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11 comments to “Jennette McCurdy Boycotted The Kids' Choice Awards! Has Her Friendship Ended With Nickelodeon AND Ariana Grande?!”

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    X rated? I thought she was wearing underwear and a bra in all of them?

  2. Willie says – reply to this


    X rated? They were even R rated. OMG, want to see Nick skin Google "nick bikini". Nobody is talking about these picts as X rated. And if I'm correct, Miranda wasn't there either. Why isn't that on the headlines? I like Jennette. I think she has a great future, but she is 21 and I think she would agree, her time as a Nick Kid is coming to an end. Quit attacking her for growing up.

  3. Jared says – reply to this


    You forgot to include that she also tweeted "It has to do with the way Nickelodeon treated me." (Man, your website has gone downhill. Do your research.) Apparently, Jennette was supposed to win best female actress at the awards, and because of the pics leaked, Nick decided to give her award to Ariana, and Ariana chose to accept it, instead of siding with Jennette (I wish people would see how not sweet Ariana Grande is… she is the most stuck up girl in young Hollywood..) which resulted in her unfollowing her. So her not going was what was "right" because she would be admitting that she didn't deserve the award and that she had something to be ashamed of. I'm on her side, because the pictures weren't even anything to be upset about. Hers were actually the better of the leaked pictures. If she was in a bikini, there'd be no discussion. And she looked great in them. Stupid for Nick to do, because she will bow out of her contract at any chance she gets, and Ariana won't stay because she thinks she's better than Nick, anyway, and they will lose an actress that has been with them for over a decade AND a top rated show. I could understand if the pics were nude. All this drama for nothing. Especially when Miley had worse pictures leaked in her Disney heyday and got to do everything without consequence. This girl shouldn't be punished for nothing.

  4. Anna says – reply to this


    Re: Jared – No, Jennette was not "supposed to win" best female actress. I don't know where you got that from. I doubt that she would win that anyways because Ariana has a larger fan base and she's more popular. Ps the nominees don't know if they've won before they've announced the winners. (Just stating this bc you don't seem to know a thing) Ariana definitely beat Jennette by a landslide, if you even bothered looking at the rate at which people were posting #VoteAriana or #VoteJennette… Get your facts straight before making yourself look stupid. And Ariana is definitely not stuck up, you're just a bitch. I don't get why you think Ariana is stuck up and thinks she's "all that." She doesn't act this way… I don't find the leaked pics bad either btw..

  5. Zam says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – What the heck you talking about, people do know whether or no they won an award, that's the only reason they go to the awards, if they win something, if they preform or if the present something.
    Get your facts right love

  6. Aly says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – There is no way Jennette could win Ari, babe. Look at their fanbase and see the difference ? If you dont know things, stop making things up.

  7. Mermaid says – reply to this


    Did anyone notice the grammar error at the end of this post? Come on now.

  8. Safa says – reply to this


    I don't care what people say about you I know in the end you are my favorite celebrity and you don't have to explain I hope that u can connect me I am kuwait and my kik is kangsafa

  9. Safa says – reply to this


    Re: Aly – listen you are just don't get it averyone is beautiful in the inside and outside but I see you look bad at the outside

  10. @JenetteMcCurdyPerez says – reply to this


    Listen. I know you guys think I shouldnt win this "award" but I know that I would have won. But since they gave it to Arianna its okay. It's fine. I honestly dont give a fuck that Arianna is a snobby bitch and everything. SHE COULD HAVE SHARED IT WITH ME. AND IF U WANT TO SEE SOME LEAKED PICTURES.FINE. I WILL POST. @arianna ur the most disgusting slut ever

  11. roger says – reply to this


    sad news indeed about the cancellation - for Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande fans: VineSnap.NET