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Most guys aren't comfortable enough in their masculinity to wear an engagement ring. But then again most guys aren't Johnny Depp! (OMG, what if they were… Read more…

21 comments to “Johnny Depp Loves Amber Heard's Engagement Ring So Much, He Bought HIMSELF One! See Captain Jack's New Shiny Bling Ring HERE!”

  1. Meh says – reply to this


    You're right about denial Perez! specially with this couple, some people are getting crazy with this union.
    The fact that he wears an engagement ring is so sweet. And I watch the video where he responds about to be a wedding planner and show off the ring and he looks so happy! nothing subtle about that smile either <3

  2. 5aled says – reply to this


    Awww he's so happy! I'm very happy for him and congrats to him and Amber 3>

  3. wendil says – reply to this


    OMG..he looks soo happy and cute ..I should be happy for him but I don't like her!!! I wish Johnny the best ever for his life anyway!!

  4. 4

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  5. chewey says – reply to this


    Really? Sure, they'll walk down the aisle - count on it. But that marriage won't last. He's too weird.

  6. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: chewey – It will. She's actually as weird as him.

  7. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – And She's actually as fake as him !

  8. LOLY says – reply to this


    Just to clarify the doubts ,watch this video, please ,¿Johnny calls to Amber "my girl"?
    ht tp://w ww.iq iyi.co m/v_19rrh3 ug8s.h tml?so urce =s.w eibo .com ,minute 1:20

  9. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – Fake? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! You mean as real as him?

  10. awwww! says – reply to this


    Re: LOLY – That's so cute! thanks

  11. 11

    That couple is so cute. Brando ad Monroe all over again. He loves her so much he wears her ring to stay close. Eat your heart out ladies, its not you :)

  12. Tricyclist says – reply to this


    Oh what the frick ever johnny heard!

  13. My opinion says – reply to this


    I personally don't buy this couple. Not because I'm against them or because I don't like them. They're indifferent to me, I don't really care if they're dating or not but the point is another one. The point is that this couple seems fake. There's something that doesn't fit between them. At the beginning when they came out in public he looked ashamed and forced to be there with her. He still looks tense and apathetic when he's with her somewhere, while when he's with his friends he looks relaxed and comfortable. Then there's the suspect that Amber is lesbian and using Johnny as her beard to look really bisexual but there are lots of rumours that claim she's still hanging out a lot with her ex girlfriend Tasya and with other lesbian women. Is she really in an open relationship with Johnny? Because straight men don't like to date bisexual women who are hanging out a lot with lesbian women unless they're in open relationship, so my thought is that Johnny is bisexual too and faking this relationship. That's why maybe he looks uncomfortable with Amber, because he doesn't like to go public with a fake mate instead of going public with his real mate that could be a man, maybe Marilyn Manson, who knows.

  14. My opinion says – reply to this


    Manson looks really gay despite of his denial about it because he often says things that let think he's gay or bisexual at least. He also said that having sex with Johnny wouldn't make you gay because he's Johnny Depp and this is nonsense unless Manson really had sex with him. In show business many celebrities are closet gay or bisexual, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it would come out the news that Johnny is experimenting his gay side since these last years. Why did he choose Amber as his girlfriend or maybe beard? Because she needs to further her career and to get credit as a bisexual woman, but maybe she’s only lesbian and her relationship with Johnny is fake but a win-win. They’re both helping each others but I don’t but they live together because they don’t look that intimate at all and for everything Amber says in interviews she really sounds lesbian. The National Enquirer is saying that she’s seeing Tasya again. Don’t know if we can buy this story because it’s really hard to buy what NE usually says since it’s one of the most lying tabloids of this era but you never know and if we got to see Amber with Tasya again somewhere, I think that Amber is really faking her relationship with Johnny and that she’s a closet lesbian who pretends to look bisexual just to further her career and Johnny doesn’t look that full-straight man either.

  15. My opinion says – reply to this


    Depp indeed does lots of things that let think he’s trying to let us know he likes men. Maybe he’s bisexual too and that’s why if his relationship with Amber is true, he chose her. Maybe they can understand each other and they really have an open relationship. So she still sees her ex girlfriend and some other lesbian friends as Io Tillet and Johnny could have a secret relationship or friendship with benefit with Marilyn Manson. Don’t know but something doesn’t fit. Amber and Johnny don’t look like a couple and the fact that she’s always hanging out with her lesbian “friends” while being with him well it’s really suspicious.

  16. 3nickim says – reply to this


    Re: My opinion – puts her in four straight and is that johnny shows you how much he is male.Lesbian ill will treat!

  17. 17

    Re: My opinion – whatever rocks the boat and makes them float doesnt matter much they seem okay with it so should fans.

  18. BrooklynTam says – reply to this


    Wow! so now Johnny's gay? She has lesbian friends so that makes her bad? Obviously Johnny is not as judgemental as you are! And she's only been w/ 1 woman according to her! She was even engaged years before Johnny!

  19. BrooklynTam says – reply to this


    WTF You people are idiots! She's always been w/ men! Have you ever heard of Angelina Jolie,Drew Barrymore,Anna Paquin,Lady Gaga…who have all publicly admitted to being w/women in the past but are now married/in long term relationships w/men! And even have children! So are those men that they're w/gay too?! Johnny is not as judgemental as you are and has accepted her past.You obiviously are very bigoted and judgemental over relationships you know zip about.And btw Johnny always looks uncomfortable on red carpets! Just google pics of him w/Vanessa,Winona,Kate it's always the same uncomfortable look on his face.ANd most of the pics you see of Johnny&Amber are paparazzi pics and they hate them! I've seen personal pics of them and they look completely different and happy! Here's a quote from Johnny-“My biggest stage-fright moment is anything where you have to go and talk in front of people. Doing the work on set, that’s fine. But an appearance, anything where there are a lot of people, especially if you have to say something. Even just standing there I feel like an idiot.” Johnny Depp 2005 Two people being in love and happy is a good thing.Worry about your relationship instead!

  20. My opinion says – reply to this


    Re: BrooklynTam – Johnny looked very cold with Amber when they came out. He didn't even help her to get out from the car the first times, he walked apart from her as he was ashamed to show the world they were a couple and this has never happened with any of his girlfriends. Maybe he looked uncomfortable on the red carpets but he always acted as a gentleman and as a caring boyfriend with them, only with Amber he acted so cold and disinterested the first times and I don't really care that later he fixed his behaviour just because he was warned by his team to fix it in public because it's clear that something was wrong and he had to fix it sounding fake… then yes, he and Manson look ambiguous together and Manson is telling ambiguous things about him all the time, so something really stinks… it looks as Johnny and Amber have someone on the side and they're a beard for each others. Then can you explain why after all this time Amber can't help seeing her ex girlfriend??? And why if she's so happy with Johnny and she has got this exclusive relationship with him, she has the need to hang out all the time with some lesbian friends???

  21. yadayada says – reply to this


    Re: My opinion You have no idea what's going on in either of their brains, or in their personal lives. It's people like you that made Johnny move to France when he did to avoid this kind of rumour bull shit. If it's fake, who cares because it's they're lives. If it's real, all the better. Unless you are involved in their personal lives and know them personally, it's none of your business or anyone elses for that matter. Just because you seem him behaving a certain way with her in pictures or video footage doesn't mean he doesn't really love her. How will you ever know? Unless you are Johnny himself, you never will.