have room for the things I've heard). I could go on. But I've also experienced anti foreigner racism in japan/thailand where us whites are just "gaijins and ferrang" ("only sick asian women like gaijins and ferrang. "sellouts"). Its white females who should be fired. Go asian! You wont regret it. The best women. (Is it racist to call asian women "the best?". Probably. Cant win.)

  9. Paul Schilder says – reply to this


    I'll be glad when America grows up again.

  10. jil says – reply to this


    Wow. He's making fun of powerful republicans who pretend to care about minorities, but are still insensitive. People are DUMB. I'm asian and i;m not offended at all.

  11. Jambi says – reply to this


    Home of the brave? How about more like home of the sensitive! Pussification of America! Just cry about it everybody since were a society of victims.

  12. FuckYouPerez says – reply to this


    Why do you even exist anymore Perez? You're washed up and pathetic. Fuck off and die.

  13. 13

    If people STILL don't understand that his whole thing is satire, then that is their own faults. That is really all there is to say about it.

  14. eeeeeh says – reply to this


    didnt the ducky dynasty guy only get a 2 week suspension for all the homophobic shit he said?

  15. D. says – reply to this


    Why are u surprised that Steven Colbert is a racist? Really people.

  16. Trixie says – reply to this


    The tweet and bit was satire to show how ridiculous out of line the "Redkisns" owners were in refusing to change their name because it's racially insensitive. The point of Colbert's comment was in response to that. He was showing how ignorant the Team was being, by being more outrageous in ignorance. People who are demanding he be cancelled. Of all the horrors in the world right now, people are getting upset over a bit taken out of context on his show?? Social media…. enabling the ignorant since 2004.

  17. Don says – reply to this


    To the 93% of you that voted "No"…

    … You didn't get the joke.

  18. David says – reply to this


    hahahahaha I'm Asian and do not find this racist at all. I'm pretty everyone thinks about stereotypes all the time but most are probably not racist. People are so sensitive about things like this; it's pathetic. Instead of worrying about important issues we make a huge deal about things like this.

  19. Rick says – reply to this


    Re: eeeeeh – The patriarch of the Duck Dynasty was serious in his comments. It was not satire or any attempt at humor. If someone, say, at SNL did a parody of Duck Dynasty, then it would be similar to the Colbert incident. Colbert makes fun of ultra-conservatives via a CHARACTER on TV. Through exaggerated humor, just about every word he says on the show is in character, lampooning the Right. He was making a point against the absurdity of people who cannot fathom how anyone could think the Washington Redskins name is the least bit racist. So he countered with his joke regarding Asian Americans, as if to say, "If you think Redskins is free from racial overtones, how about this?" Do you get the joke now? Regardless of whether or not you think it's funny, there's no way it should impact Colbert's employment, especially when you consider the content that represents the vast majority of Comedy Central's programming.

  20. your mother says – reply to this


    This is pretty funny, only because im not asian.

  21. Becki says – reply to this


    Bahahaha!! I love this. Granted, this is a small minority of people who are offended but if you watched the show you would know he was making fun of the Redskin's situation and their joke of a foundation for Native Americans.
    Who watches Comedy Central for political correctness anyway? That seems to be the one place left for those of us with dark humor to be liberal w/o haters. Go watch Fox or something…

  22. Eremes says – reply to this


    Not all asians speak the "chingchongdingdong" language anyway. People today re just so sensitive about this. I view snide comments like this as normal and part of daily life, we can't always say nice thing or stop ourselves. (I'm half asian, though I don't speak chingchong) get over it.

  23. Jason says – reply to this


    If you are gonna fire Colbert for what someone posted on his account, impeach Obama for someone on his account following a porn film's page.

  24. Bendyhead says – reply to this


    It's only satire and/or a joke when a Liberal says it. If Rush said it or other Conservative satirists say it, it's time to burn this sh*t to the ground. As a Libertarian I dislike Dems and Cons equally. Colbert stopped being amusing years ago.

  25. Wake Up White People says – reply to this


    Re: really? – Okay, you're an idiot. Reverse racism/racism against white people cannot exist because white people have always been the oppressors and to this day are more privileged and given preferential treatment as opposed to minorities. If you're offended by well-deserved criticism of white people of all things, then really haven't experience actual "insensitivity" in your life. By the way, we all know that anonymous commenters claiming to be multiracial are just white people trying to avoid being attacked for their wimpy hurt feelings. And just so you know, this isn't a biased post because the sad truth is that I am a very ashamed white person

  26. John says – reply to this


    Yeah people, totally ignore the context with which the joke was written in so you can thump whatever anti-racist cause you're thumping this week to make yourself feel big. Our society is pathetic.

  27. Lala says – reply to this


    Seriously? With all that's going on in our world, THIS is what some people choose to flip out over? Don't get your panties in a bunch. Go play Cards Against Humanity, have a drink, and loosen up a little bit. No doubt those same people will be "offended" by what I've just said too.

  28. Wake Up White People says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure that those who were offended did not see the joke in its original context - Colbert made the remark to mock another individual's racist actions.

    That being said, when isolated, the statement is completely and blatantly racist and patronizing toward the Asian community and culture. Those who do not realize that the joke is meant to criticize racism might be understandably offended, so people need to stop attacking them and calling them "oversensitive."

    And those of you who find the belittlement of Asians or any minority/oppressed group funny seriously need to reevaluate your ideas of "comedy."

  29. Dakota says – reply to this


    Re: Wake Up White People – Sorry, but yes it does. If you hate, attack, discriminate against someone BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE that is racism, and I'm tired of people claiming it isn't. There was a small "gang" of black kids in my high school who would REPEATEDLY harass and even attack white people for being white, because they were "oppressors", that was racist bullshit, and you know damn well that was racist bullshit.
    Attacking/harassing/discriminating because of race, is racism.

  30. jan says – reply to this


    Totally out of context. He was making fun of the Redskins owner's foundation for "Original Americans" which is real.

  31. levo says – reply to this


    Re: Chris J

    Yea colbert is sooo hipster and sooo 90s.

  32. Oh people... says – reply to this


    Re: Wake Up White People – Please look up the definition for racism before spouting such nonsense. Racism is simply suggesting that a race can be defined by a typical set of personality traits or characteristics/stereotypes. Even one complimenting a race like saying asians are smarter than other races. THAT is still technically racism. So yes, racism against any race is possible. It doesn't matter how much your hypocritical view thinks it's "deserved". Racism is racism.

  33. becki says – reply to this


    Unfortunately due to the 140 character limit prevents the comment to be put in context. Anyone who actually saw the show that the comment in context was actually VERY anti-racist. But without the rest of the CLEARLY satirical element, it MAY come across racist ( if you have NEVER heard of Stephen Colbert and don't know his humor ). Should Comedy Central have posted a preface tweet giving the context first? YES. Should Colbert be canned? Hell NO!

  34. fuckers says – reply to this


    Re: really?Re: really?
    Bitch this aint about black people this about Asians. I'm tired of you bringing up shit like that. YOU MIXED so mind ya own fucking business

  35. 35

    Re: Wake Up White People
    "racism against white people cannot exist because white people have always been the oppressors"

    You're the idiot: racism has nothing to do with oppression and everything to do with hate, and it exists in many forms around the world. Open a dictionary sometime.

    Anyone with half a brain that watches the show knows that Stephen's "Colbert Report" persona IS A CONSERVATIVE CHARACTER that he uses to get his point across to the liberal leaning crowd, and as such he is constantly mocking "himself" (or at least the conservative crowd his character pretends to belong to). Context people - without it you do not have a leg to stand on

  36. Adam J. Johnson says – reply to this


    Re: Jambi

    Of course Asian people aren't offended. Usually when reports of racism, whether it be against blacks, Asians, Indians, Mexicans, etc…

    Who gets offended? White people. /facepalm.

  37. Wayne the Mighty says – reply to this


    "People" need to get a life. He's a comedian! On Comedy Central!! I don't see anyone getting their panties in a bunch over Amy, Tosh, or any of the other edgy comedians on the circuit today. Sheesh!

  38. opus says – reply to this


    Re: Panda – Exactly. Poke fun at the whites and it is funny…the reverse is always racism. I believe in equality, but not "over-equality'"

  39. Tim says – reply to this


    It's not good! It's a stereotype and caricature. But, Colbert can't be racist–I thought only conservatives were racist! ha. At least that's what I hear from the left. Truth is, you can be a bigot no matter what your party, network, platform. It's an individual and personal failing first.

  40. Darryl says – reply to this


    Cmon people he is a comedian !!!!! It is clearly a joke-stop being so freaking politically correct about every thing.

  41. shane says – reply to this


    People need to stop being oversensative cry babies.

  42. Joe Drager says – reply to this


    All liberals are racist. Nothing to see here; moveon.

  43. ADAM says – reply to this


    Re: Kendall
    *Kill yourself,he's fucking hilarious.

  44. Jenny says – reply to this


    It irritates that the only people really affected by this are white. I don't know a single Asian person that finds his jokes/comments offensive.

  45. justin says – reply to this


    I am asian and I thought it was funny

  46. C'mon now says – reply to this


    Re: Bendyhead – I think the difference you're missing is that one is a comedian on a news show, the other is not. Of course when Colbert says something it's satire and when Limbaugh says something it's not. Because Colbert is making fun of Limbaugh, and Limbaugh is actually being serious. Unless you're saying Limbaugh is actually a comedian.

  47. Brandon says – reply to this


    This was so taken out of context and he shouldn't get his show taken down because he's 1 of millions of comedians that have at one point made a racist joke. But I also must say this isn't satire, in relation to it being taken out of context. Because in the show he wasn't intending on making awareness for Asian charities, he was making fun of the Redskins sending winter coats to Native Americans. Not because he was making awareness by making a line so radical you'll never forget it, but making fun of the Redskins logic.

  48. common sense says – reply to this


    Re: Panda – I agree that this is definitely not racist, but neither is "white face". You don't understand why "black face" is racist so you're assuming that "white face" must also be racist.

  49. Albert says – reply to this


    It may be satire but sometimes you go too far trying to make a point. There's a difference between poignant, cutting humor and a minstrel show.
    "Ching-chong" is the equivalent in offensiveness as the n-word. It degrades and is a xenophobic sentiment which relegates the languages and cultures of an entire continent to unsophisticated gibberish. If any white comedian, no matter how liberal, was caught tweeting the n-word, even in satire, the public would have his head.

  50. Ted says – reply to this


    People have taken racism to far when you can not make a joke about another race. I am married to an Asian and took it for what it was, Satire. I joke about Asians all the time, does that make me racist when I have the best wife a man could want?
    My best friend is Black and we joke about the clown Obumer all the time.(he usually starts it) Does that make me racist? Grow up people!!!!!

  51. Scooter says – reply to this


    To me its not funny. If someone said that to me, I would kick their a$$!!!

  52. Aisha says – reply to this


    He's a comic, so pull that butthurt card out of your pocket people and grow a pair already.

  53. badabing says – reply to this


    Re: TedRe: Ted – yeah they're gonna ruin racism for everyone

  54. AdamVerdadero says – reply to this


    Im asain and i think this is funny as hell. Colbert always makes rascist comments about everyone. He does satire. Stop being so butt hurt

  55. Casey says – reply to this


    Re: Wake Up White People

    You, sir, are the idiot. Just because someone is in a majority group does not mean they cannot be treated unfairly. Just because someone is from a historically powerful group does not mean that the historically weaker group is incapable of being horribly offensive and/or racist. Do you REALLY believe that the Nation of Islam isn't Racist? (Not Members of the Islamic faith, but the group Nation of Islam)

    Why is it Taboo for a white person to don blackface, but perfectly OK for a black person to wear whiteface? If the goal is EQUALITY then both should be treated the same. Otherwise, the goal is not to be treated EQUAL but to be treated SPECIAL.

  56. BLUE says – reply to this


    Satire and sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet and PEOPLE ARE GOING TO INTERPRET THE MESSAGE WRONG REGARDLESS OF THE ACTUAL MEANING.

  57. manoah777 says – reply to this


    Guilty of being white…….

  58. Aivoncat says – reply to this


    Not racist at all, no big deal whatsoever. Everybody's just ridiculous !

  59. Stephen Colbert says – reply to this


    Re: Chris J – The J stands for Jerk, right?

  60. Me20492248 says – reply to this


    Re: The terrific Horrific – I completely know what you're saying, but that's not racism. It's just plain women being jealous of other women. They can criticize Asians as a group because they posses what the women are jealous of. If there was another group like blondes or models or blonde Swedish models that they were jealous of they would criticize them just as much. See also: "OMG guys like porn stars? Girls that do porn are so gross!"

  61. I lawl'd says – reply to this


    It's a stab at Cultural appropriationism (AKA Little stupid white kids) which is needed because those kids who sit on their computers and cry about cultures they're offending by treating like kittens in trees are about as useful as this post.

    I hate the newest round of slactivists. Down with them!

  62. Ed says – reply to this


    Gotta love it when the overly PC libbies start feeding on each other.

  63. Ken says – reply to this


    I'm Japanese, and I fucking giggled at this tweet.
    The only thing more annoying than racists are the people who are hyper-reactive to random racial comments.

  64. Nicole says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. Stupid comments from people like Stephen Colbert and Paula Deen cost them their jobs…but people like Justin Bieber and T.I. can commit crimes and still keep theirs?! I'm speechless.

  65. Anon says – reply to this


    The fact that this argument exists, solely displays that some people just need to feed the racism bug. To move on is with wisdom is to truly extinguish hate.

  66. Bob says – reply to this


    Looks like the only people the left feels good about making fun of now is middle aged, middle class whit guys. That's if you don't include jokes about farmers, hillbillies, crackers or some other word that usually are replacing the N word in the group that used to the favorite target of most Democrats.

  67. be smart says – reply to this


    can't believe i'm posting this, but wow!!! shame on this site for drama-bating despite the long tradition of tabloids trolling stories. the lack of intelligence and/or desire to inform oneself is so sad in this country. it hurts sometimes to be a proud American. and well done PH for taking advantage of it. or, i guess, continuing to do what you do.

    thoughtless Americans… go watch the segment from which the tweet was lifted verbatim. find it. watch it. understand that you may not know the show and its prior content that led to the bit. it's context is completely on point and it goes to the basis of the show. the character is equal opportunity xenophobe about everything including "facts" (versus gut).

    my wasteful work of asking people and bottom-feeders like Perez is done.

  68. tommy says – reply to this


    According to the poll above, 94% said not racist, while 6% said yes. Where are all the people who were offended? Apparently not reading this article.

  69. James says – reply to this


    Re: John – you're an idiot and probably a racist. can't be racist to white people? is that in the definition of racism? no. you need a new word for that. you single out any person, white or black or purple, on their race alone–you sir are a "racist"

  70. Kyle J says – reply to this


    99% of the people offended are white.

  71. Sum tin Wong says – reply to this


    Re: D.Re: Bendyhead – those people are satirist

  72. 72

    I ordered red skinned potatoes at Denny's on Thursday night and nobody called me a racist…

  73. Prince Kurai says – reply to this


    I love how this is a fucking photoshopped picture everyone is complaining about.

    Proof that the media makes the general population devolve into mindless sheep.

  74. white dude says – reply to this


    two niggs do not make a white. Racism is just another excuse for brown failings.

  75. 75

    Doesn't this guy know asians can read his mind?
    Id be more careful of pissing them off in the future dude.

  76. gary schneider says – reply to this


    Come on people who takes Colbert seriously..The people that are pissed is the people that throw away the funny pages on sunday without even taken a glance at ziggy.. And i would like to meet those 2 people and sit them down and make them read ziggy and if they still dont get it we need pies lots of pies and maybe a whoopie cushion…

  77. Jorge La'Gringo says – reply to this


    All I can say is WOW!!!!! What a bunch of cry baby arsed people in this world! Sad to see what this once Great America has and is becoming. Grow a set of testes people! It was a JOKE. He is a no holds barred person…..WOW!!!!

  78. Dave says – reply to this


    Well I thought it was funny

  79. pam says – reply to this


    Exactly what I was thinking …Lets look at Nick Cannon and his "Smallnut" character. Colbert was being sarcastic in response to sports teams using racist mascots.

  80. BH says – reply to this


    People are WAY too easily offended these days! Get a freaking life you whiners!
    NOTHING should be untouchable by comedy.

  81. Floofy-cins says – reply to this


    He wasn't targeting the asians. Look further into the episode. He wouldn't have had anything to work off of if he didn't show us first what the Redskins did for the natives. The native people were at a conflict with the Redskins. Colbert was just satiring what the team did for them. Did they really even care? He made this joke to get this feeling out to people. If you don't like him, then don't watch him. What will he have done to you if you are on a different channel?

  82. Jack says – reply to this


    Of course it was!! As is about everything else his character says on the show. It's a character he plays!! If you haven't figured this out after all these years, hang your head in shame and walk away. That's right… keep walking.

  83. dude... says – reply to this


    Re: really? – after everything that whites put blacks through, I think they're allowed to throw digs at us seriously… White people invented racism

  84. AsianAmericanDude says – reply to this


    People are using two words: Context and Satire. You can make fun of Redskins owner. But do you have to mock Asians as a part of satire. Would it have been acceptable if he had used a 'Black Face' or equivalent as a satire to mock Redskins owner?

  85. AsianAmericanDude says – reply to this


    Re: Panda
    What Nick Cannon did is racist. He gets away with it because he is balck and he is no big name comedian.

  86. lenny the masseuse says – reply to this


    Stephen Colbert is a mega liberal parodying what is supposed to be Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Cancel him just for that.

  87. Nicole Czarnecki says – reply to this


    Re: D.

    I agree. One can only disguise hate as satire for so long.

  88. Nicole Czarnecki says – reply to this


    Re: Rick

    I wanted the "Duck Dynasty" guy to be fired, too. His comments about homosexuals aside, his comments about African Americans and Jim Crow were blatantly racist and willfully ignorant.

  89. Nicole Czarnecki says – reply to this


    Re: AsianAmericanDude

    Exactly. According to Patricia Evans, verbal abuse is so ingrained into and in our culture that we justify it with more verbal abuse—"You can't take a joke."; "Grow a pair!", etc.. Then we wonder why our culture has become less civil and classy.

  90. Nicole Czarnecki says – reply to this


    Re: Floofy-cins

    I can tell you that, even though I don't watch him, I was upset when he made fun of the mentally disabled. So, he can affect a lot of people who don't watch his show.

  91. Nicole Czarnecki says – reply to this


    Re: really?

    I don't like Daniel Tosh's jokes. When he made a "joke" about the Holocaust and linked it to soccer or something, I was done watching his show (and I was surprised to find out that he is Jewish later. He should know better than to be self hating.). So, racism is racism whether is comes from Daniel Tosh, Nick Cannon, Stephen Colbert, or anyone else.

  92. Nicole Czarnecki says – reply to this


    Re: tommy

    I read this article, and I'm more offended now that I know the specifics of the tweet. Again, one can only disguise hatred (self hatred or other kinds of hatred) as satire for so long.

  93. Nicole Czarnecki says – reply to this


    Re: Scooter

    I think that society needs a butt whooping in general, so to speak. Our uncivil, classless, verbally-abusive culture is further declining on a daily basis.