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Lindsay Lohan Said She Was Almost Cast In The Avengers, But We Don't Know If We Believe The Source (FYI: It's Lindsay)

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On OWN's docu-series Lindsay this Sunday, Lindsay Lohan gave us all news that you will Marvel at!

According to her she was up for a role in The Avengers movie, but because her manager didn't push for her to get the role, they chose an unknown for the part!

Umm… what?! Who the hells was an unknown cast in a pivotal role? Was it even a pivotal role? Was it even the Avengers???

We wonder what role she was up for? We don't remember any super hero in the film with the power to crash cars into things (and escape most jail time)! Oh, we kid, we kid.

In the episode, Lilo seemed mad as the Hulk about her lack of movie roles:

"If I don't work in a film, he passes it to Vanessa Hudgens; he passes it one of his other clients…Every day I'm not on a film set, I'm wasting my talent because that's what I was born, and live, to do."

We bet Joss Whedon exhaled a long sigh of relief as a result of her absence in the film, as well as most diehard Avengers fans.

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13 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Said She Was Almost Cast In The Avengers, But We Don't Know If We Believe The Source (FYI: It's Lindsay)”

  1. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    You seem like a mean guy and kind of a mean posting.

  2. The Truth says – reply to this


    Delusional liar.
    Remember when she claimed to be working with Al Gore? Or when she claimed to be saving kids in India?

  3. Bridget says – reply to this


    How come her eyes look all glassy again ?

  4. 4

    By "almost cast", she means "the PA for the film left the script at a Starbucks and I found it…"

  5. ThingsToSee says – reply to this


    She was 'almost' a movie star. She 'almost' got a necklace for free. She 'almost'…..ad nauseum

  6. 6


  7. The Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    Lindsay was in jail when it was cast.

    The Truth Hurts

  8. 8

    nobody wants to work with someone who is probably going to STEAL from them, constantly LIES and make EXCUSES to them, and finds it FUNNY when she causes CHAOS on the set. how does she even get invited to do talk shows?

  9. 9

    I'm sorry but she really is so full of herself. Who really says that though? I'm waisting my talent? Grow up. Atleast PRETEND to be more down to earth.

  10. ms trudy says – reply to this


    i'm sure she thinks so. the truth is that no one wants to work with her. costs way too much to insure her, she always causes major delays and chaos and never delivers a good performance and on top of all that she's box office poison.

  11. 11

    Re: Bridget – Paps publish bad photos to make people look bad. And Perez… well Perez, hating the girl, will choose the worst photo he can find.

  12. bulldoggy says – reply to this


    Poor delusional Lindsay. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to stay in the public eye. She wouldn't last a minute on set with a group of professional heavy hitters like the cast of Avengers. The world is full of hundreds of former child actors that have found life after Hollywood. They were smart enough to realize that their time had come and gone. Some smartly used their savings and went to college. Others found new avenues to pursue. Lindsay has spent the last ten years with a straw up her nose, stealing, lying, in and out of court and jail and still thinks she is relevant. All of the enablers(Oprah, her parents, grand parents) are doing is prolonging the inevitable I know they don't want to give up their meal ticket but the sad truth is, Lindsay, you are a washed up, pathetic , sad sad has been. As the saying goes….they are not laughing with you…they are laughing AT you. GO AWAY!!! We will look for you in ten years on "Where are they now?"

  13. Wanda says – reply to this


    Re: bulldoggy – Much true. But In ten years, we wont have to wait for a show called Where Are They Now because Lindsay will still be right here in trash media. These stupid little stories ARE her career. She's still making money at it. It's a talent.