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The Internet Reacts To The How I Met Your Mother Finale & They Are NOT Kind! See The Best Reactions HERE!

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marshall slapping barney how i met your mother

Oh MAN! The How I Met Your Mother finale last night was, just, wow!

And we weren't the only ones to think that! The Internet pretty much exploded with feels!

Most of those feels were shock, anger, and disappointment and nothing gets the internet going more than a TV show doing all of those things to it's fandom!

Whether you're mad/sad/annoyed/happy with the ending of the series, there is one thing that you WILL enjoy about it…

The internet's reactions.



Ch-ch-check out the best of the internets reactions….AFTER THE JUMP!!!

SERIOUSLY: Last chance to back out RIGHT now!

Alright, but don't say we didn't warn you!

Tumblr provided some GIF-tastic gold!

writers fans slapping

“You can’t ruin 9 years worth of television in 40 mins”

challenge accepted

Even turning on the show, by using their own GIFS AGAINST it!

crying wine robin desk

mother breaking glass

not angry disappointed

i am done here

you son of a bitch

i just have a lot of feelings

But really, people were just straight up MAD!

led you on for 9 seasons

how i met your step mother

whole life is a lie

ending was a joke

dont do the thing

Reddit users provided their usual AH-MAZING snark, but were overall really upset!

blue horn

favorite love song sandwich

theory correct

how i asked permission to bang aunt robin

divorce 22 episodes building up

ask permission to bang aunt robin

It seems everyone's Twitter time lines were blowing up and the pain was REAL.

twitter feed reaction

And people were even asking Alyson Hannigan WTF was up with that ending & why the pineapple wasn't explained!

And finally, our all time favorite, a Mean Girls concocted GIF courtesy of tumblr.

personally victimized

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14 comments to “The Internet Reacts To The How I Met Your Mother Finale & They Are NOT Kind! See The Best Reactions HERE!”

  1. Amy says – reply to this


    When I watched it unfold I was like "uh ok" something about it felt wrong. Later on thinking about it, it made sense but I think they just didn't execute the storyline well. Maybe they should've shown Ted mourn the mother more and show more development of his love for Robin again but you can't squeeze all that in one last episode, which means they shouldn't have wasted the season leading up to a wedding that eventually ended in divorce anyway. I know it's just a show but it was a show I loved for 9 years and to end feeling like this didn't do it justice..

  2. Laura says – reply to this


    Agreed. Show should have been called "how I got permission from my kids to bang your step-mom" …cause I really liked her best anyway. Worst FREAKIN ending ever. What a waste of 9 years.

  3. Dennis says – reply to this


    About three episodes ago they pretty much told us she was going to die and NOT be at her daughters wedding. Wake up people.

    The most disbursing was what they did to Barney.

  4. 4

    Honestly, I've never in my life seen people so mad about getting everything they wanted. It's like in the span of about 20 minutes people magically forgot they wanted Ted to be with Robin for 9 years.
    *remembers the opinion of the internet is irrelevant*
    Great ending…

  5. Tony C says – reply to this


    I enjoyed the show and it ended just like I wanted it too. I did know the new girl, what ever her name is, but have been connecting with the rest of the cast for years. Thank you HIMYM.

  6. pleb says – reply to this


    Re: MewLover34 – That was before Robin flat out rejected Ted. Before an entire season of Ted getting over Robin and finally letting go for good. The episode prior to the finale featured Ted denying Robins offer to run away with her and Barney showing how much he had matured by wanting to marry Robin. Before we got to see how amazing the mother really was. The days of wanting Ted and Robin to be together died a long time ago. That's why that final scene was such an insult.

  7. Mini says – reply to this


    OOOOOkay! To all you fans out there who are like "people should be happy because Ted and Robin should have been together" NO. JUST NO. So what if things all fit together? And it finally makes sense that Ted started his story with him meeting Robin? So what? I waited NINE YEARS to meet this amazing woman Ted married.. And she WAS amazing! So just to make those annoying fans who shipped Ted and Robin happy you decide to kill off the sweetest character just so Ted can go and bang robin? Like he never even loved the mother… the most useless ending ever… Ted and robin were never right for eachother, It doesn't take a genius to see that…

  8. deede says – reply to this


    Hahah, sad but true!

  9. Amber says – reply to this


    Re: MewLover34 – Um, no, not everyone wanted Robin and Ted together. I never did, not even in the first season. Their relationship turned Ted into a pathetic puddle and Robin into a selfish snob, each time they explored it. She never had the feelings she was supposed to for him, she said so herself many times.
    Even when she second guesses her decision on her wedding day, it's based off of what he does for her (in a hugely over the top fashion), not on how she feels about him or what she wants for him, that's not love, that is convenience.

    This is what happens when writers are stubborn and stay stuck on their ideas of what an ending should be based off of their original ideas, instead of allowing character development and story progression to grow of its own merit and direct them, even if it leads to an ending they didn't plan…. this is why you don't film the beginning and end at the same time, unless you have already completely written out the entire story, because if you write good characters (which they did) they take on a presence of their own and often CHANGE the story…. this is something that, as a writer myself, I've been trying to learn, because sometimes I get hung up on my original idea, and then it comes out forced at the end instead of allowing open exploration… if anything has helped my issue with this, witnessing this trainwreck of a finale has.

  10. Gordon says – reply to this


    Saying 9 great seasons were completely wiped out by a mediocre finale is ridiculous! You people actually only watched a comedy for 9 years to find out how he met his wife? Talk about seriously needing a life.

  11. 11

    Re: Mini – Totally agree. It could have been great. They found the best person to play the mother and she was amazing and they could have made the ending so great and they totally blew it. Totally. They didn't focus on Ted and the mother at all in this last episode which is what everyone was waiting for. They gave us 2 minutes when he met her under the umbrella and that was it. Then they kill her off! The worst ending ever and so disappointing.

  12. 12

    Re: MewLover34 – Speak for yourself. I never wanted Ted to be with Robin. She was much better with Barney.

  13. ly says – reply to this


    Sign it!

  14. cleo says – reply to this


    Re: Gordon – It's not that they've been wiped out, it's that to me as a devout fan they've been rendered hollow and meaningless in the context of the bigger picture. The whole 500 Days of Summer slightly melancholic yet ultimately optimistic "the one after the one" subtext has been washed away. If you've seen that movie *spoiler alert appropriate here I guess*, imagine the very last minutes consisting of Tom meeting and marrying Autumn, having a couple of kids, Autumn dying, and Tom going back to Summer all over again. Then imagine if the movie would have been received differently. That's the way I feel about the HIMYM finale, and therefore now the entire show. I make no apologies for being upset about it.